From April 28-29, 2018, the century -old shoe brand BATA held the annual BATA FASHION Weekend in Milan, a fashion capital. Last year, after the first brand annual ceremony of the brand’s Czech Republic, the capital of the Czech Republic of the brand, this year BATA started the annual show with the theme of “The Sound of Style” at the famous Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan. Show the real art of shoe to global fashion media and consumers.

The Fashion Show -The 100 -year -old shoe is full by walking

Bata Fashion Weekend 2018米兰大秀,为“我”的舒适和自信发声

“The reason why I chose to host this year’s BATA FASHION Weekend is the important reason that Milan is a famous fashion capital. Fashion penetrates into every corner of the city and happens all the time.” Thomas Archer Bata, BATA chief marketing officer and a member of the 4th generation BATA family said. The 2 -day BATA FASHION Weekend turned the Mazhnot Palace into a fashion and design center, and brought a series of events such as fashion shows, shoe static exhibitions, music performances and handmade interactive workshops to the media and the public. Based on innovative technology, fashion design and environmental protection, BATA Global Synchronous Product Series B-Flex first debuted on the show. The same is the best high-heeled high-heeled shoe series Insolia, sports series Atletico and limited trend. Heritage.

Bata Fashion Weekend 2018米兰大秀,为“我”的舒适和自信发声

Me & Comfortable with it

——This is “suitable” me

At the event site, the core values ​​of the BATA brand promotion theme “ME & Comfortable with It” One side is the most beautiful. Jana Barbati Chadova, the head of BATA global marketing, added: “One of the important purpose of this event is to hope that we will use BATA to encourage people to show the values ​​of confidence and beauty, and change from a slogan to the attitude of everyone in daily life. This is why why is this why it is why why is this? We specially invited the disabled bodybuilder Nidhim Kochhar to show their own reasons in this catwalk. “

Note: Nidhim Kochhar lost his left foot in a traffic accident. He is now a bodybuilder.

Bata Fashion Weekend 2018米兰大秀,为“我”的舒适和自信发声

At the event site, BATA even solemnly announced the in -depth cooperation with the new star of the music scene, the Czech pop singer Lenny Filipova, and used the music to be comfortable and confident in “I”. The new single “Enemy” created by Lenny’s creation conveys self -confidence is the attitude of beauty. It gives women from getting rid of the traditional aesthetic, enjoying freedom and comfort. It is the BATA annual brand promotion theme “Me & Comfortable with it” The most appropriate expression of core values.

Lenny sings the new single “Enemy” on the spot

BATA Young Designer Challenge Challenge


Bata Fashion Weekend 2018米兰大秀,为“我”的舒适和自信发声

——Chide to support young designers and support the new power

This year’s BATA Young Designer Challenge was participated by young designers from the famous design college Czech Prague UMPRUM and Politecnico Calzaturier in Padova, Italy. At the same time, the Czech century -old crystal brand Preciosa and Italian shoe manufacturer Kalliste provided cooperative support for this challenge. “We attach great importance to cooperation with universities, support young and talented designers, and support them to achieve their creativity and value. I hope they will grow with BATA with BATA.” The work of Zhongsheng will be officially produced and sold at the BATA global flagship store.

Focus on global, speak for comfort and confidence

Bata Fashion Weekend 2018米兰大秀,为“我”的舒适和自信发声

Guests and media from all over the world participated in the BATA FASHION Weekend, including BATA Group CEO Alexis Nasard and chief marketing officer Thomas A. BATA and media reporters, stars and fashion bloggers from more than 20 countries … Thomas A. BATA In addition: “We want to make the annual BATA FASHION Weekend become a global focus of activities, let more people understand BATA, agree with our brand values, and speak for the unique ‘me’ from the heart to speak for comfort and confidence.” From exploring the art of shoes to sharing life attitude, BATA with a 124 -year history has brought us new thinking and display through BATA FASHION Weekend.

BATA is a world -renowned comprehensive shoe group. It was founded in the Czech Republic in 1894 and has gone through more than 120 years. After the pioneering and innovation of the four generations of the BATA family, the group business has spread to more than 70 countries around the world, and has more than 5,300 retail stores. At present, the BATA Group, headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, has 23 production bases in 18 countries. Its brands include BATA, Marie Claire, Bubble Gummer, BATA Industrials, Weinbrenner, etc.

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