Regardless of whether BUG is legal and reasonable, the behavior of malicious use of loopholes is evil.

It was not or Amazon, but excellent networks and Dangdang, Taobao first -class in the e -commerce industry. Later, Excellence was acquired by Amazon to change its name to Amazon, and finally renamed Amazon. Cost -effective and faster postal speed. The concept of free mail is the key cornerstone of the early e -commerce war. It is precisely because of its excessive courier operation points that a large part of Jingdong’s losses are from this.


In the current e -commerce market, and Amazon ’s postal exemption policy, in addition to holiday activities, basically rely on a certain value of shopping to provide exemption from daily shopping. As long as there are rules, there will always be loopholes. Gome and even many e -commerce can use BUG to achieve shopping exemption without minimum restrictions.

The specific implementation method is very simple. A single purchase is enough to the number of money -free money. For example, 99 is free of mail, and I just want to buy 5 cents of lollipop. Then I choose 5 cents of lollipop. Purchase a product of more than 98.5 yuan. After the goods arrived, the candy was collected, and other products were selected to refuse. In the end, you only need to pay 5 cents without postage.

This kind of behavior is good to use the rules reasonably. When it is evil, it is a malicious use of BUG. It is not a legal question, but a behavior that truly tests the morality of citizens. For example, why is the eBay we are familiar with No Chinese options in China?


It is the result of many people’s malicious use of bugs that lead to chaos in the market. For example, buyers who receive the goods do not recognize the receipt, or use the time poorly to return the goods. The overseas e -commerce EBAY or Amazon tend to protect the interests of buyers first. In the past two years, there are not a few companies that have caused bankruptcy by domestic malicious buyers. In the end, they have to close China’s trading channels.

Please do not use the goodwill of others, whether in life or work.

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