Is the circle of friends on Children’s Day of Children’s Day? Is it a screen screen by the dolls? Summer is here. Many parents plan to buy a swimsuit for their babies to go swimming to cool down. The cute children’s swimsuit spend their eyes, but there are many quality problems related to children’s swimsuit.

The results of the Hangzhou Consumer Protection Commission released a group of children’s swimsuit comparative trials showing that nearly 80 % of children’s swimsuits were unqualified on the market.

The Life Laboratory Union Qualhang Life Circle entrusted Weikai Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

Before the evaluation, the Life Laboratory solicited the topic of the children’s swimsuit most concerned about the children’s swimsuit in the south+. According to the results of the voting, we evaluated the following topics: comfortable materials, not leaning, not hurting the skin, not coloring, and accessories safety. And the artifact in children’s swimsuit -claims to have buoyancy conjoined swimsuit and waterproof leakage swimsuit that can float in the water.

[What did we test? .

​测评 | 七成儿童泳衣不合格,你家娃穿的泳衣安全吗?

JD, Tmall, Xiaohongshu, Pinduoduo and other e -commerce platforms are hot. The Life Laboratory chose 10 of them for evaluation. Among them, Disney and Decathlon’s children’s swimsuit is very hot, especially Decathlon’s children’s swimsuit Almost already sold out of stock, I waited for a long time when the beautiful life laboratory was sampled, but the goose, the measured results …

[How did you measure it? .

The evaluation dimension includes tag identification, color staining, soap resistance, soap washing, seawater, chlorine chloride, light), pH value, stretch elastic stretching rate, chlorine resistance stretching elastic recovery rate, chemical safety (decomposition can be decomposed (decomposed Carcinogenic amine dyes, phthalate, extraction of heavy metals), and accessory of accessories (rope belt).

​测评 | 七成儿童泳衣不合格,你家娃穿的泳衣安全吗?

(Statement: There is no interest in the brand of the Life Laboratory and the brand in the text, and the test results are only responsible for the sample)

​测评 | 七成儿童泳衣不合格,你家娃穿的泳衣安全吗?

Prepared for parents [Bring a baby without time to see the full text]


70 % of children’s swimsuits have different degrees of problems. In summary, children’s swimsuits of Disney, Li Ning, and Barabara brands are more recommended.


Half of the children’s swimsuit fiber component content is not in line with nominal nominal. Children’s swimsuit is recommended to choose between 18%-20%.


​测评 | 七成儿童泳衣不合格,你家娃穿的泳衣安全吗?

The four children’s swimsuit samples have problems that are not identified by tags. The well -identified swimsuit includes tags and durability tags.


Four children’s swimsuit rope is not compliant. Choosing children’s swimsuits is especially avoided with rope bands on the head and neck.


​测评 | 七成儿童泳衣不合格,你家娃穿的泳衣安全吗?

The three children’s swimsuits are unqualified, including the Decathlon brand.


In terms of color, it is recommended to choose a color that is relatively large with the swimming pool water and seawater.

What quality should an excellent children’s swimsuit be available?

Let’s talk in turn:

Comfortable material: Half of children’s swimsuit fiber composition content is inconsistent with the logo

To understand the material of the clothes, you must first look at the logo. If the information on the logo is inaccurate or irregular, it is easy to mislead consumers. There are 4 tag logos in the 10 samples irregular. The logo includes tags and durability labels, information includes the names and addresses of the manufacturer, the product model and specifications, and the product standards executed. The durability label must be marked with fiber composition and content, and maintenance methods. The identification problem of 4 samples such as BABY Bear, non -branded children’s buoyancy conjoined swimsuit is mainly missing key information or irregular expression. For example, the sample of velkkids does not marked the safety category. Dress.

(Detection of fiber composition content)

For the baby’s swimsuit, the fiber component content is one of the appropriate standards that the baby is wearing, but the evaluation found that the content of nearly half of the sample fiber component is inconsistent with the logo. The nominal is inconsistent. The durability label of Youyou and Yu Ke is called 100%polyester fiber in the linked in the durability label. The top of the actual sample has no library, so it is judged to be unqualified. Experts suggested that the spandex content between 18%and 20%is better.

Elasticity is enough: Decathlon horizontal elastic stretching is not the standard

“Lebul” is the stretching elasticity of the swimsuit. The indicators of our evaluation are stretching elastic elongation and chlorine -resistant water stretching elastic recovery rate. Among them, Yu Ke’s horizontal stretching elastic elasticity rate is only 65.1%and 61%, and the standard requirements are ≥70%; Decathlon’s horizontal stretching rate is 67.3, which cannot meet the standard requirements ≥70%. The elasticity of the straight stretching elasticity also does not meet the standard requirements of ≥80%, only 76.3%.

Note: The larger the data in the table, the better the elasticity of the sample. Production of this table: Qinchang Life Circle)

Do not harm skin: chemical safety tests are all up to standard

The baby’s swimsuit is skin -friendly clothing, especially in the water environment, the chemical composition in the swimsuit may hurt the baby’s skin. In several tests about chemical safety, all samples have not been detected to decompose carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes and neighbors. Phenyl -alcohol, extraction of heavy metals. In addition, the pH value of all samples also meets relevant standards.

​测评 | 七成儿童泳衣不合格,你家娃穿的泳衣安全吗?

Do not lose color: Most samples of light resistance just reached the basic requirements

“Gourd baby gourd baby, wind blowing and rain are not afraid …” It is not afraid of being able to withstand the sun and rain and wind blowing. Considering the diverse scenes of the babies wearing a swimsuit, they will be used in the seaside and the swimming pool with chlorine -containing disinfection agents.

​测评 | 七成儿童泳衣不合格,你家娃穿的泳衣安全吗?

Color fastness detection)

The color fastness level is level 1-5, the highest level 5, and the lowest level. These 10 swimsuits are good, and they can meet the requirements of standards. Most of them can reach level 4-5 in the four projects of sweat stains, soap washing, seawater, and chloride. However, in this item, it is basically level 3 that just meets the standard requirements.

​测评 | 七成儿童泳衣不合格,你家娃穿的泳衣安全吗?

Accessories safety: the rope belt is dangerous

​测评 | 七成儿童泳衣不合格,你家娃穿的泳衣安全吗?

Mermaid models, Mickey models, and even bikinis. There are more and more children’s swimsuits on the market, but a small rope band may also bring great hidden safety hazards. In March of this year, Xu Lin (Shanghai) Clothing Co., Ltd. recalled some of the imported Adidas brand Infinitex three -striped series children’s swimsuit. The three lines on the children’s swimsuit within this recall may fall off after contacting the water and will entangle other objects or children. According to statistics, the number of affected products in mainland China is 1,3800.

Among the 10 samples of the evaluation, 6 are ropes, 4 of which do not meet the standard requirements, and there are swimwear with rope bands, especially the rope bands on the head and neck. When buying for your baby, it is recommended to choose a swimsuit with simpler style.

Additional function experience: buoyancy swimsuit cannot float

We also measured the upgrade function of the baby’s swimsuit, including buoyancy swimsuit and waterproof swimsuit.

Swimming rings are prone to rollover, so can the buoyancy connective swimsuit float up?

We invited a small experience officer Apple, who is more than 2 years old and 91cm tall. According to Apple’s mother, if there is no inflatable arm ring, the child cannot balance in the swimming pool. The part of this children’s buoyancy swimsuit will run up, and it will be easy to get water. Wear the inflatable arm ring when using buoyancy swimsuit, and parents must be taken care of.

The babies urinate or make Bao Ma embarrassed in the pool. As a result, the artifact “water leakage swimwear” is also produced on the market. The experience room experience found that the inner layer of the baby swimsuit of the baby bear brand is added with a layer of cloth. After dripping the color solution, the solution is observed. It can be seen that the colored solution quickly penetrates into the swimsuit, and the outer layer does not have waterproof performance.

[Produced] Chen Hanhui Wang Xiyong

[Planning] Lu Yi, Zhao Binghui Zhang Youqiong Wang Liangzhang

【Coordinated】 Peng Ying

【Photography】 Shi Lei Ge Zhenghan

【Writing】 Peng Ying

【Editing】 Zhou Xinyu

[Chart Design] Peng Ying (except for the signature)

【New Media Operation】 Mahua

​测评 | 七成儿童泳衣不合格,你家娃穿的泳衣安全吗?

[Author] Peng Ying; Shi Lei; Ge Zhenghan; Zhou Xinyu

[Source] Southern Newspaper Media Group South+Client Beautiful Life Laboratory

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