When I got hot that day, I really felt like taking a bath for three minutes, but I still wore canvas shoes or sneakers on my feet too boring! Therefore, in the summer, the young ladies and sisters must be sandals. As the “main push” of summer shoes, it can not only liberate your feet, but also more convenient to wear and take off. It is comfortable and free, which meets the refreshing requirements of summer pursuit. But how to choose a temperament and comfortable sandals? Look with me!

Belle sheepskin small incense sandals, comfortable and comfortable wearing, light and stable thick sole decoration, while stretching the proportion of legs, also sweeping the dullness of the shoe body, adding a little smart and soft atmosphere, and a convenient one -like formula. The magic sticker belt is very generous. Using a shallow mouth version, not only does the feet look more beautiful and thin, but also can extend the legs of the legs, which is comfortable and foreign to wear. The increased design of the thick bottom is not tired at the same time, and easily shows the fashionable and casual style of women.

Belle sheepskin is a rhinestone sandwater shoe. The shoes are made of sheep anti -velvet material. It has good natural characteristics. It is delicate and soft and not afraid of pleated, so it greatly improves the quality of the shoes. Inside the PU material has strong abrasion resistance. The thick -heeled style has a long leg shape, showing the slender long legs. The design of the word buckle is more comfortable to wear, and it looks more energetic. There is also a solid color tone with the shoe body to add a fashionable atmosphere.


Belle bow is a sandals with sandals, and the stylish bow is decorated, which integrates the charm of the trend. Exquisite rhinestones embellishment, adding literary atmosphere. The elegant flat -bottom shape creates a comfortable foot feeling. The stable and chic bowful decoration has a little more trendy charm, which can set off the sweet and pleasant image. The elegant rhinestone embellishment naturally exudes a beautiful color system, and naturally interprets different modern styles.


A pair of exquisite sandals is really the standard of girls in the summer. Whether it is a dress or shorts, it is beautiful! Many times you can lengthen the body proportion, making people shine! So young ladies and sisters, hurry up!

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