After retiring, Beckham’s endorsement continued to appear. Recently, the 46 -year -old English football legend signed a contract with Qatar, becoming the country’s image ambassador, and also the image ambassador of the Qatar World Cup. It is reported that,

Beckham will sign for 10 years, 15 million pounds per year, with a total value of £ 150 million!

According to the British “Sun”, so far, Beckham’s advertising revenue has reached about 330 million pounds. It has been the dream of advertisers for many years, and even after retirement. Which brands are rushing to put their money in Beckham’s pocket and let the front midfield sell their products?


As early as 2003, Beckham signed a life -long contract with Adidas. Later, it was reported that the German sports giant paid him a huge amount of £ 115 million. At that time, it was one of the biggest sponsorship transactions in the field of sports.


In 2017, Beckham became the spokesperson for Tudor. Since the endorsement of the Tudor watch, Beckham has always been inseparable from the Tudor watch on various activities, but no one has always revealed that Beckham has been in this transaction. How much money made.

Hege Club


In 2014, Beckham helped create the whiskey brand Hege Club. At the same time, Beckham also became the spokesperson of the Hege Club, and he promoted the brand around the world. His shares in the company are worth 50 million pounds.



In 2007, when Beckham’s football career was like a day, he made a model for Italian designer Armani. According to reports, Beckham received £ 20 million.



In 2004, Beckham signed an agreement with the American Sharer GeelV that Beckham’s annual income in the company exceeded 3 million pounds. Three years later, he gave up the transaction, and Tiger Woods, Federer and Henry all followed Beckham’s footsteps.



The Japanese video game manufacturer signed a contract with Beckham in 2017 to serve as PES ambassador and signed a long -term contract, but the value of the transaction has never been disclosed.




Pepsi is a sponsorship in the football project. Bakerham and Pepsi cooperation began in 1998 and was worth 2 million pounds per year. Ten years later, Beckham and Pepsi ended the cooperation.

Kente & Ke Wen

As early as 2015, Beckham was a model for the high -end fashion brand Kent & Curwen. But four years later, he gave up the transaction after Kent & Kewen announced a loss of 18 million pounds. Before leaving, Beckham owned the brand’s shares.



In 2011, the British supermarket chain Synesbury provided a 3.5 million pound transaction to Baker Him, which played the role of Beckham. At present, Beckham is still tied to Sienesbury to sell his deodorant series products.


The relationship between Beckham and this British luxury car manufacturer began in 2014. In China, Beckham is the setting of Jaguar. It is currently unclear the value of the transaction, but it is confident that Beckham is the first person to get Jaguar’s latest products.


Photo according to the “Sun”

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