Nandu News Intern Feng Xinyu reporter Yang Liyun is approaching the Spring Festival. Are your new shoes ready? What is the quality of shoes on the market? Recently, the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau supervised and raised the quality of adults and casual shoes products produced and sold in Shanghai. The 50 batches of products were drawn this time. After inspection, 17 batches were not qualified. Baisen, H & M, Metusbon Wei and other brands are on the list.

The Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has dealt with the market supervision department of unqualified products found in this spot check.

Shanghai exposure 17

Batch of unqualified shoe products

本次监督抽查依据相关标准要求,对下列项目进行了检验:感官质量、帮底剥离强度、外底与外中底黏合强度、鞋帮拉出强度、成鞋耐折性能、外底耐磨性能、 The heel wear resistance, the heel binding force, the hardness of the molding of the shoe, the lining and the inner pad material of the inner cushion material, the intriguing, the dyeing of the harmful aromatic amine dye, the free or partial hydrolyzed formaldehyde.

After inspection, the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau discovered 17 batches of unqualified casual shoes, involving the ripple -resistant coloring, intrigue, the strength of the bottom of the lining and inner pad materials Wait for five unqualified projects. H & M, Free Beauty.

H & M batch men’s shoes

Facedown is not qualified

A reporter from Nandu found that a batch of H & M men’s shoes produced by Haynes Morris (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd., the specification model is 0771516/250 255 260, and the lined friction color does not reach the standard.

It is understood that the ruling and coloring of the lining and inner cushion materials does not meet the standard, which means that the product is very easy to fade, and it is easy to dip the pants and socks when wearing it. Because the lining and inner pads of leather shoes generally contact the skin. Contact may cause some allergic symptoms of skin -sensitive people.

A batch of leather shoes sold by Metusbon

Or personal damage such as lameness, falling, etc.

Another batch of “Junsite Junster” men’s business leather shoes (specification model: 9905/260 255) produced by Shanghai Metus Bangwei Clothing Co., Ltd. The heart project is unqualified.


Optometer is hidden at the deepest part of the shoes, and is installed between the outsole and the outer and medium bottom. The heel and the forefoot are connected. Taking high heels as an example, the lower back of the shoes is hollow. If the shoes have no intimacy or insufficient intrigue strength, when walking, the heel will be skewed before or left and right, causing the overall shape of the leather shoes to deform, resulting in unstable walking. Wearing a serious and unqualified product in the intriguing project may cause personal injury such as lame and fall.

Batch of women’s shoes in Baisen

Practice may be opened in the process of dressing

Another batch of women’s shoes produced by Shenzhen Baisen Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. are Free Beauty. The specifications are FYQ9C10DU1CQ9/230 235 240.

It is reported that the strength of the base is popular, the adhesiveness of the upper and soles of the shoe. Products with low peeling intensity may produce tubing in the process of dressing and storage, causing the help surface and sole to affect wearing. In addition, if the shoes do not have intriguing or insufficient intrigue strength, the heels will be crooked before, after the heel, and cause the overall shape of the leather shoes to deform and walk unstable.

It is reported that this is the second time that Baisen Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. has been spotted for unqualified shoe samples within a week. On January 8, 2020, the Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau announced the announcement of the quality supervision of quality supervision in the fourth quarter of 2019. The announcement shows that the two batches of women’s shoes produced by Shenzhen Baisen Shoe Industry Co., Ltd., the abrasion resistance of the outsole does not meet national standards.

Public information shows that the brands of Shenzhen Baisen Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. include Baya Mori, Liberty and Manwan. Shenzhen Baisen Shoe Industry Co., Ltd., based on the national first -class women’s shoes production and development base, Yaoqun Industry, to create its three major brands of “Bai Tiansen”, “Free Pose” and “Manwan”. There are 600 stores with an annual sales of 1 billion yuan. At present, it has cooperative relationships with the first and second -line business worships of the first and second cities across the country.

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