According to@: Recently, Xiao Chen in Changzhou went to the hospital for treatment because of his toothache. After inspection, the first horizontal grinding teeth on the right side of Xiao Chen had serious caries. It turned out that Xiao Chen drank two or three bottles of carbonated drinks every day, and after drinking at night, he fell asleep without rinse. The doctor explained that carbonate can destroy the enamel on the surface of the teeth and damage the teeth. Today, I love teeth day, and I transferred to the TA who loves to drink beverages!

Do you really brush your teeth?

Brushing your teeth is an important method of oral health care in daily life, but have you really brushed right?

Let’s take a look at the following approach, right?


Horizontal tug -of -type brushing, convenient.

wrong! This method is not easy to control the size of the force, it is easy to damage the gums, the gums are exposed to retract the root of the teeth, and it will cause deep “V” in the neck of the teeth, causing the teeth to be sensitive to sweet and sour and cold.


The brush hair is hard to clean.

wrong! Excessive bristles will hurt gums and teeth.

So, what is correct? Today we will talk about the correct method of oral health care.

One correct brush, at least twice a day

Adults, recommended level tremor brushing method (improved the Bashi’s brushing method)

When the inner and outer side of the teeth is brushed, the toothbrush brush hair and the teeth are 45 °, the bristles are in the direction of the tooth, and slightly pressurized, brush the tooth neck with a short distance level, and then rotate the toothbrush towards the crown, brush the brush brush The entire side of the teeth.

When the inner side of the tooth is brushed, the toothbrush head should be placed on the tooth surface.

When the bite surface of the teeth is brushed, the bristles are vertically on the occlusal surface, and brush back and forth slightly.


Follow the order of brushing the teeth in accordance with personal habits. Each time you use 2-3 teeth as a group. When you move to 1 area to the next area, ensure that there are overlap parts in the 2 areas

Children, recommend “arc brushing method”

The bristles are gently pressed on the tooth surface and caused by the tooth surface. Each part is more than 5 times. The toothbrush on the inside of the front tooth needs to be placed vertically, and the teeth should be brushed.

The choice and replacement of the toothbrush

Recommended medium hardness or soft hair, and a round toothbrush at the end of the bristles, 2-3 months may be replaced when the bristles are tilted.

Three oral health care starts at the age of 0

0 years old


Gauze wipe the mouth


0.5 years old

Starting to sprout

Finger toothbrush or soft hair toothbrush


After 2 years of age

Teach children to brush their teeth

Adult supervision until the age of 10

Eating reasonably, that is, to keep teeth and protect health

Too much intake of sugary foods or carbonated beverages not only cause dental caries, but also not good for health. From an early age, you should develop less sweets and carbonated beverages.

Wu Weibi Children’s Trip is closed

The closure of the ditch is the most effective way to prevent the caries of the nest, non -invasive pain, safety and simplicity.

6-8 years old can be closed for the first constant grinding teeth (six -year -old teeth).

11-13 years old can be closed for the second constant grinding teeth.

Regular inspections and timely treatment

The so -called “small cave does not make up big holes to endure hardships”. Regardless of children or adults, regular inspections and timely treatment are healthy guarantees.


The oral cavity is the first pass of the digestive tract. The health of the teeth has been included in the top ten health standards by the World Health Organization. Mastering the correct oral health care method will benefit you for a lifetime. Therefore, “oral health, whole body health”, let’s act together.

(Original title: Beware! The guy drinks 3 bottles of carbonated drinks every day to teeth to wear rotten tooth)


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