Share the most classic fashion wear, so that you can be high -level in the four seasons. Women never lack attraction, only lack the skills of stimulating charm, and will wear it to make you a tasteful elegant woman!

The most practical fashion items in winter were sweaters at the time, and sweaters were enduring. Whether it was last century or now, sweaters always occupied the mainstream position of winter wearing fashion.

The characteristics of the sweater and the characteristics of the pattern are in change and development, but when it comes to classic versatile, it must be “geometric sweater”. “Geometric sweater” is a sweater modified with geometric patterns on the surface. The geometric pattern has lines and closed shapes. There are many types. Use these patterns on the sweater to increase the exquisite sense of the sweater design.

Most of the “geometric sweaters” shape have a sense of fashion, age reduction and classic, can shape the image of a female group or the image of a student. “Fashion coffee” is better to learn the “geometric sweater” in winter.

“Geometric sweaters” are classic tide products. They are also age -reducing with personality. What are the charm of geometric sweaters that women’s groups love, classic fashion is still age -reducing, and can be worn at the age of 20 to 40.

“Geometric sweater” graphic design type


Chessboard grid pattern

The chessboard is opposite in geometric graphics


One of them, the checkered square forms a chessboard -like pattern. In order to show the personality of the pattern design, the chessboard grid will choose

Color -fighting design

The two colors are staggered to form a checkerboard, showing the cuteness and freshness of the design.

Although the chessboard grid is simple, it can show the gentleness and freshness of the wear. Most of the color combinations will be applied

Classic color scheme

Combination, such as black and white, blue and white, pink white, pink black and so on. These colors can create a very high -level visual sense.

Checked graphic

The checkered design is the most commonly used grid, and the lines are staggered to form a checkered pattern. The plaid is simple


Also complicated

Multi -checked combination


The plaid design will be used


In order to increase the plaid design


The color of the lines will change more, the grid increases the diversity and comprehensiveness of the color, making it more lively.

Ribs pattern


British style

It is more common in wearing, and the ribs will


Diamond pattern

It is combined and supplemented by proper lines. The ribs are exquisite and generous, and it also belongs to the rich pattern with a strong retro atmosphere.

Frail -based sweaters often appear in British students’ style.

Age reduction

obvious. The color of the ribs is not single, the colors of each part are made

Comprehensive charm

Become stronger.

The style and matching of “geometric sweater”

Courtes of cardigan geometric sweater

The cardigan style sweater is highly flexible, and it can be paired with different styles of bottoming shirts.


T -shirt



Can combine different image effects to show the personality of dress.

The cardigan geometric sweater is suitable for shaping



Wear shape or

Light cooked wind

The style of dressing, the style of style is very strong. The matching of the next dress is also more casual,

Wrap skirt

Straight skirt



Narrow leg pants

You can match the trend.

Long geometric sweater

Long geometric sweater belongs to



The sweater is obvious. The application of geometric patterns can weaken the monotonous sense of the sweater, so that the clothing matching shows sufficient personality and attractiveness.

Long geometric sweater matching

slim fit

The solid pants are enough. The upper and lower colors are different, and the style combination effect is also good. If you are thin, you can stuff the sweater into the pants to highlight the body proportion.

Short geometric sweater

Short geometric sweater owned

Female group style

Design features,


There are so many, the cardigan or hood has short models. Geometric elements can increase the freshness of short sweaters, making wear sweet and fashionable.

Short geometric sweater matching


High waist pants

Wearing it will look very high, personality and image modification are very prominent, and then with one


The coat, the sense of layering will enhance a lot.

Sleeveless geometric sweater

Sleeveless geometric sweater is conventional

Knitted vest

The geometric pattern can increase the charm of students, and the age reduction effect is particularly strong.


Sleeveless geometric sweaters are not suitable for wearing alone, usually with

Combined together, with a shirt can show the charm of British fashion, the lower body match


Short skirt

They are all good -looking.

Fainer geometric sweater

Geometric sweater also has a base style. The pattern of the bottoming sweater is often designed


Dense style

The dense style of the pattern can increase the visual attractiveness, enhance the bottoming effect, and show a fashionable temperament.

Broken geometric sweater can be stacked


You can also match directly

Winter jackets

Come and wear, the effect is good. The bottom sweater is relatively thin and has the effect of showing a figure.

Geometric patterns can make ordinary sweaters show a strong personality, show the advantageous temperament and fashion charm of wearing. The geometric pattern can give the sweater different style charm. quality.

Master the season’s fashion elements and become exquisite tide people! If you do n’t play tall, you just talk about the most grounded drying skills to make you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and understanding!







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