Strategy 2: Circuit -line activation

1. Point -start from point, activate representative industrial relics, and establish landmark magnetic poles

After deciding culture as a leverage to leverage the activation of the city, Jean Mark and Jean Bryce joined forces to choose the relics that play an important role in urban history and industry, repair and transform, and turn it into cultural functions and strong with strong cultural functions and strong having strong cultural functions. Attracted public art places.

Image source: Flickr@Kaveman743

1) Shipyard ruins transformed into large -scale mechanical creative cultural parks


As the former glorious shipbuilding capital, the area of ​​Nander Shipyard is an important place for the history of Nanda Industry. The Nande City Government first decided to give this new feature of the land and tell a new “industrial story”.

—— Shipyard Reconstruction Project -Creative Area of ​​Machinery Island

Project area: 3950 square meters


Reconstruction content: Combined with a large number of industrial relics of shipyards, large -scale cultural landscapes- “island machinery” and creative industries have been introduced, and it has been updated to become an artistic activity space integrating tourism, festivals, and daily leisure.

The integration of the legacy of Ruler Verne and Modern Machine Master

Confucian Verna is an unsuccessful “C position” on the cultural map of Nanti. It was born in the western part of Nanda, leaving many science fiction works in the sky. “His famous sayings were realized by Pierre Ohfis and Francois Delahohitz Yehe, a modern artist and designer, and built a cool mechanical island.

表 Three major representative projects of Machinery Island

Mechanical phenomenon: 12 meters high, 8 meters wide, weighing 50 tons. Adopt a hybrid power system with a speed of 1 to 3 kilometers per hour. There are multiple manned viewing terraces on the back. Visitors can choose 3 different routes for about 30 minutes each time.


Mechanical Corridor: A mechanical laboratory that is constantly creative. All fresh mechanical arts will be exhibited and tested here, including exquisite mechanical pterosaurs and mechanical spiders.

Image source: Flickr@Simon

Marine World Rotating Trojan: Rotating Trojans is divided into three layers, which represent the water surface, water and the bottom of the sea, and can take thousands of strange mechanical aquatic animals, including ancient octopus, food mermaids, and skeleton fish.

Image source: wikimedia Commons@Erwan Corre

2) National biscuit factory into top contemporary art centers

The LU biscuit factory is one of the most representative and oldest companies in Nanta. It was created by the Lefèvre and UTile couples. It is a French national biscuit brand.

The French humanistic care architect Patrick Bouchain transformed it into Le Lieu UNIQUE (LU), the top cultural center of the National Cultural Center. Studies, cultural and art libraries, conference rooms, restaurants, bars, etc. are one.

Image source: wikimedia Commont@Martin ArgyRoglo

3) The oldest castle is transformed as a window that shows the history of the city

Duke of Brittany is one of the oldest castles in Nante. From the 13th to 16th centuries, the duke of Britani became the residence of the Duke of Brittani, and later became the residence of the French monarch in Britani.

Picture source: pixabay

In 1862, the castle was listed by the French Ministry of Culture as a historical monument, and the South Titan government transformed it into the South History Museum. A total of 32 exhibition halls in the Museum of History of the Nandte History, collecting more than 1,150 collections, and comprehensively showing that the city of Nanda has become a portrait of the metropolis from today. Among them, Nanda’s industrialization process focuses on displaying themes.

2. Line -piercing needle lead, connecting each scattered space in the city green line to activate the entire area

After creating a very attractive cultural landmark, the South Government chose to use a green fluorescent line to “connect into a bead” with all local cultural attractions.

Suivez La Ligne Verte

Image source:

As soon as you come out of the Nandte Railway Station, you will find a fluorescent green line on the ground. This 12 -kilometer green line will be the best tour guide for everyone to visit Nandte.

It will take everyone from the LU biscuit factory to the mechanical island of the west to visit more than 60 attractions worth visiting and revisiting. Including: all historical ruins, urban cultural venues, public space art devices, and historical monuments can be found along this green line.

3. Noodles -comprehensive radiation, linking the surroundings, forming a tourist network

After activating the tourism project in the Nanda City area, the Nante City Government decided to expand the tentacles to the Nanda Metropolitan area and other surrounding areas to make a big tourist network.

Nandte-Klimon is only 35 kilometers away from Nanta. It has the beautiful grape estate and the 17th century ancient castle. It is known as the gem along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, but it is rarely known. Nanda’s trip designated Nant-Kelisong as a joint tour.

Nandte Bletst Linking Line (360 kilometers long distance tour line): The Nande Bleaster Canal was founded in 1806. It was originally a military purpose and is now converted into a family tour. You can take a boat, cycling or walking to enjoy the landscapes such as forests, ancient castles, ports, etc. along the canal.

Strategy 3: International Festival, start business card

1. Hold a large -scale theme culture festival to realize the in -depth binding of “art” and “city”

Since 2012, the Nander Journey has held the “Nante Journey Art Festival” of the same name of the same name, and is now one of the most famous cultural festivals in France. The art festival chooses to be held every summer and lasts about 2 months.

“Art Creativity in Public Space” is the core highlight of the event. Artists from all over the world will give full play to their inspirational design and creative art installations, organize art exhibitions, and organize art activities. Immersed in the carnival atmosphere.


2. Participants, gathered art big coffee

The Nander Journey Arts Festival invites top artists, architects, designers, garden artists, graffiti, musicians, and chefs such as top artists at home and abroad to participate in urban art design. Representative artists include French -style artist Daniel Bren, Japanese installation artist Kawasumi Kawasum, French Chinese contemporary art master Huang Yongzheng, French indoor designer Miltier Drue, French -styling artist Philip Lamit, etc.


Image source: Flickr@Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

3. In the design space, pay attention to the symbiosis of art and the city, integrate the design into the city

Outdoor space emphasizes the integration of art installations and nature, integration with urban, and living with life. Outstanding art devices will not be dismantled after the exhibition, but it will permanently become part of the city. Gradually improved, the cultural atmosphere gradually became strong.

Cliff Overlooking Terk (2019): Japanese artist Kawaka Kawa is a wooden bird nest device set on the side of the steep rock wall. A 36 -meter observation device can provide a great place for visitors to view the panoramic view of the city.

Sea Snake (2012): Huang Yongzheng’s sea snake art device completed in 2012, the curvature of the skeleton bending imitates the nearby Sannazel Bridge curve.

Side steps (2018): Bharip Ramit’s bronze statue wearing a suit designed by Philip Lamit symbolizes the boldness and creativity of the city.

Image source: Flickr@Retis

4. Improve a series of supporting service functions

1) Art -themed specialty hotel

Nanda Journey cooperated with the Nande Hotel industry to launch a series of art -themed rooms, which added more creativity, art and peculiar beauty at night. Hotels in decorative art -themed rooms include Camprona Hotel, Oko Hotel, Meiju Nandut Center Hotel, Emila Hotel, Oceania Frank Hotel, and Penissedo dock hotels, Okko Hotel.

2) Nander Pass Card

Type of pass card: 24H, 48H, 72H.

The traffic card includes content: unlimited public transportation (buses, trains, trains, public cruise ships), key scenic spot tickets (Mechanical Island, Duke of Britani City Castle South Special History Museum, Confucian Verina Museum, Natural History Museum, South Nanda Special vineyard museum, river mouth maritime trip, etc.), Nante tourism guide.

3) Nante Diet Guidelines

The trip to Nante will publish an update of “Nante Food Guide” every year. The guidelines are very credible and have no advertisements. They cover all restaurants in the city, about one hundred. Holding a “South Tex Food Guide”, you can eat the special cuisine of Nante to revitalize the Nande food industry.


Nante’s Tour of the Urban Cultural Tourism Brand of the Tour of the Tour:

Strategy 1: Establish a specialized operating institution -setting up a joint -stock company to be responsible for urban brand construction and operation;

Strategy 2: Dist and lines active -point -like update industrial relics, urban travel lines are connected into pearls, and the surroundings are fully radiated to form a tourist network;


Strategy 3: International festivals start a business card -hold a large -scale theme culture festival to achieve continuous symbiosis of “art” and “city”.

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Study vision involves regional revitalization, urban renewal, cutting -edge industries and other fields. It has continuous attention and accumulation in French industry, urban development, and tourism development.


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