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The baby’s sleeping is not honest, but it is an old problem.

In winter, I finally wrapped myself strictly, but in a few minutes, the baby’s calf kicked, so he overturned his little quilt.

The helpless old mother could only sigh for a long time, “pulling” herself from the warm quilt, and covering the baby again.

As a result, the baby was not lying, and the baby kicked off the quilt again, kicked off, covered, kicked, and covered …

Repeatedly dozens of times, while worried that the baby would be cold, he was full of grievances and anger: Do you want me to sleep? Intersection Intersection

Your grievances understand all, at this time, Xiaobian has to be true and real. Amway, a “sleeping artifact” -sleeping bag!

Dear, do you really think about it?


Sleeping bag, and these benefits

Prevent kicking quilt

You don’t need to emphasize this point. Just think about that picture, you can understand the good sleeping bag in an instant.

Increase your baby’s sense of security

For the baby of Xiaoyue, they have not yet formed the concept of day and night, and sometimes sleep at night and will inevitably be unstoppable.

For example, some parents may find that the baby is always fell asleep for a while, and his body will twist all kinds and make a hum.

Using sleeping bags can increase the baby’s sense of security to a certain extent and reduce the frequency of wake -up.

Prevent the occurrence of “Mongolian Syndrome”

Parents should remember that in the previous article, the editor mentioned the common problems in winter- “Mongolia was syndrome”.

Due to the cold day, parents are easily worn out and cause suffocation and sudden death.

The sleeping bag can prevent the baby’s mouth and nose, and the parents do not have to worry about the baby kick the quilt; in addition, choose a thin and moderate sleeping bag, which will not allow the baby to be too high. The risk of giving the baby a safer sleep environment.


Sleeping bag, how to pick

Key points: see the warmth coefficient


The warm -fitting coefficient of sleeping bags is generally represented by Togg. The higher the value, the stronger the warmth. The common sleeping bags have four Togg grades, and the indoor temperature applied to each Toger level is as follows:

0.5TOG (Summer: 24 ° C ~ 27 ° C) is suitable for use when turning on the air conditioner in summer.


1.0TOG (Spring and Autumn: 21 ° C ~ 23 ° C) is suitable for spring, autumn, and not too cold in winter.

2.5TOG (Spring and Autumn: 16 ° C ~ 20 ° C) This is the highest frequency, and it can be used in spring, autumn, and winter in most areas.

3.5TOG (Winter: 12 ° C ~ 15 ° C) is generally not used, unless the family is very cold, or it is available when going out.

Look at the style: different menstrual babies choose different

Sleeping bags have different styles, such as 的 type, envelope type, legacy, quilt type, etc. You can choose according to your baby’s monthly age and development.

1 襁 袋 sleeping bag

Recommended age: 0-3m

The 为 是 sleeping bag is specially designed for babies of 0-3m. Babies within three months generally have shocking reflexes, so sleep is unstable, and often wakes themselves up.

恰 sleeping bags properly fix the hand that causes shock reflexes, but the hem remains loose design, so that the baby is convenient for the baby to sleep in the shape of the frog legs and protect the hip joint.

In this way, the baby can be wrapped to avoid sleep uneasiness caused by shock reflection.

After the baby is three months old, the shock reflection gradually disappears, and the baby’s hand can be exposed.

2 envelope sleeping bag

Recommended age: 3-6m

The envelope sleeping bag is the most common, usually sleeveless design, the bottom of the pajamas is open design, suitable for babies who are more afraid of heat.

Generally speaking, the collar and sleeves of this sleeping bag can be disassembled. The hem is wide and can be extended at any time.

When choosing, be careful not to choose a sleeping bag that is too fat, avoid rolling while sleeping at night, roll up the sleeping bag, causing hidden safety hazards.

PS: Babies who are over 1 year old can continue to use this sleeping bag. You don’t need to be too long, just protect your belly ~


3 -point leg sleeping bag


Recommended age: above 6M

After half a year old, the use of a split -leg sleeping bag is the longest and most practical.

The leg design, even if the baby turns over at night and how to roll, it will not cause constraints, and the baby’s activity is more flexible.

4 bed sleeping bag


Recommended age: at least one year old

The appearance of this sleeping bag looks similar to the quilt, the purpose is to prevent the baby from kicking the quilt.

Look at the material

The inner layer of the sleeping bag is directly exposed to the baby’s skin. It is recommended to choose the material of soft skin, sweat -absorbing and breathable.

Of course, the focus of different seasons is different.


For example, it is winter. Parents are advised to choose a cotton -made sleeping bag. Whether it is softness, warmth, or skin -friendly, babies are easier to accept.

If it is a hot summer, or the heating at home is not ~ Chang ~ The northern family with a foot (need to wear short -sleeved at home), you can also choose the material of bamboo charcoal cotton and gauze. It is breathable and comfortable, and it will not be too sultry.

Look at details

1 Do not choose sleeping bags that are too thick, fully wrapped, and hats

Babies’ body temperature regulation ability has not yet matured, and overheating is often more dangerous for babies.

Too thick, full package or sleeping bag wearing a hat, it is not convenient for air circulation and heat dissipation.

In addition, just like the “Mongolian Syndrome” mentioned earlier, this sleeping bag is easy to cover the baby’s mouth and nose, causing danger.


2 Do not choose a sleeping bag with a rope

Whether it is the baby’s winter clothes or sleeping bags, it is not recommended to choose a rope.

Because the baby is too small, the rope is easy to accidentally wrapped around the baby’s neck or finger, wrist and other parts, which is likely to cause tragedy.

In addition, the latest “Technical Specifications for Infants and Children’s Textile Products” also stipulates that the hats and necks of children’s clothing under the age of 7 are not allowed to use rope.

3 zipper, be careful if you press the buckle

Select the button or zipper sleeping bag. Pay attention to reinstallation of the button and check the firmness of the zipper to avoid being swallowed by the baby by the buckle or zipper head.

In addition, if it is a zipper -designed sleeping bag, there should be a cushion on the inside of the zipper, chin, underarms, etc. to avoid the zipper scratching the baby’s skin;

At the top of the zipper, there should be locks to prevent the zipper from being kicked or pulled away by the baby; the zipper designed in two -way or pulling from top to down will be more convenient for dilute tablets at night.

4 Try to choose sleeveless sleeping bag

The sleeveless design is to ensure the circulation of the air under the armpit of the baby, which is conducive to heat dissipation to avoid high temperature.

To a certain extent, the risk of sudden infant death syndrome is reduced.

Xiaobian said

No matter what kind of sleeping bag you choose, it is not recommended to wear a thickened warm -fitting clothes for your baby!


The thick and warm clothes are poorly breathable, the baby’s skin is delicate, and the clothes are not breathable enough. It is easy to heat the rash!

Parents are advised to choose soft, thin, sweat -absorbing and breathable underwear, such as small clothes wearing cotton.

No matter how you match, parents should remember one fundamental principle:

Touch the neck and back to determine whether the baby is cold or cold.

As long as the neck and back are warm, it means that the baby is suitable for wearing a lid, and there is no need to add clothes or cover.

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