Recently, Forever, a well -known Japanese precision ceramic tool company, has quietly entered the Chinese market to provide the most advanced, safe, portable, sharp, durable kitchen weapon -pure imported nano ceramic tools.


100%latest craftsmanship nano technology sharp and long -lasting ceramic knife


1. Ceramic sintering surface is more dense than ordinary ceramics

2. The use is smoother, the slice does not stick the knife


3. The cut force is more long -lasting

(1) The raw material is selected in Japan’s highest -level and highest purity nanocarium oxidation, which can truly achieve dense porosity. The food without bones does not have any abrasion for oxidation, so it does not need to wear a knife for several years. And cut onion is not spicy.

(2) The only dry method of the process of craftsmanship, after high temperature static squeezing molding, there are no purposes, no impurities, and truly densely dense porosity. The ceramic knife of other brands use wet -type method, using a large amount of adhesive, dispersing agent, and elimination agent to turn the ingredients into fluids, irrigate the ingredients into the mold, and the chemical ingredients in the fluid ingredients after sintering follow with the sintering ingredients. High temperature volatilization, shrinking crystals needed, after the chemicals in the ingredients are volatilized, the original space becomes a gap.

A variety of models, a variety of sizes, and a variety of colors. Ren Jun chose from colorful striped silver antibacterial models (available sets) to Sakura series super slippery series, and then high -end diamond silver titanium series. Consumers with demand.

World Patent, the highest quality kitchen knife

Diamond particles and precision ceramics ultra -hard particles provider the sharpness required by the cutting tip of the knife, with titanium alloy matrix with toughness and no easy angle, which gave birth to this diamond alloy compound knife material. Coupled with silver ions with powerful antibacterial skills, with the antibacterial function of the unique optical catalyst effect, the food with the highest health realm for Forever Diamond Titanium has finally debuted.

Forever diamond titanium tool is a new material for international patents. Its cut force is the crown of all kitchen knives. After years of use, you only need to use the Forever diamond grinding stick to gently grind slightly. The new diamond particles will be exposed from the titanium alloy substrate, and the sharpness will be quickly restored. The blade tissue of the Forever diamond titanium knife is evenly distributed with silver ions with effective antibacterial effects and the effect of titanium -specific photocatalyst effects to prevent bacteria from being born, and play a powerful antibacterial effect.

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