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BMW X6 (G06).


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Every BMW is worthy of careful maintenance. The five major aspects of the X6 car owner introduced vehicle maintenance in detail!

2021 X6 XDRIVE 40I Enjoyment M Sports Set

Owner: TOM Location: Beijing


This generation of B58TU engines almost collect all the technologies of BMW non -M engine, such as variable valve lifts and positive time, single -turbo twin pipes, the cylinder layout is the most mature and stable straight six, and it has achieved the extreme as the gearbox to the extreme match. The number of 8 -speed gearboxes is just right, and more of the number brings unnecessary low -speed frequency shifts, so this set of power assembly deserves to be carefully maintained by each owner.

From the following five aspects, I introduce the maintenance of vehicle mechanical systems, appearance, and interiors

Essence Maybe someone commented: “With such a detailed use of the car, you simply go out and carry the car on your shoulders, and go home to wrap the car plastic wrap.” But everyone has different hobbies. Wrong, there is a cloud: One Man’s Meat is Another Man’s Poison.


1. Maintenance and use habits of engines, gearboxes


1. Manual record maintenance interval

My network disk has a detailed maintenance record form, which is more detailed than the CBS system. “Offline” projects such as air and air -conditioning filter elements, tires, and throws cannot achieve electronic vehicle system, and require additional manual records.

Another advantage of self -manual records is that each accessory is completely replaced or maintained independently according to the usage, and it is not cut according to how many kilometers of small guarantee or how many kilometers. For example, in the case of harsh air quality, I will replace the air filter replacement to 3,000 kilometers in advance.

2. Change the oil in advance in the officially recommended 10,000 kilometers in advance

Replace the engine oil according to the officially recommended mileage, just use the standard 5W-30 motor oil. As a “car madness”, I will advance this cycle to 6000 kilometers in advance. I really like the lubrication after just replacing the oil. The engine sound is smaller and lower, and it is not disorder when it is accelerated.


All indicators of the oil began at the moment of joining. Early replacement can ensure the lubrication and cleaning of the oil. The possibility of major repair and oil leakage of the engine is reduced to develop repairs. Qin switch filter can ensure the smooth flow of the machine, maintain the pressure of the oil pump, the lubrication effect is better, and drove fiercely. At the same time, the turbine engine consumes more oil than naturally aspirated.


It is recommended that the B58 engine uses SAE0W-30 BMW LongLife-12FE-12FE certification low-gray engine oil for the B58 engine. 0W is better than 5W low temperature liquidity, and 30 to 20 is more resistant to high temperature. After using this oil for the first time, I obviously felt that the sound was better and faster, and the soft feeling when speeding up was addictive.


I have a friend who graduated from Tsinghua Automobile Engineering to be a specialty of BMW. In the past, the store was very convenient. The service and accessories were very assured. The torque of the screws could be monitored. Wash it and put it in.

Maintenance (unclear maintenance records) and 4S shop maintenance every 6,000 kilometers of friends stores can not only retain the maintenance records, but also achieve the ultimate protection of the engine.

My new car was made in 3,000 kilometers. The official BMW official manual recommends that the first 2,000 kilometers of the first 2,000 kilometers to avoid the engine at high load, indicating that the engine running in the engine during this period is the most metal debris. Replace these oil as soon as possible, and the engine is “dismissed”.

During maintenance, you should also pay attention to two places of antifreeze liquid. In addition to the cooling engine, in order to cool the air conditioner to cool faster, BMW has designed a separate coolant system for air conditioning heat dissipation.

3. Display empty filter

The price of empty filtration is cheap, simple replacement, and lower cost can be exchanged for the continuous performance of the engine. For the owner who replaced the air filter 10,000 kilometers, you may wish to experience the sound of the engine sound before and after the replacement. The new empty filtration air intake, maintaining a relatively sufficient air flow, means that the spark plug ignition time is maintained at the same level. It does not need to be adjusted according to the amount of air flow. The fuel combustion is more sufficient and less carbon.

In addition, it is also an important reason for me to replace in the north. The riders in the south may not experience the sand and dust in Beijing and the catkins of spring.


It is recommended to remove the entire empty filter cover for replacement. Do not disassemble the reinforcement rod. Even if the torque is fixed, the nuts and threads of the reinforcement rod will be damaged.


4. Use No. 98 gasoline throughout the process


The compression ratio determines everything. Ordinary naturally aspirated engines above 11 are high compression ratios, and the physical compression ratio of the turbocharged engine is usually below 10, while the BMW B58TU increases this value to 11. The purpose is obvious, improving the efficiency of the engine and increasing power.

Therefore, high label gasoline is even more “appetite”. After the engine computer adapts, the ignition time is more backward and can play more power. Some people have been measured with Citroen C5 many years ago. The same car plus 98 and 95 gasoline. The former speed up is slightly faster, and at the same time saves fueling. In order to alleviate the GPF blockage of vehicle GPF, it is recommended to add 98. The owner of the BMW Sixth model can refer to this suggestion.


The annual cost of oil No. 98 is estimated to be as follows. The price difference between the two oils is about 1 yuan/liter. According to my car, 20,000 kilometers a year, and the fuel consumption 9L/100km is calculated. The annual difference is only 1,800 yuan. Compared with the benefits of No. 98 oil, the cost performance is higher.

5. Use fuel cash in the whole process


The fuel treasure is indeed effective. Instead of clearing the carbon accumulation, it is not as good as each box of oil, which is suppressed from the moment of production. According to the above fuel consumption algorithm, the cost of fuel treasures throughout the year is also about 2,000 yuan, which is more assured when refueling in other places.


6. Method and interval between gearbox oil replacement

The two gearbox oil replacement methods are not available online, just follow the original official manual suggestion. I do n’t know other cars. The G06 X6 official only recommends that gravity replace oil.

The new car has the only new transmission oil, and it is no problem to use 60,000 kilometers. However, the second oil change cannot be completely cleaned. Judging from the experience of using a car in the previous car, it is obvious that the shift time is slow to get slower before changing the oil, which is not smooth enough. After changing the oil, it improved, but it was unable to return to the shift state when the new car was returned. It is recommended to shorten the secondary oil exchange cycle, of course, the premise is that the owner does not intend to change the car.

7. Follow tire health

Tire pressure is regularly checked, and standard tire pressure is controlled strictly in accordance with the tire specifications and loading conditions. As shown in the figure, the front and rear tire pressure corresponding to my tire size is 2.4; 10,000 kilometers are balanced, and reliable shops are selected, and the instruments are more accurate. The dynamic balance can reduce the tire vibration and enhance the texture of driving; when changing new tires or tires, find a shop that can test tire road power. The tires and wheels are better. There are fewer balance blocks. Special tools; you can also prepare a small tool for preventing the wheels when you change your tire.


Second, the habit of air suspension maintenance and use

At the same time that the air suspension brings comfort, it is necessary to pay attention to its high replacement price:

1. Concentrate when driving to ensure that the manhole cover and potholes are used as much as possible when safety.

2. Read the position of the large manhole cover on the route often walking from get off work and avoid it in advance.

3. Slow slowing belt. I control the speed of the deceleration band within 20km/h. I would rather keep the brakes bearing pressure and not let the swing arm sleeve and the air spring bearing.

4. Avoid sand and gravel mud sections. Reduce the surface of the air springs on the surface of the sand and gravel. The air suspension is not the first choice for hardcore off -road suspension systems.


5. During the car washing, the air spring is specially rinsed to reduce the sand and gravel on the surface and delay the aging of rubber. By the way, rinse the welcome lamp on both sides of the main driver.

6. Try to adjust the suspension height when the vehicle is static. Do not drive fiercely when you travel. Do not adjust the suspension on bumps and sand sections.

Third, the habit of braking maintenance and use

1. Regularly clean the hub and brake caliper. In order to improve the brake performance, BMW uses high metal content brake pads. The foot feeling is really good, but the dust is all adsorbed on the hub. The accumulation will accumulate the guidance of the brake split pump, resulting in the stagnation of the shift of the brake pads. High -performance calipers with blue m.

2. The red light in front is idling at the absence of the car without interference, and finally step on the brake. Don’t cheer to stop before you stop.

3. Adjust the speed before entering the corner. In the case of good vision, do not step on the brakes during the curved. At this time, you can perceive the non -roll brought by the front suspension of the double fork arm and the chassis tuning.


4. Do not step on the brakes at the moment of the reducer, pass the idle speed. Stepping on the brakes is too late, the beating of the wheels will bring additional brake wear.

5. Safe flat parking spaces do not pull the handbrake. My home and the company’s underground parking spaces are very flat. I always park in the N gear of the vehicle. After the electronic handbrake fault, the maintenance price is expensive.

6. Patient’s ability to check the driver’s accelerator control speed. Observation of multiple cars in front of it, familiar with the ring road and intersection lanes fast, try not to step on the brakes, just rely on the throttle to follow the car. Most of the time, the front car’s brake lights were on several times, and I didn’t step on my brakes, but when I didn’t step on the accelerator, I kept on the brakes. Once the car focuses on concentrated attention to avoid most accidents.

The above method can last long to maintain the high performance of the brakes, and also exercise driving skills to avoid unnecessary waste.


3. Internal and external decoration maintenance methods


1. Termids in the dermal interior. Try not to expose the vehicle as much as possible, and apply leather oil to the seat, instrument table, door panel, etc. every three months. My car is an interior, and I can’t use the seat cushion. The color of this cushion and the seat are very good, and at the same time, I sit up and “feel unsightly.”

2. The car paint is waxed regularly, making the car paint smooth and not ashes. You can take a car and wax with the car clothes, and the car jacket has been translucent for a long time.

3. Motors, trunks, and engine compartment rubber parts are regularly maintained. Apply rubber protective agents at all rubber positions every three months to slow down aging.

4. BMW original glass water is particularly easy to use. There is no unpleasant taste. White glass water will not leave water stains in the front block. The cost of diluted use of water is lower than that of ordinary glass. Essence

5. For safety reasons, no decorations are placed, including the number of trap which are easy to ignore. Make safety during the sudden brake, do not hit the front gear, and prevent the airbags from popping up. I didn’t even want to install ETC and the driving recorder. I felt too ugly. ETC was stuck in the front and blocked the sight.

It is recommended to stick the ETC machine with glue and then use the mobile phone Bluetooth to activate it on the instrument platform when used. It is said that it is also available to put it in the glove box, and it is not credible. Many domestic models can now spend 1,000 yuan to choose a card -type ETC when buying a car, which saves a lot of trouble.


Regarding the driving recorder, compliance with traffic regulations and concentration when driving can avoid most of the cases of the recorder. If you have to install it, it is recommended to choose the non -destructive installation recorder from the rainfall sensor. It is not recommended for the recorder of the video from the battery for 24 hours, to increase the burden on the battery, and the interior needs to be disassembled.


Fourth, navigation and vehicle machine functions habits


1. BMW’s IDrive system is relatively intelligent, and the parallel auxiliary can intelligently recognize whether it is active or driver. In the event of the latter steering wheel, a slight jitter will remind the driver. The reminder does not seem to be completely closed. It is good to remind the driver to change the lane.


2. BMW’s automatic high beam is very intelligent. It is automatically turned on when near -light is necessary. Unlike Japanese cars, it will open for a few seconds even after passing the pedestrian bridge.


3. Remind the owner of the intelligent driving assistance to pay attention to the distance with the car. There are too many sensors on the front of the car, and the huge and expensive laser headlights, in case the electronic component after the rear -end replacement cannot be restored to the working state of the original car.

4. The original car navigation and CarPlay Apple have their own navigation, each with advantages and disadvantages. The original car navigation and lifting, the system voice adaptation is better; the display icon is clear; the lane can be identified; which lanes can be identified by the toll station to identify the ETC; Essence The disadvantage is that the road status data is not accurate enough to quickly analyze and change the driving route. The original car navigation is suitable for high -speed driving and determining that it will not traffic jam.


The advantage of Apple’s own navigation software is simple and clear. There is no extra information. There is no conversion cost in foreign driving or driving in foreign countries; Driving routes, the main road traffic jam can quickly instruct the auxiliary road. Suitable for urban road traffic.

5. Recommended vehicle decorative accessories

1. Recommend velvet or wool foot pads, and more luxurious interior. It is not recommended for the so -called all -weather 3D pads. The rubber material is too cheap and only suitable for off -road vehicles such as Wrangers or Land Rover Guardians.

2. Vehicles with adaptive cruise are not recommended to use the license frame, which may block the radar probe in front of the front. There is no license box very refreshing. Some license frames are full of strong auto parts city wind.


3. Hofman balance blocks of car friends with wheel detail control and wheel color support, the wheels look more coordinated.

4. There is a bottle of tire wax on the car to keep the wheels light. Pan -gray tires are particularly dirty. Tire wax spray better when the tire is dry.

5. The trunk items can be stored in the box to avoid abnormal reserve of the trunk during rapid acceleration and slow deceleration. Above the cover is an excellent magnifying umbrella position. The folding umbrella is too small.


6. Regarding the color selection of the window film, it is recommended to have three glass stickers in the back door and the trunk of the trunk. I especially don’t like the front window glass sticker dark color film, which will cover the back vision. Many cars cut the membranes to cut the membranes. This is the new clothes of the emperor. The real situation is that the driving side rearview mirror is half inside the membrane and half of the membrane, which affects the sight. I really want to put the rearview mirror vision outside the membrane. This glass must be cut off from the middle. It can be imagined.

Recently, a remote upgrade was pushed. The image of the left camera on my car was perfectly solved after the upgrade of images, which looked much more comfortable. Although I rarely look at 360 ° image when I reverse.

Vehicle Information in July 2021

Mileage (KM) this month: 1600

Mileage (KM): 8600


Average fuel consumption this month (L/100km): 9

Spending this month: 400 yuan oil.

The original tire of the vehicle: horse card, first: 275/35 R22, rear: 315/30 R22.


Car purchase dealer: Beijing Xingde Baby Horse 5S Store


Editor summary:

BMW with its superb chassis and engine technology to make everyone feel the fun of driving, but the car is like a person, and it is necessary to maintain it for a long time.Did you also plan to start taking care of your car?If you also have maintenance suggestions, please leave a message in the comment area!

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