#What to wear today#

For girls, it is always a fatal attraction. If you are happy, you want to buy a bag, pay for your salary, and buy a bag if you are unhappy. Popular, classic … Even if there are many bags at home, it always feels that there is a better look and more versatile.

When it comes to light luxury and quality bags, Michael Kors (referred to as MK) must be on the list.

Mercer series

Those who know MK should know that the most classic of its family is this square bag, also called a lock bag. The color saturation of the entire bag is very high. It adopts superior cowhide, and is paired with exquisite hardware locks. It is also cute at the same time. It is not only suitable for commuting Look, but also very suitable for shopping. It has three large, medium and small models. The capacity design is relatively large. Even small bags can be installed. Charging treasures, parasols, mobile phones, and headphones can be put in, which is very practical.


Whitney series

This is definitely top3 in MK. It is not only the same model, but also the style she has participated in the design. The material of the cowhide makes the bag more wide; the strap of the chain is not only convenient to cross the cross, but also specially reduces age.

CECE series

This bag is a popular explosion of MK. As soon as it was launched, it was welcomed by many sisters. The entire bag was super gentle NICE, which was super suitable for a bag back in spring and summer. Simple smooth calf leather, delicate and slightly gloss of the leather, with a very delicate touch of high -grade leather.


Old Flower Series

Laohua logo is a series that every brand loves. The old flowers of the MK family are also implemented in each series. Classic and versatile. Whether it is a casual dress or a more formal dress, you can use the old flower series bags. Match.

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