Although the Pingcheng Era that started in 1989 is no different from the disaster of British operations for the TV work of the Gundam series. Only one of the 5 TV works in the 1990s and only one of the theater version has achieved commercial success, but The Lost East Estate’s mulberry, the OVA of the Gundam Series has achieved great success in Pingcheng Era -4 OVA not only achieved commercial success, but also became a classic in the history of Gundam and even animation.


Among them, there is an OVA animation represented by Gundam True -Mobile Suit Gundam: 08ms team.

When it comes to 08ms, the first thing people think of is the “authenticity” and superb production level that they have been praised by the mouth.

The reason why it is authentic is that 08ms does not focus on the science fiction machine warfare as Gada before, but to describe the battle that is closer to our reality. By imitating various information such as war images, it has the real sense of realism that Gundam’s works do not have in the past.

Of course, 08ms is not the first Gundam work that focuses on realism. The two previous OVA0083 and 0080 also have such a tendency. The G force suffered by the staff, carrots, Kato, and Nina have all shots that are accelerated on the seat (G force can also be regarded as a common type of bug in the Gundam series. Mobility will have a continuous acceleration of more than 6G. Most pilots can’t carry it, but Hu Suo can still talk to the wind and move freely. Not to mention that the W -series Guandali, which can not exceed 10 tons of the body, can be eased. The meteor of the mouth cannon is five Xiaoqiang). The three federal protagonists of Pingcheng OVA Trilogy -Kristina, Pu Mihong, and Tianda Shiro have always been the target of the majority of Gundam fans -who is the weakest Gundam pilot in UC? In fact, it is not that the three OVA protagonists are weak, but these three OVAs are more “real”, without the setting of the strange power. All three OVA can be called the true model of the real department -there is no new humans and spiritual framework, and it is replaced by detailed and rigorous scientific settings. Among them, 08ms is the most prominent.


In order to reflect the real sense, 08ms has abandoned the colorful beam weapon that has been used in large quantities, and the effect is colorful, while more real -ammunition weapons are used. MS also adds all kinds of equipment that is closer to reality -smoke screen bombs, flash bombs, anti -infantry thunderstorms, large -caliber machine guns, ground hoe, ammunition box … in 08ms The MS operation is to auxiliary vehicles, desert combats need dust cover and filter, solid bulletin is falling, when overnight, use space blankets … It is these slightest details. In the end, Gathering, plus a short shot similar to the 0080 annual war collection set, it achieved 08ms as the real name of the real head.


All this is to meet the needs of OVA audiences for more “hard core” plots. After all, OVA has to spend high money to buy, and it must have more attractive characteristics -more exciting machine warfare such as Gundam and Macross to fight. , Love the plot must be more sugar and sell more meat … 08ms chose to rely on the truth.

Similarly, in order to meet the pursuit of the production level of OVA, 08ms has also worked hard to maintain an excellent picture.


For the first time, I saw 08ms, if it was not a 4: 3 screen ratio, I would not believe it was only started in 1995. (You must know that 1995 was not 12 years ago, but 22 years ago!)

The picture of 08ms is so excellent that it is called the pinnacle of Japanese hand -painted animation. In fact, many theatrical animations and OVA have such a “peak” title in the mid -to -late 1990s. The reason is that since the Japanese animation in the 1990s, the picture has been continuously improving since Tezuka’s insects have opened up the world. With entering the 21st century, the production method of animation has changed rapidly, and computer painting can finally be replaced. In this way, the Japanese hand -painted animation in the mid -to -late 1990s naturally can be unprecedented -when it is drawn by hand, and the computer is not enough. Coupled with the high investment in OVA and theater versions due to its shape, and the slow work of slow work for several years, naturally throw away the TV animation, there are some OVA/theater versions crowned the “peak”.


The most advantage that can reflect the more than 08ms is its OP. In less than two minutes, the real and exquisite production of 08ms is vividly. Coupled with the new famous song “Glory in the Storm” sung by Mikura Chihiro, it can probably be blown up by me and other Gundam fans for ten years.


It is impossible for everything. Although 08ms is outstanding in the above aspect, its plot level has not been consistent. Controversy about its plot level has continued from last century to the present.

In essence, the main line of 08ms is the modern interpretation of “Romeo and Juliet”. The setting of this uncle and big sister -in -law for each other is not the first time that it has appeared. But here, Dasao did not have the charm of Xia Ya’s personality, and became a complete villain. For the above reasons, 08ms looks a little old in the plot. Of course, this is not the problem. Of course, the plot is a bit stable. It is not advisable to blindly seek new, because excessive force may become a strange story like iron blood, it will be lost.

The real problem is that 08ms encounters the same change as 0083 -the general change general. The production cycle of 08ms is too long, from 1995 to 1999. The longer the time, the greater the possibility of changes. From the economic situation of the production company to the old and sickness of the producer, the animation may have adverse effects. What happens to 08ms is the unfortunate death of the main creators -the original supervisory supervision Katsuya Mo Xing’s physical condition deteriorated, and eventually did not cure in 1996. Of course, this is not an artificial accident, but it belongs to force majeure. The succession of Nian Ma Zhisuke (this monarch has also died in the past few years). Essence But after all, the replacement is a substitution, and the style of work will inevitably be affected.

Take a chestnut and participate in the last episode in Katsuya. In the sixth episode, the protagonist team also intercepted Jiong MA in the desert (this episode is very pale. The turbulent waves).

In the seventh episode of Iza Island, the Light Sword Hot Spring Bathing Plot, which appeared in OK (08ms: Even my brother UC has not paid tribute to me, and you still pay tribute twice!). Since then, the content of grudges between male and female protagonists has exceeded the theme of machine warfare. Therefore, the next half of the part is often considered as a dog blood ending that reduces the connotation level of this work. But now the two supervisors have died, and we have no way of knowing whether the plot content of the second half is the original content of Katsuya, or the independent creation of Ishima.

In addition, although the old Western thieves did not participate in the production of 08ms, the right -wing issue is still the same as 0083 in the second half of the 08ms. (Although there is the only direct description of Gion to the SIDE Massacre of each SIDE Massacre, but in the face of the “love” of the male and female protagonists across the national borders, what can the national hate of family hatred be counted?) Of course, meals, meals Tian is not a dead right -wing, and the method of right -wing thought is also more euphemistic. Naturally, there are no anti -human terrorists. But here, we still need to indicate.

The right -wing tendency of 08ms lies in his logic: we know that Jiong has done something wrong (massacre), but that is just a few war lunatic do. At that time, they would also do bad things (attack wounded). Everyone has good people and bad guys, so the federal is the same as Gion. This kind of old prostitute has been better than the losses of the virgin. Although it looks very weak, as long as it is modified, he can deceive a lot of audiences who do not think about it. When Jun did not see the federal commander of the army being done by the elder brother, would you like to applaud in the barrage? Inta only spent a few minutes in spring and autumn.

The 1990s were a era of Japan from prosperity to decline. In this context, right -wing thoughts often appeared. You can see one or two from the “Japan can be said to be said no” from Shinaro Ishihara. Except for a few left -wing authors, many works in this era should be viewed from a critical perspective.


If you want to say that anti -war, the content of the Jiong Weion’s residual army entered the village to collect food is the rare part of the last half of this work. (But if the author wants to set up the Japanese army to enter the village, there are still many content that should be criticized.) One of the habits of the Gundam series is through these units that have little to do with the main line plot. Essence But from the results, the author was brought to the Black Federation.

In addition, there is the relevant plot of the character of Mikael, the girlfriend BB who has always wrote a letter, marrying an other woman during the year of the year, and also gave birth to a child … The most touched part of the war …

In general, 08MS, as the Gundam OVA work in the late 1990s, has worked and produced a detailed production and dragging a supervision for many years. Make unquestionable quality. Although there are a lot of accommodation in the plot, it is still a handed down representing the highest level of the Gundam series. It is also a classic in the history of Japanese animation. Born in the depression of the animation industry, he took the EVA Dongfeng to shake straight up, and 08ms was worthy of the fame of the storm.

The following is a collective introduction to the land war up to RX-78-2:

Compared with the RX-78-2 Gundam with a strong test machine color, the RX-79G land battle type Gundam is manufactured on the premise of reality in the plan. In order to streamline the parts, the core fighter system with a special institution with the ability to enter the atmospheric circle is omitted. It is equipped with a very practical large container handling mechanism. The miniature miniature reduces the body weight. The equipment is the same for RX-78-2 The beam rifle, armored materials use high -priced Moon God titanium alloy, which is a body with a very high performance and completion. However, each performance is different. This is because its parts are non -benchmarks. When the Jien army invaded the earth, they captured the fortresses from various places. In order to recapture these fortress, the federal army needed to strengthen the combat effectiveness of the ground war. A total of 20 were produced, about half (12) were equipped with a mechanized mixed brigade in Southeast Asia.


(At present, 12 in Southeast Asia, one of the slaves and ghosts, 3 shuddering blue, one of the third team of MS Special Forces, a total of 17 are known, and 3 have not been mentioned.)


Because the shape of the MS is human, most of its weapons can evolve from the weapons of infantry. There are 6 consecutive large missile launchers. This is a universal weapon that can be available, air -to -air, ships, and equipped with land -based MS, mainly used for mid -range support attacks.

Since the emergence of a mobile warrior, the large -caliber cannon used as a fixed turret as a tank in the past was equipped with a mobile warrior, which obtained higher maneuverability. This artillery can easily penetrate and destroy the power of MS armor, and can choose the 180mm cannon with a variety of warheads according to the combat requirements. It is often equipped with the MS team with a 3 machine as one team. However, long and large weapons are difficult to carry in the dense forest. If MS carry such a large weapon, it will definitely become an obstacle to march. The form of each part of the clip, the container, and then use the container handling mechanism to handle the loading mechanism on the back.

The RX-79G uses many new institutions. The head equipment is equipped with the same type as the RX-78 camera, but the 60mm Vulcan gun is reduced to one door and moved to the chest, which has increased the armor. It is equipped with a dense forest area. The enemy’s camera, the Tibetan communication antenna in the head, and the shields that are claw -like, fighting capacity, and miniaturized shields at the top. MS can also use this shield to help the infantry trench excavation. In addition, the back-dumping light beam knife used by the RX-78 was changed to the form of the box stored in the outer side of the calf to achieve the purpose of rapid extraction in the dense forest.

Development History

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After the successful development of the V-combat plan of the Jiong’s emerging weapon mobile warrior, the successful development of Gundam, in order to facilitate the debugging and testing of this experimental body, the federal army is committed to the production of the mobility soldiers. However, due to the harsh requirements of the RX-78 performance, the component production line has been strictly controlled by quality, and many components cannot pass quality testing after the production. Later, in order to prevent these unqualified parts waste, the federal engineers proposed to use the excess components in the inventory to set up a new production line to create the so -called “first -mass production of Gundam” (ガ ン ダム 検 検 検 検 検). RX-79G is caused by this. RX-79G is also of great significance for the large amount of production of the GM system later, because the simplified concept of many complex parts of RX-78 is generated at this time.

RX-79G is assembled from the unqualified parts of the RX-78, so there are only a few twenty units. Compared with RX-78, its performance has shrunk sharply. Most of the high-cost components were canceled, but the armor retained the moon god titanium alloy used by RX-78, so its defense capabilities are still stronger than that of the Jiong Army MS. A large container device is installed on the back, which uses small non -fixed shields (handheld) to improve maneuverability.

The actual RX-79G is called “RX-79G Land War Gundam”, and 12 units were assigned to the Southeast Asian mechanized hybrid brigade of the protagonist of the 08ms team. Due to the non-standardization of the assembly parts, the front line cannot provide replacement parts (another says: because the machine uses the remaining parts of the RX-78 to be combined, there is no extra parts to be replaced), so the bases have to use each base to use it to use it. The parts of the RGM-79 with similar structures to solve the problem of war loss, and even the event in the play was nicknamed “Jim Tou” in the play. Later, the improved EZ-8 and the blue destiny series as the EXAM system testing machine.



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Body number: RX-79 [G]

Body code (Japanese): Lu Yan used mass production test type ガ ン ダム English: Gundam Mass Mass Productions


Works: Mobility soldiers are the 08ms team

Type of the body: land combat use of mass production advance trial type MS


Manufacturer: Earth Federal Army


A belong to: Federal first equipment: U.C.0079

technical parameter


Internal environment: Standard cockpit

Size: top of the head: 18.0 meters


Full height: 18.2 meters


Weight: Outlet Weight: 52.8 tons


Full weight: 73.0 tons

Armored materials and structure: Lunar Titanium


Generator contribution: 1350kW


Promotional: 52000kg


Acceleration: 0.71g

Equipment and design characteristics: Sensor detection effective radius: 5900 meters; back container handling mechanism; Tibetan antenna in the head


Fixed armed forces: chest 60mm Vulcan gun × 1; light beam military knife × 2; chest multiple transmitters

Selected armed: Dedicated Shield


Select hand weapon: beam rifle; 100mm machine gun; 180mm cannon; rocket tap; 6 consecutive rocket launchers; net guns;

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