If the operator of the children’s park does not know much about the equipment, it will feel that the difference between different slide equipment is not much. Because the slider knows it clearly, when the park operator chooses the paradise equipment, you must understand the popular playful amusement. Equipment type. Due to the variety of slides, it is generally divided into a single slide and combined slide. So how to distinguish these two types of slide equipment? What kind of slide equipment is more conducive to the park operator?

Let me give you a science of the combination of the combination of the combination. The people doing Zhou Zhi slide is a comprehensive amusement sports equipment. The activity of using the climbing ladder and sliding down from the slider is a kind of outdoor children’s sports equipment. Children’s park is very common. Combination slide is assembled together by many accessories, such as metal columns, stairs, climbing nets, slides, armrests and other accessories.

户外拓展器材有哪些 无动力游乐设备组合滑梯

The slides played by children are connected with buckles. There will be no protruding sharp objects on the surface of the slide. The design of the designer is also clever. It uses colorful and bright colors. The happiness that the amusement equipment in the children’s park brings to children is a precious memory of childhood.

户外拓展器材有哪些 无动力游乐设备组合滑梯

Children’s combination slide is a complete set of facilities in the amusement park. A single slide device has only several functions. The combined slide has more functions. In comparison, the places used in combination will be more widely used, and more popular Essence Also. The design of the combined slide is more flexible. According to the customer venue and needs, the combination slide suitable for customers. Many different types of venues are suitable for placing. It can accommodate many children to play together. This is the lack of a single slide.

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