Warm -keeping underwear is a kind of warm clothes, suitable for wearing in late autumn and cold winter, and it will not look bloated, light and convenient.

In the autumn clothes and autumn pants suit, the lady’s warm underwear suit is refined with high -quality fabrics. The water absorption and hanging suspension are better. Women’s warm underwear suits use the principle of fat flow to design, so it can effectively shape the body curve, create a beautiful and balanced body, and bring more comfortable feelings.

There are many types of materials for keeping warm underwear, generally:

Pure cotton underwear

Essence The most traditional single -layer underwear is gentle and breathable, but due to the thin texture, it is more suitable for spring and autumn.

Space cotton keeping warm shirt

Essence Its fabrics use cotton, coat, chemical fiber, etc., plating the metal film on the inner expansion film. Its advantage is that it is relatively warm and radiating; the disadvantage is that it is breathable and wettable, and there are silk sounds when wearing.


The mezzanine contains warm underwear with ICCP materials

Essence It uses fabrics such as cotton, hair, silk, Lycra, and the ICCP material in the mezzanine has also developed from the initial non -pervasion to a hole -shaped film. The fixing between the fabric and the mezzanine is also compounded by the use of glue to the use of special processes.

Comfortable health -care warm underwear

Essence Such products claim to contain far -infrared fibers and more than 20 trace elements. The far -infrared rays can convert energy in the body and mediate the body’s immunity.

Traditional silk heating underwear (commonly known as silk cotton) is filled with silk, which has the characteristics of green health, light, soft, smooth, warm, and other characteristics. In addition, it also has strong constant temperature, breathability, and humidity. Through the improvement of traditional craftsmanship, the new craftsmanship has added six advantages to improve the traditional process: beautiful, many styles, can be washed, free of refurbishment, and more warm.

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