In order to facilitate the baby to wear and take off, I opened the film in the back film and added a button


Line: Lan Dian 2/26 dark red cashmere 3 shares

Dosage: 155G

Tools: Sanyan 14#(Thread of clothing) 12#(Positive body) 15#(collar) Short straight, sewing needle


Size size: 37cm in length


Boy: 33cm*2

This baby’s clothing is suitable for 1-2 years old

The white light of shiitake mushrooms in front of the figure

Borrow the illustration of shiitake mushrooms


There is also a small woven note, the specific text below is for reference


Weaving process (for reference only):

1. The rear film: 14#needles 102 stitches, 20 lines of weaving double threads, unabated 12#needles, all flat needles are woven up to 22cm in length, and the underarm is flat. 4-2 on both sides. -14 Little Swallow reduces needles. In order to facilitate the baby’s penetration, the 11th little swallow is opened: 28 stitches from right to the left (22 stitches are temporarily not weaving), and then a unilateral 4-2-3 small swallow reduced the needle, the other side (the other side (the other side (the other side (the other side (the other side ( In the middle) 6 knitted screwdriver needles, the remaining 22 stitches are flattened; 6 stitches at 6 stitches from the middle to the right, and the left back of the left, the middle 6 needle rubbing plate is knitted after 3 groups. piece.


2. Prequal film: 14#needles 102 stitches, weaving double thread 20 lines, replace 12#needle reduction 1 needle: 14-5-12-5-12-5-12-5-14 ( The 5 needle is a scoop of the plate, and the rest are a positive needle). After weaving 36 lines, the pattern in the middle of the weaving diagram is opened, and the total length is 22cm. Essence After weaving the 10th little swallow, the front collar was opened: 11 stitches in the middle, 2-3-1, 2-2-2, 2-1-n on both sides, and the remaining 3 stitches were flattened.

3. Sleeve: I am woven, 14#needles 52 stitches, weaving double threads 18 lines, 12#needle plus 4 stitches, all flat needles are woven up to 23cm in length, at the same time 6-2 in the middle 6-2 -6, 8-2-6 needle, a total of 6 stitches under the armpit, and then 4-2-10, 6-2-2, 4-2-1 small swallows reduce needles, and on the other side 4-2-10 , 6-2-2 small swallows reduced needles, the gap between 4 lines was reached 8-8-8 (note: the above notes are wrong).

4. Collement: 15#needle 100 needles on the front, weaving a line of needle, and then machine -collaring method: The first line of knitting a needle and a needle around one needle, the second line of the needle is not woven (the extraction of the addition That needle) woven, the third row knit is not weaving, the fourth and fifth elements are the same as the second and third lines, and the sixth line and two are both together. Next, weaving double threads, after weaving 18 lines, use your favorite needle collection method to collect needles. Pay attention not to forget to open your eyes when weaving double threads.

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