Xiaomi Youpin + Establishment of Hermes? For the first collision between Xiaomi Technology and the fashion circle, do you want to have a big brain open, do you want to expand the ecological chain of Lei Jun’s father? After that, every new Xiaomi shop is sold together with Hermes’ clothes? The staff in the store is like Model in various fashion trends? Thinking of it really can’t stop, well, all this is fantasy.

Dang Dang Dang! Shocked, it turned out that Xiaomi Youpin thanked the 10 million meters of companionship, and specially invited the domestic and foreign fashion trend big -name designers to design a T -shirt for rice noodles. Do you envy now? Now the electronic product company dares to say that it is only Xiaomi Youpin. T -shirt model big -name style, high -end quality, 4 designers are strong background and strong strength!

The first designer Joseph. M, you may not know who it is, but I said that I have worked as a designer of international first -tier brands such as Hermes, LV, Burberry, GIVENCHY, Alexander McQueen, should you know how old is it? The high -cost -effective big -name designer T -shirt, you don’t buy you and earn less than 100 million.


The highly modern 3D geometric element shows the multiple changes and interlacing of the space and plane through three -dimensional view, giving the technology cool and charm.


This powerful designer is Xiaomi’s own family and Huang Suyan. It is not necessary to underestimate that during the work of Sony Ericsson, she participated in the design of the mobile phone T707, ST21, Xperiac, etc., which won two of the world’s three major design awards: the Red Dot Award and the IF Award. In the Comitécolbert competition, its pattern design works were selected by Longchamp. Joining the Xiaomi ecological chain in 2016, I couldn’t help but look forward to the designer who won the award.


The design graphic looks like a mechanized beetle. Recently, it is actually a clever combination of Xiaomi and Mijia products. For example, Xiaomi Xiaoli Course, Mijia Electric Rice Cooker, Mijia Sweeping Robot, Mi Home Electric Scooter and other products. Gives cool technology to offers T-Shirt, which is both interesting and memorable. The design is finally followed Form Follows Fun.

Keflione is the founder of the RoyalClub Design Studio. The international big names he have collaborated are not clear, such as Nike, Adidas, Lanvin, Coca Cola, DIESEL, DIOR, Tiffany, Urban Outfitters, etc. I still remember that when Shanghai Nike Kicks Lounge opened last year, I invited a French graffiti to design a series of laser patterns inspired by Shanghai, and created a rich shoe for Nike? That’s right, the graffiti is KEFLIONE. If you just like graffiti, don’t miss this limited edition T -shirt!

Designed as a fox Facebook, the fox symbolizes wisdom and cleverness. In the movie “Little Prince”, the fox uses wisdom to let the little prince gradually understand the meaning of love, love and responsibility, and the only meaning. The pattern is incorporated into the Chinese Facebook element and then created, giving graffiti to give artistic and cultural atmosphere, showing personality and wisdom coexisting, and reflecting the unique oriental wisdom charm.


The last designer, Li Jie, graduated from Parsons (Parsons), the most powerful fashion college in New York, and served as the director of high -end tide design director of Li Chen and Pan Weibai. Among them, the MLGB high -end series she is designed is loved by many stars, but the price is expensive. The blessing of Xiaomi, this time I can wear Li Jie’s joint T -shirt without eating soil! We must have star factions without being a star.

The theme is based on the concept of “Make Shoe Contact Before Eye Contact”, which interprets a trend spirit that conveys Sneaker culture. It expresses young people who have come together because of common hobbies and taste together. The context can make young people who love trendy culture see this slogan with a smile: this is street culture.


We are not the same. The serious Xiaomi Youpin played a fashionable and unambiguous, and the designer was a big name. Worried about the price? It’s completely considered. The joint T -shirts produced by the Cotton Republic will be released on May 22 in Xiaomi. The quality is in line with Xiaomi’s consistent cost -effectiveness. Is the wallet moving? The sale time is only two weeks, and I have not robbed me.

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