Christopher Osburn is a freelance writer and a senior whiskey enthusiast. His profession is to eat, drink and play around the world. He visited and visited more than 50 whiskey wineries in the world, and the collection of whiskey was full of the entire basement.

Recently, he sorted out his “tasting diary” and selected 30 Scottish whiskeys that he thought of “the best”. Among them, most of them are market flow, and ordinary people can easily taste it. Others are relatively rare and expensive limited editions. Thanks to their careers, Osben is able to taste the opportunity, but ordinary people do not have this blessing.

30. The Balvenie 14 YO Caribbean Cask (The Balvenie 14 Yo Caribbean Cask)


Alcohol: 43%ABV, average price: $ 83


The wine was first aged in the traditional oak barrel for 14 years, and then ended through the Lariber Ruman barrel for a period of time, giving whiskey more tropical flavors, mellow and smooth. The fragrance has the aroma of sweet vanilla and the concubine, and it has a hint of honey fruits. It has the aroma of dried fruits (especially pear), honey and honey oak, and is accompanied by some mature caramel and cream candy. The aftertaste is soft and elegant, and the aftertaste is long.


This is a whiskey who is almost like a dessert, which is very suitable for slowly sipping after a meal.

29. Aberlour a ’bunadh


Alcohol: 59.6%ABV (different batches), average price: $ 95

In 1975, the winery workers found a time capsule when installing a second pair of distillers, which contained a newspaper in 1898 about a fire in the winery and 1 bottle of Abelle whiskey in 1898. The winery sent the whiskey to the laboratory to analyze and copy it.

The wine is completely cooked in the Spanish Oloroso Shirley bucket, and bottle with a strong wine accuracy, with a slightly smoky aroma and a trace of red apple and caramel. It has a rich cream -like taste. The original taste of chocolate, cherry and dried fruits mixed with a little honey and spices. The aftertaste is long and rich. He has received the highest recommendation of “Wine Lovers”.


If you like Shirley bucket whiskey, this is a must -drink wine, a thorough Shirley bomb.

28. Dalwhinnie 15 YO

Alcohol: 43%ABV, average price: $ 67


This whiskey that fully shows the iconic quality such as honey and heinet flowers is severely underestimated. In terms of price, it is difficult to find a 15 -year malt whiskey than this.

The wine smells the smell of sticky Taifang sugar, orange peel, and a trace of spices. The taste is full of apple sugar, almonds, cream vanilla and cream caramel. The aftertaste is gentle, with nuts like sweetness. In general, this is a nuts and creamy whiskey. As long as a small mouthful will make you unforgettable for life.

27. The Macallan Rare Cask

Alcohol: 43%ABV, average price: $ 329

McCarn brewing master Robert Dalgarno manually selected less than 1%of the barrels and bottle, with rich vanilla, dried fruits, spices and unparalleled smoothness. When you smell this whiskey, you will find the taste of creamy Shirley, dried fruits and roasted vanilla beans. If you sip a small mouthful, you will be immersed in more sweet Shirley wine, clover honey, butter caramel and a hint of spicy cinnamon. Finally, the aftertaste has a little warm and stronger black pepper.


Although the wine is a bit expensive, it is definitely a must -drink McCaron whiskey. It is worth taste and sip slowly.

26. Genting 18 years (Springbank 18 YO)


Alcohol: 46%ABV, average price: $ 234


Campbell Town, a whiskey center in Scotland, is the only one of the only two 100%brewing processes in Scotland in the winery in its own winery. The wine is cooked by the Syonshem (80%) and the Bobbon barrel (20%), which is golden yellow honey color, exuding the aroma of oranges, sherry wine, fresh cream, papaya and citrus. The taste buds have the taste of eucalyptus, cream dough, vanilla, concubine, and red fruits. The aftertaste has the taste of citrus peel, coconut and molt.

This is a whiskey to pay tribute to the former whiskey center and the most traditional brewing technology, which is worth sip slowly.

25. Lagavulin 16 YO

Alcohol: 43%ABV, average price: $ 92

Laigovirin is really a cheap product in 16 years, but its quality is by no means simple. McLeel Jackson, the late whiskey master who has always scored very rigorous and stingy, gave a high score of 95 points and gave an evaluation of “bear -like warmth”. Ultra -long fermentation and slow distillation gives it a rounded flavor and mellow taste. After 16 years of mature chemistry by American oak wave bin, it has a strong aroma of peat smoke, woody spices and poustons. The entrance is a strong smoky flavor and salty plum sugar flavor, which is balanced with the smell of vanilla and honey oak. The aftertaste is incredible and strong, accompanied by complex sweet caramel and fruit flavor, accompanied by bolder peat and smoke flavor.

If you are a fan of Ai Lei, you must not miss it, you can also drink a large cup and large cup. However, please note that it is a real blue smoke bomb.

24. Talisker 18 YO

Alcohol: 45.8%ABV, average price: $ 159

The character of Teska whiskey is just like its island of Sika -towering rocks and raging storms. The mud value is 18 ppm, and it has a strong aroma with a unique 2.5 distillation and traditional oak barrels. It has a strong aroma, with the taste of Taifang sugar, concentrated coffee, maple syrup and peat smoke. The flavor of the taste buds makes the taste of honey, orange peel, citrus and rock sugar, and the taste of tobacco and leather in the remaining flavor. He has scored 93 points in “Whiskey Promotional”, and in 2007, WWA “Best Malt Whiskey”.


Tesca does not need any compromise, just like you are lonely. When coming to Taiwan, its mellow and sweetness is enough to attract you, and the right smoke can be enough to please you.


23. Glenmorangie NECTAR D ’or

Alcohol: 46%ABV, average price: $ 72


The Graer Wattle is unambiguous. In order to protect the water quality and source of the winery, it purchased nearly 600 acres of land including spring water. In addition, the highest distillers in Scotland can make exquisite and light whiskey. Nectar dòr means a golden drink in Gal. After 10 years, the wine was aged by the French Suhita Rotten sweet wine barrel for 2 years, and the aroma of whiskey gold and silver flower and cream vanilla was given the taste of the taste of nuts, dark chocolate and cinnamon in the taste. Along with the fragrance of peaches, apricot and pineapple, and a faint flavor of pepper. He has scored 95 points in “Wine Lovers” and has been rated as one of the 50 liquor in 2011.

There is no better dessert whiskey than Grangjie cellar. Its elegance and richness are the perfect combination of cakes.

22. Glendronach 18 YO Allardice

Alcohol: 46%ABV, average price: $ 190

Gastona is known for his classic Shuli bucket whiskey. This wine is named after the founder of the winery James Allardice. It is cooked in 100%OLOROSO Shirley bucket. It has the taste of dried cherry, caramel and tropical fruits. Three -leaf grass honey, sweet wine and cream vanilla. All of this ended with warm and mellow, accompanied by the taste of maple sugar and vanilla.

This delicate, sweet Shuli wine tastes it out, and has been lingering in your memory.

21. Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Alcohol: 40%ABV, average price: $ 200


The blue card represents the pinnacle of harmony with whiskey, and James Bellych, who was added by Johnny, was brewed in person, and reflected the style of the 19th century whiskey. Diageo can only be mixed into the blue card per 10,000 barrels of original wine, which proves that it is indeed an unparalleled masterpiece. The wine has a delicate sweet fragrance, with a bitter chocolate, caramel orange, and a trace of tobacco. The taste of the initial roasted nuts and smoky chocolate is accompanied by strong fruits (including pears), jujube, baked bread and exquisite brown spices. The aftertaste is very smooth, a bit of a walnut, milk chocolate, pepper and fig.


The blue card should be whiskey in everyone’s wine cabinet. It can satisfy your face and inside on any occasion.

20. The Balvenie 21 Year Port Wood

Alcohol: 40%ABV, average price: $ 250

The wine is first mature in traditional oak barrels for 21 years, and then ended through the Potter barrel. It has the aroma of mature fruits, dates, figs, raisins and almonds. The taste of roasted bread, honey and almond cakes exudes the flavor of baked bread, honey and almond cakes. The taste of cherry, peat and cedar is very balanced. The aftertaste is long and smooth, with a trace of spice. He scored 94 points in the “Beverage Test Association” in 2009 and 2010.

The Park Fulcus never disappoints you. The only disadvantage of this wine is that the price is slightly more expensive.

19. The Dalmore Cigar Malt

Alcohol: 40%ABV, average price: $ 190

This is a whiskey designed for cigars, but you can enjoy even if you do not smoke cigars. Big wheat from Black Island from Scotland is used as raw materials, and then cooked in three different types of oak barrels. Part of the Buben barrel, the other is mature in the 30 -year Matusalem Oloroso Shirley, and the rest are mature in the Bordeaux Saint -Estef Shuma red wine barrel. After they are familiar with 10 to 15 years, they are combined by Richard Paterson, with soft cinnamon, figs, honey and orange flavor, accompanied by nuclear fruits (especially plums), cherries The taste of apricot and raspberry.

18. Glenmorangie Signet

Alcohol: 46%ABV, average price: $ 200

The wine is made of two barley: CADBOLL barley and chocolate barley (usually used to make handmade beer). Among them, the Cadboll barley comes from the undulating hills around the brewry, which adds the taste of cream and vanilla. The highly baked chocolate malt brings a strong taste of Mocha coffee, cocoa and milk chocolate. Part of the wine is cooked in the Shirley barrel in Spain, and the other part is cooked in the new scorched oak barrel. Although there is no year statement, the oldest and rare original wines of the winery are used from 35 to 40.


The wine has a strong aroma of Mocha coffee, milk chocolate and Tiramisu. The taste is full of the strong aroma of coffee, almonds, Bisketi, ginger, cinnamon and orange, and finally ended with creamy vanilla. He has scored 95 points in “Wine Lovers”. Granger’s scarcity is undoubtedly one of the most unusual whiskeys in Scotland.


Alcohol: 46%ABV, average price: $ 140


The Beibei Black Sheep is the 20 -year anniversary of the establishment of the Abbe Committee. The theme of the New Zealand Black Sheep means “a very special group of people.” There are two versions of the wine (the original wine is the same, but the alcohol content is different). Since the end of the Cloor Bay of the New Zealand, the black Pinotano barrel is closed. The committee version of the alcohol is 50.7% ABV, and the ordinary limited edition alcohol content is 46% ABV. The wine smells the taste of fruit pudding, cedar wood, cigar box, truffle and smoked jam pie. There are tastes of fennel, peat smoke, cherry, strawberry, apricot, and pear, as well as the taste of puffed, dark chocolate, coffee and almonds.


If you are Abei, this extraordinary whiskey cannot be let go.

16. Glenfiddich 21 Reserva Rum Cask Finish 21

Alcohol: 40%ABV, average price: $ 229

Speaking of Grafdi, the crystal clear spring water used by it must be mentioned -decades ago, in order to protect its water, the winery purchased 1,200 acres of land around the spring water Doubles). After 21 years in the traditional oak barrel, this wine ended in 4 months in the Caribbean Rum. Essence The wine shows the fragrance of orange -skinned, honey and milk chocolate. The taste is full of cooking spices, cream caramel, scorched oak and dried cherry. The last few small mouths were sipped from the glass, full of pleasant calories, and finally the taste of citrus and cream candy.

It may not be good if you mix the whiskey and the lino, but if you drink a whiskey harvested through the rum barrel, it is very wonderful.

15. Plateau Knight 18 (Highland Park 18 YO)

Alcohol: 43%ABV, average price: $ 160

Plateau Knight has won numerous awards in 18 years and is a nearly perfect whiskey. Its unique Hobbister Moor mud peat, compared to the peat in Ailei or other regions, is rich in cordon flowers and shrubs, can bring more carbohydrate derivatives and lower lignin Essence The wine was cooked by the European Oak Sherry and American oak barrels. As a result, a spectacular, mellow and aromatic whiskey. F. Paul Pacult, the founder of “Spirit Journal”, once said, “it is in line with my understanding of perfect whiskey, that is, it is completely harmonious, everything is combined, and glorious.” In addition, it also won the title of “The Best Spirit in the World” three times.

The wine smells the taste of dried cherry, roasted vanilla and faint peat smoke. The taste highlights a variety of flavors, including roasted marshmallow, clover honey, sour cherry and cocoa powder. All this ended with a kiss of salted peat smoke. It is very popular in the market. Whether it is price or quality, it is a winner.

14. Chihuos 25 years (Chivas Regal 25 YO)


Alcohol: 40%ABV, average price: $ 429

Chivas claims to be the first luxury whiskey and was launched for the first time in 1909. At present, the wine is the core of Strathisla’s single malt, mixes into dozens of Scotch whiskey, and each bottle is numbered separately. The wine has a strong golden and seductive sweet orange, peaches, almond sugar and nuts of nuts. The taste is slightly strong and soft, soft and creamy cream, and the aftertaste is round and luxurious.

If someone doesn’t look up the peacetyto, let him try it, and his view will definitely change.

13. 19 years of Abuming Sha (ArdBeg Traight Bhan 19 YO)


Alcohol: 46.2%ABV, average price: $ 289

Traight Bhan (pronounced “Tri-Van”) was named after the local beach and translated into “Singing Beach”. Different batches of oak barrels and alcoholic content will be different. The oak barrels used include American oak barrels and OLOROSO Shirley barrels. When the wine smells, you will find a trace of dried fruit, burnt oak and smoky peat. The taste level is clear, mainly caramel apples, cream vanilla, smoked meat and faint cinnamon. The aftertaste is long, warm, and finally ends with peat smoke.

If you drink Aobe from 10 years, you must have drank AN OA, Blaack, and UIGEADAIL.

12. The Macallan 18 YO Double Cask


Alcohol: 43%ABV, average price: $ 429


The McCaren double barrel series combines the sweetness of the American oak barrel with the American and European oak barrels seasoned with Shirley. Both McCaren’s wooden master was selected by hand. First ship the American oak barrel to Spain for Sherry, then transport it back to the McCaron winery, mix it with the European Oloroso Sherry barrel, showing McCaren’s unique superb skills and rich flavor complexity. The fragrance of dried fruits, concubines and ginger in European oak barrels is perfectly balanced with exquisite vanilla and sweet citrus in American oak barrels. When you smell it, you will find a hint of honey orange peel, caramel and dried fruits. The taste is full of mature citrus, vanilla beans, burnt oak, and a sweet cinnamon. All this ended with the final heating marriage of citrus and brown sugar.

McCaren has been classic enough for 12 years, but if your budget is sufficient, 18 years of double barrels must be indispensable.

11. Galan Flood 17 years (Glenfarclas 17 YO)

Alcohol: 43%ABV, average price: $ 104

The Grand Bloger “doesn’t talk much” is one of the few 6 generations of family wineries in Scotland. It is worth mentioning that the clear spring water used by the winery flows from the 3,000 -foot -tall mountain to the mud, chucky swamps and granite, which is the lifeblood of the brewery.

The wine is cooked in the large bucket of Shirley in the wine, giving a clear sweetness and warm taste. It has the aroma of cream candy and smoke, which makes the mellow and plump taste of cherry, honey oak, sweet malt and peat. The aftertaste is long, with a trace of vanilla, Sherim and coffee. He has won 93 points for “Wine Lovers” and “Beverage Test Association”.

If you like Shirley -style whiskey, it is a good choice. Have a chance to collect as much as possible, but don’t let your friends see it.



Alcohol: 53.8%ABV, average price: $ 200

In 2011, Abbe sent a group of special whiskey to the track to study the mature effect of whiskey in space. Since the first launch, this cosmic whiskey has been running around the earth within the international space station at a speed of 17227 miles/h, 15 times a day. At the end of 2014, whiskey returned to Earth. To commemorate the successful completion of the Abbe Space Tour, Abbe released Abbey’s star.

The wine is aged through the bucket of the waves. It is a strong smoke bomb, full of herbal medicine, smoke and sweet caramel. If you sip a small mouthful, you will be taken to a world full of delicate cinnamon, spicy pepper, cream vanilla, and a large number of burnt and smoky peat (you must be prepared, its taste is strong), and the last few small mouths are changing. Hot, finally a good peat smell.

The smoke smell is difficult to smell, but that’s your business. If you like Abbe, it will make you want to stop.

9. The Glenlivet XXV (The Glenlivet XXV)

Alcohol: 43%ABV, average price: $ 430

After 23 years in the traditional oak barrel, the wine was 23 years later, and then ended through the Shirley barrel for 2 years. The Sherry Brick gave the whiskey a luxurious and bold and bold mature fruit, black chocolate and cream vanilla. In addition, Shirley barrels also have the taste of raisins, dates and figs, which complement the taste of walnuts, brown sugar and cinnamon in whiskey. The aftertaste is long, with the taste of Sherim, red fruits and spices.

He has received 93 points for “whiskey advocate”, which has been evaluated “seamless and elegant and balanced taste”. He also scored 95 points in “Beverage Test Institution”. The wine is not cheap. But looking at its packaging, you know it noble.

8. Bruchladdich Black Art 1994 Edition 07.1)

Alcohol: 48.4%ABV, average price: $ 400

Blahrad’s Star Tu 7.1 whiskey is the seventh edition of the Star Map series, and it is also Adam’s third star map. Its original wine was distilled in 1994. The barrel type is still confidential, only Adam knows that 12,000 bottles are released in a limited quantity. The most important thing is that each version is no longer repeated.

Smelling incense, you will find the smell of roasted marshmallow, nutmeg, dried fruits and cream cheese. The first bite will take you into a mellow, strong caramel, coconut, coconut orange peel and scorched oak. The aftertaste is long and warm, and finally cream candy and roasted almonds.

This rich and warm Boohrad has everything that Eric is Island, but there will not be too many smokes. Drinking and collecting.

7. Bowmore 25 Small Batch Release for 25 years

Alcohol: 43%ABV, average price: $ 503

Founded in 1779, Pomoco was the oldest winery in Ere (the second old winery in Scotland). The wine was cooked by the Buben bucket and the Spanish Shirley bucket, which gave the whiskey a huge depth and richness, which wonderfully balanced the island’s coastal characteristics and the sweetness of Shirley wine. You will find the taste of marine brine, caramel and faint peat smoke. In terms of taste, you will definitely taste the sticky Taifang sugar pudding, dried cherry, rich walnuts and more peat smoke. At the end of the sip, it was very warm, and finally the perfect combination of maple sugar and salty smoke.

This is one of the most complicated whiskeys in the market. It has achieved a perfect balance between the sweetness of peat smoke and the sweetness of Shirley.


6. Bunnahabhain 25 YO)

Alcohol: 46.3%ABV, average price: $ 899

The malt mud value used for brewing wine is only 3PPM, but the winery warehouse is located on both sides of the Ai Lei Strait. The cool and salty sea breeze will add a salt to whiskey. The wine is mature by three types of oak barrels: Po Ben barrel (20%), Scottish whiskey barrel (60%) and Oloroso Shirley barrel (20%). When smelling, you can feel the fragrance of burnt oak, dried cherry and roasted vanilla beans. The taste has a nuts -like sweetness, followed by fresh fruits, cream caramel and a faint peat. The aftertaste is dry, the aftertaste is endless, and finally the perfect combination of smoke and brown sugar.


This is another perfect representative of Ele Island. Island is not always mud bomb. Bonahab has proved that sometimes a gentle cigarette kiss is enough.

5. The Dalmore King Alexander III


Alcohol: 40%ABV, average price: $ 359

The wine was named after a heroic behavior that occurred in 1263 -in a hunting trip with the King Alexander III, a member of the Clan Mackenzie rescued the king, so that he was exempted from the attack of a Bucks Essence Wine is mature in six different types of oak barrels: Bobba barrels, Massa buckets, Mada buckets, French wine barrels, Potter barrels and Shirley big barrels. Due to this complicated aging process, whiskey disperse the aroma of oranges, oranges and black plums. The taste of the initial roasted spices, coffee and citrus was replaced by the taste of cherry, cranberry and orange, and brought a long -lasting wonderful aftertaste.

When you sip this saoral meal slowly, you will feel like a royal member.

4. Laphroaig 30 YO

Alcohol: 53.5%ABV, average price: $ 849

Even peat enthusiasts, Rafig may make him discouraged. If you don’t like the taste of brine, preservatives and smoke and peat, you will not like Rafogg this 30 years, but it is an excellent wine provided for severe smoky whiskey enthusiasts. The wine is first filled with the pork head bucket, and then turned to the first -folded bucket and a quarter barrel. When you smell it, your nostrils will be full of grilled brown sugar, almonds and dried fruits. Take a sip, you will enjoy the harmony of a variety of flavors -including sea water, orange peel, vanilla beans and a good peat smoke. All of this ended with the last warm caramel and wooden smoke.

Don’t touch this wine, unless you are not ordinary.

3. Mortlach 26 YO

Alcohol: 53.3%ABV, average price: $ 1,800

There are 7 wineries in Dafhta, the oldest of Much, the oldest of which is Murch. Its world’s unique “2.81 distillation method” can produce a full -bodied and rich whiskey. The wine is part of the Diageo’s Special Releases in 2019. It was noted as “Rare By Nature” in 1992. Bottle, limited to 3883 bottles. When you smell it, you will smell fragrance, tobacco leaves, almonds and sweet vanilla. Taking a small mouthful, you will find the taste of dried cherry, chocolate fudge, cream caramel, sweet snow wine and caramel and cream. The end is warm, with a large amount of caramel and broken black pepper at the end.

The wine is expensive. However, it is very special.

2. Macaron M (The Macallan M)


Alcohol: 44.7%ABV, average price: $ 6400


McCaren M is part of the Macallan Masters Crystal Series. It is composed of the unique Macaron original wine in the seven barrels. Each barrel is selected from the huge wine cellar of 195,000 barrels. The wine has a dark mahogany color, with a typical McCarn style, with the aroma of dried fruits, vanilla, orange peel, cinnamon, butterophyls and ginger. The rich and sticky wooden aroma dominates the taste, supplemented by spices, woody and smoky tones. The reflection is gorgeous and mellow, with a touch of fresh tobacco.

This whiskey is touted as “the most complex whiskey in the world”, but few people have the opportunity to taste its taste.

1. Dalmore 45 YO (The Dalmore 45 YO)

Alcohol: 40%ABV, average price: $ 14,600

The wine is cooked in the Buben bucket, and then transferred to two different grape buds of Potter barrels. You will smell the smell of moldy barrels, dried cherries, strong almonds and sweet plums. The entrance is roasted marshmallow, baking spice, sweet chocolate and cream vanilla flavor. All this ended with the short and warm flavor of caramel and spices.

Even if it is the first prize of the lottery, not many people will spend $ 1,4600 to buy a bottle of whiskey, and then open the bottle to drink. Unless it is a real tyrant. Unfortunately, there is no such tyrant around me.

Dasu: WSET (International Wine and Wiring Education Foundation) Advanced certification, SMWA (Scottish Single Malt Academy) advanced certification, is committed to the education and promotion of wine and spirits. Welcome to follow.

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