How to choose tiles? Laixin Haijia Ceramics gives you the answer

Recently, I couldn’t find a suitable tile at home. After being introduced by a friend, I came to the Xinhai family ceramics of the Luluzhuang ceramic market in Tangshan. After walking around, I have to lament the strength of Xinhai’s ceramics. The materials used in the home decoration can not only be found here and others can be found here. It is really worth recommending ~ But this time we come to choose tiles, so the shopping guide is the shopping guide. The younger sister introduced these tiles in detail:


1. Polish brick

Ceramic tiles with mirror -lustering on the surface through mechanical grinding and polishing. Because the surface is high after polishing, it is refreshing and clean after paving, and the hygiene is easy to take care of.


2. Glaze tile

There are glazed ceramic tiles on the surface. According to the water absorption rate of the blank, common ones include porcelain glazed tiles and ceramic glazed tiles (commonly known as porcelain slices). Because of the glass -based glaze, it has good anti -pollution, easy to take care, and is commonly used on the floor of the kitchen and bathroom wall.

3. Tongtongdi marble tiles

The combination of the whole three -dimensional fabric and the mixed color color process can make the underlying layer of the threaded marble tile blasting from the surface of the surface to the surface. Essence


4. Yuguang brick

The surface is not gloss or luster, and it is opposite to the bright tiles, the surface is soft, and the retro tiles mostly use sub -glaze.

After listening to the introduction of the shopping guide, we gave us a deeper understanding of the tiles. Finally, through the shopping guide Miss Sister, I patiently recommended and introduced it. Finally, I chose the favorite tiles in Xinhaijia Ceramics. I learned in the process of chatting with the shopping guide’s younger sister that the service in the store is particularly good, and the driver can also pick up the store for free. It is really intimate! Xinhai Jiajia Ceramics, it is worth recommending to everyone ~

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