Are there any beautiful women who think black and white, although they are classic combinations, and they are also a mix of basic colors, but they will cause visual fatigue after watching it for a long time? The same loose denim looks too much, does it feel unpretentious? But if the three are integrated together, it is another state. Ni Ping brings unexpected results this time. The white top is flat and elegant. The black scarf forms a basic match with it. The loose jeans will play the ultimate, revealing a laziness and casualness, casual and comfortable.

How to improve the taste of wearing?

Highlights <1>: Forever Classic Black and White Match

I have to say, which two colors occupy an important position in the fashion industry and will never be crowded. That must be black and white. Although in daily life, what we use most is two colors, and some beauties may have developed visual fatigue, but they still have to marvel at their elegance and implicit. The white top is not limited to the simple word, adding a pattern design, it looks elegant and classic. At this time, there is a black scarf blessing, which is more unique.

Dimension <2>: But the time -off denim and small white shoes


The advantages of jeans have been pushing the top. As we integrate into our lives, various versions of jeans are constantly extending, and loose denim has a trace of breaking through the vulgarity. Such styles are not bloated, but can be freely blurred by the outline of the lines of legs. Even beautiful women with imperfect legs can be easily worn, sweet and hot girl, and elegant lady. As long as you want, you can’t match it. And denim with white shoes is more popular, and what it wants is simple.


For beauties who do not catch a cold, you can try the basic color matching, without the need to pursue too high color fusion, because simple colors can also wear a corresponding sense of high -level sense. Like Ni Ping, with a simple design, the whole body is a popular aesthetic. What you want is this simple effect, so that you can have the blandness of life. Middle -aged women can look at Ni Ping’s style of dressing.


Perform Ni Ping’s wonderful dress through workplace style, fashion style, and daily wind:

Highlight 1: workplace style -suit suit


Women in the workplace can consider the matching of suit suits to match the clothes, showing a strong aura and self -confidence charm. Such clothes are relatively satisfactory design. At this time In terms of, you can slightly increase the degree of dazzling, and if you use the belt on the waist, you can not only show the perfect waist curve, but also exceed Fashion.


Highlight two: fashion style -flared sleeve design

Look at the style of clothes with a lot of clothes, so try more fashionable clothes. For example, we change the straight suit sleeves of the straight tube to the style of the flared sleeve, which cleverly shows a sense of advancement.

Tip in color summary:


The dark suit jacket does not imply a low -key feeling at all times, and even slightly with the feeling of “low pressure”. Of course, it is not doubt that women can use black or dark blue to set off a powerful gas field, and a white body is white, and a white body is white, and a white body is white. The suit suit can show the meaning of gentleness and femininity.

Highlight three: daily wind -windbreaker+scarf

The loose windbreaker jacket belongs to the creation of a chic temperament. It is also very OK to choose such clothes in daily life. With a scarf on the neck, it can not only play a warm effect, but also excellent. The light -colored windbreaker coat with a dark scarf forms a contrast of color, which is more fashionable, and the trench coat and scarf with the same color are particularly attractive, which can show a high sense of coordination!


In this issue, through the workplace style, fashion style and daily style, Ni Ni introduces Ni Ni’s dressing style. Its style of dressing is simple and simple, especially suitable for middle -aged women to choose dressing. Shan is also very beautiful. In fact, a large part of clothes are derived from their own temperament, so women who love beauty must work hard to improve their temperament. Well, today’s sharing is here. You can also comment below. You can also comment below. Let’s make a message in the district, let’s see you next time!

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Ni Ping is really a fashion benchmark for the aunts.

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