Parents who bring their babies must pay attention. Do not think that the baby is not a big problem. You must be vigilant. Next, you will show you a shocking and heartbroken data.

宝宝洗澡站不稳 LAVELA蜡贝乐洗澡神器解决父母困扰

According to statistics, among the 0-14 years old children who died of drowning, 52%of babies under the age of four. Obviously this is a huge proportion. The baby is very active at this age. The danger, and many parents have not been vigilant, and even a considerable part of the parents do not know that water with three centimeters deep may cause the baby to drown. The depth of three centimeters is not dangerous for our adults, but this is just for our adults. For the child, the three centimeters of water are extremely dangerous. When the child falls, the three centimeters of water can completely subdue the baby’s nose, not to mention the bathtub of the baby’s usual bath? The water is far from three centimeters. Young parents must not ignore this small problem and be vigilant. Do n’t lose your feet and hate!

With the growth of the baby, bathing, changing clothes, and diapers are becoming more and more difficult. Children have to pay attention to playing with water. Fragile. If in these processes, you can stood up safely. In this process, you can look at the baby with a sense of interpretation, and naturally cleaning and replacing your baby. Come accidents. Aiming at the problem of unstable and easy to fall, Lavela wax Belle brand strongly launched the “artifact” of the baby’s bathing shower rack, which greatly reduces the probability of the baby’s accident. Parents’ pressure, after all, parents who often hold their babies often have pain in their wrists, and even bone joints become problems.

As long as the baby is placed on the bath rack to adjust the width of the handrail, the baby can stand steadily. Lavela wax the baby’s baby bathing the bottom of the bath rack to make a non -slip design. The products will not cause any harm to the baby’s skin and surrounding environment. There is also a place where shower is placed behind the bath rack to avoid splashing water and splashing into the eyes and other parts, so that parents can take a bath more easily and enjoy the happy parent -child time.

So the baby of Lavela wax Belle will have a close contact with the baby’s skin. Will it have any adverse effects on the baby’s skin? Let me analyze it below. In fact, you don’t have to worry about this, because Lavela wax Bayle uses the ABS material of Korean LG chemistry company, and the ABS material will be used by even the baby bottle that baby drinks milk. Obviously, it has no adverse effects on the baby’s skin. From the perspective of, parents can use it with confidence.

What if the baby’s baby’s bathing shower rack is a tofu residue project? It won’t take long to break it? I believe many parents will want to use it longer. In consideration, the structural stability of the shower rack, strong and durable materials, and the overall with excellent durability. There is no problem for a long time.

As the baby grows tall, will the baby’s bathing shower rack be used? Lavelawla’s bath rack has a high and low -key regulation function and the size adjustment function of the handrail, which can be changed according to the baby’s growth. The height and opening and closing of the handrail can be adjusted with the height of the baby and the bust. Babies of 6-18 months can be used with peace of mind.

The baby of the Lavela wax Belle brand not only has excellent durability and can adjust the level, but also a security and peace -minded product certified by European CE and CPC certification. From all aspects, it is the best choice for parents. Not only can reduce the baby’s drowning accident, it can also be more convenient for parents to better take care of their cute babies and let the baby grow up healthily and happy.

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