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Speaking in front of it: Seeing the words like the face, I am Zhang Xiaohami, driving eight hundred miles, the boy I turned to the north and south of the country. What was the hearing and confusion during this period, all in the three thousand miscellaneous characters below. After reading, I solved it, it is a passerby. I am still the same as before, where to go, where I sees my small eyes, where I think of the big head and where I think of it. Things, flowers and grass are placed in the back garden, taking root germination, and emptiness.

If you say this place, you are also a good place. There are many idlers in the wild, and they are more comfortable, just a little bit a little bit hot. Drive eight hundred miles. On this way, I have seen a lot of it. When I see it, I watched it with my naked eyes. I thought about it. I would have to be confused.

People with black skin wearing a flower skirt and dancing on the grass, holding the instruments and sculptures I don’t know in their hands. They talk to the gods they believe in through their limbs and languages. It gives a very primitive feeling. The first time the boy saw this scene, in the ten sets of the central government, exploring and discovering that the original tribe in Africa, humans painted with flower colors and the original simple instruments in their hands. There are also the statues of black wood carved, the board made of bamboo boards, and the gongs that were made from the brass. From time to time, the mountains fall, like the original wind and the sea, the sea surface, the movement is divided into teachings, but the gongs in the grass and the gongs are respectful. Children, suits and leather shoes, fear of leather shoes.

The boy was sitting in the tent two days ago, looking at the naked eye, puzzled in his heart, thinking that if the boy is the group in the group, will I be in the heart, let go of the bondage and fantasy, and the heart to nature. The head is as empty, just like the tofu, for a moment, I think that letting myself grow up in nature, be free, and dance, and paint the color. If you look at you today, what will you think, will you put down the trivial matters and pick up the six pence on the road.

The hemp rope was drumming, the beast skin was blindfolded, and the thick hands were patted. The left side was rap, pulled the throat, buried the short sleeve in the sweat, and the passion was surging. With the play with music, the appearance of the heavy metal, accompanied by the beat, seemed very coordinated. They welcomed the VIPs with this kind of team, three or five in groups, a team, seven or eight companions, and a team of seven or eight. On the art, the boy is a foreign man. I do n’t understand the ball, I just watch it for a happy look and listen to it.

On the streets of Buvakai, drummers can be seen everywhere, leather noodles come from grasslands beasts, thin ropes come from rough hemp spinning lines, and there are fine work in the rough hands, which reminds me of the engraving book in Chang’an City. Craftsman, one person, one load, one by one, put the block characters on the bamboo slips, and turn the eight hundred years of Chang’an City into a story to the future generations. The reason why the boy used the word “craftsman” here was just because he looked at the hands of the drummers. The lines were rugged. Seeing those hands will be uncertain, I look uncomfortable anyway.

The church in the dinner church, wearing heavy metals on the neck, the plaid skirt wrapped in the lower body, the hat on the head was unique, the grass was matched with sandals, and the rows were neat and dignified. Sitting in this tent banquet, the overall picture was strong. , OK to feel it. Faced with them, the boy had nothing to say, we always held a basket of curiosity in the face of unknown things. I just looked at it with my naked eyes, stared at, and my eyes were full of eyes. I said in the book before that the hotel bedside table of foreign (Christ) will put a Bible on the head cabinet, take a bath before going to bed, turn two or three pages, and then thank God in one heart.

After the boy took a shower, he opened the French version of the Bible. He had a blank heart and didn’t understand the ball. I asked my black colleagues, do you believe in God? He said, ah! God gave me breathing, God gave me everything. I told him that my breathing was given by my parents, and the same is true of you. I believe in myself. He said that my parents’ breathing was also given by God. I instantly Aggressive, short -circuit. In the project, every time the boy saw the Grand Guard, when he worshiped, he spread out a snake skin bag, kneeling on his knees, not squinting, and pious inside. I just looked at shock and dare not disturb. A person can consider getting along with himself outside the storm. This is a skill. Not everyone is very good with themselves. I don’t know if you are talking about faith in faith. What will you talk about when you talk in harmony with yourself? Will you doubt something?


On the rural road, the cow and sheep were in groups, holding the cowwas holding the whip, holding the grass knife, barefoot, shirtless, playing hot on the asphalt road, running in the weeds. After the heavy rain, the locals cut off the tree and used it for shipbuilding. They were very small boats, one boat and a pulp, and the engine sounded in the river. The stubborn baby, tied up in a group, tied it in the mud beach, and the little baby was sitting in front of the river beach, holding a bamboo pole with a bamboo pole, and fishing. It looked like a little old man. Pulling the cars outside the door, the color line is stacked together, tied to the thick branches, looking at it like a rainbow, cattle, sheep, chickens and ducks lazily on the grass, come and go, the shell has just been out of the shell for a few days. The chicks, transferred around the old hens, looking for bugs, and on the wooden table on the roadside, there were peanut oranges and bananas, basically no one asked. In the idle village, the locals used the rock barrier to build the residence of the Virgin. There were twelve large trees around the beside. The leaves were evergreen, and there were red flowers. Come and go, come and go.

I said here when I heard it, and it ’s useless to say too much. The boy thought that the attitude of this life was really good. I was too young and I did n’t know much. I was sent out when I graduated. Far West Africa, seeing these things, to be honest, the confusion is more curious, the cultural differences are too great, not a little bit. Most people here feels that they are leisurely and optimistic. In our opinion, it is always good to be positive. I started to educate like this in elementary school. Compared with, I always believe that as a person, if the heart will not surging, then this person is the world is the world. The person who is the least interesting, I believe each of us has it. In fact, people always have many ways to live. They live alive. Some people are in their twenties, bald, humpback, some people are in their eighth year, they are not bald, they are not hump, and the current young men and women in China While healthy hair, the two are different. There are also many unknown generations fighting in the urban -rural combination belt. Looking back, is the happiness of low desire? Or do you want to open it better? Or do you go forward with weight, don’t you forget the original intention? I can’t answer this question, but now I don’t believe that the young people are talking about it, and I have an epiphany. Unless you have experienced ups and downs, have seen the storm, and have seen the sea, I will think you are nonsense. This is a little bit of understanding of the living law. It can be said that I have no knowledge, but I write here, I can’t lie to myself, let alone lie, so I can only say that.

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