(Reporter Liu Youwang Correspondent Zhao Guanfang Wang Yan) “I picked up a penny by the side of the road and handed it to the police uncle …” On November 10, a elementary school student picked up a cash with hundreds of yuan in cash After the wallet, he immediately ran to the Baoling Bridge Police Station and gave it to the police officer to find the owner, and reproduced the scene in the song that could be detailed.

“Uncle Police, I picked up a wallet.” At about 6 pm that day, a little girl wearing a school uniform wearing a Balingqiao Primary School came to the duty room at the Baling Bridge Police Station and gave it to the police officer a wallet. The police asked that the ten -year -old elementary school student was on his way home and saw a wallet on the side of the road. He was anxious to worry about the owner.

The police found that there were hundreds of dollars in cash, one ID card, a medical insurance card and several bank cards in the wallet. In order to find the owner as soon as possible, the police immediately visited the surrounding residents, but everyone said that they had never seen this wallet. Subsequently, according to the identity card information, the police had been contacted by the owner Mr. Li several times.

One hour later, Mr. Li hurriedly rushed to the police station to receive the loss, and expressed his gratitude to the primary school students and police who were unmissable.

Coincidentally, at 7:40 pm on November 8th, Mr. Zhang, a citizen, also picked up a wallet on Banpo West Street. After receiving the alarm, Sun Changjie and Zhao Xin of the Gulou Police Station were found to find Ms. Li, the owner Li. On November 9, Ms. Li rushed to the police station to receive the loss. Taiyuan Evening News

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