Customers call to repair a gas water heater and say that they can’t fire.

Common accessories and tools with a water heater, riding with him to his house with him, and at the client’s house, it was a cherry blossom gas water heater. First of all, the water pilot test machine was reported to the failure E7. When I opened the shell to open the shell, I found that it was reported to the fault E1, and then the failure E3 was reported again!


Why is the failure of each report different? The prediction must be the motherboard problem, remove the motherboard, and observe carefully. When the water heater was powered on, the motherboard obviously heard the squeak.


Generally, this sound is a problem with the filter capacitance of the power supply, either a 300 volt filter capacitor, or the output filter capacitor.

Opening the motherboard plastic shell, I intuitively found that the output capacitance was a bit drum. Don’t think about it, it must be his fault. Fortunately, there is an old plate in the toolkit. A 35 volt 1000 micro -capacitor was removed and replaced directly. The original machine is 25 volts and 1000 micro -method. The sound of the pitching machine again is gone. The water test machine is also reported to the fault E3 again, but at this time, the failure is no longer reported. Each time the test machine fails, the E3 is locked.

According to the fault on the water heater, E3 is the wind pressure failure, and the same type of wind pressure switch is replaced. Finally, all the faults of the test machine were eliminated, and finally the failure of this machine was finally perfectly repaired.

Common maintenance example of cherry gas hot water:


[Example 1] 花 SCH -1023 gas water heater, open the hot water faucet, you can hear the sound of high pressure, you can’t hear the sound of self -suction valve suction, do not fire, stop fighting after 8 seconds, and then try again and more. process.

Maintenance: Remove the cover, short W1 and W2 -end, and find that the HV end of the fire needle HV is not fired at the S1 feedback needle and fires the fire rough. Can be rotated in the Taoxin cover. After changing the double -ignition needle, try it out. The HV needle can directly fire the S1 needle. You can hear the sound of the self -suction valve and connect the gas and turn on the hot water faucet test machine. It is normal.

Summary: Due to long -term use, the ignition needle is easily loosen in the pottery cover under the high temperature barbecue, resulting in too much distance from the S1 end of the feedback needle. Gas cannot pass, and naturally will not burn fire.

[Example 2] 花 Cherry blossom SCH -1029 liquefied gas water heater, the fault phenomenon is the same as above.

Maintenance: Remove the cover, short W1 and W2 -end wiring, and find that the position of the ignition needle is accurate, that is, the sound of the self -suction valve can not be heard. The voltage of V, H end and A and H end with a multimeter was used to detect the suction pulse and 3V voltage. It was suspected that the self -suction valve was not good. Finally, the liquefied gas tube is pulled out after turning off the gas general valve. The short connection W1 and W2 can hear the sound of the self -suction valve. It is determined that the liquefied gas pressure reduction valve is not good. After replacing the pressure reduction valve Machine, failure elimination.

Summary: Due to the cracks of the endothelial ring of the liquefied gas pressure reduction valve, the pressure of the pressure decompression valve leaks at the high and low pressure end, and the decompression effect is not available. The voltage cannot be pulled from the suction valve, so it cannot be ignited.

[Example 3] 花 SCH -1023 water heater, the fault is the same as above.

Maintenance: Remove the cover, short W1 and W2 lines, the fire is normal, the sound of self -suction valve is not heard, and the gas glue pipe is pulled out and then tried. After replacing the liquefied gas reduction valve according to the method 2 method, the hot water faucet can work normally. After it is closed, the self -sucking valve is not sucked and united. The voltage of the A and H end is 2.4V, and then the battery box +, -end is only 2.6V, which is obvious that the battery power is insufficient. Carefully check the indicator light, and find that a wires fall off at the lights. After welding, change 2 new dry battery test machines after welding.

Summary: The direct cause of this case is insufficient battery power. The output voltage of the pulse ignition can just drive the self -suction valve when the gas -free pressure, and when the normal gas pressure is added, it cannot be pulled. As the indicator light has fallen off, the user does not know that the battery needs to be replaced.

[Example 4] 花 SCH -1025 gas water heater, the booting can be on fire, automatically goes off after 8 seconds, and then repeat this phenomenon, it cannot be used normally.

Maintenance: Remove the cover, open the hot water to observe the fire situation, and find that the HV ignition needle is still on fire after the heat of the water heater is on fire. After 8 seconds of fire, the fire ends, and the flame immediately goes off. The self -suction valve A and H end maintain the voltage. When there is about 3V when the fire is hit, the fire is immediately returned to 0V. Obviously, the feedback needle s has not received the fire signal. After trying to change the pulse ignition, the fault was eliminated.

Summary: Due to the internal damage of the pulse ignition, although there are feedback signals, the 3V voltage can be output to maintain the self -suction valve suction. Because the machine uses the resin waterfront integrated fireware, it cannot be disassembled and repaired, and it can only be replaced as a whole.

[Example 5] 花 SCH -1007 gas water heater, there is a slight leakage in the machine, it cannot be ignited, and the battery is invalid.

Maintenance: Remove the cover and find that there is water exudation in the sliding needle tank above the water pressure plate, and the surrounding area is covered with white oxides. The short connection W1 and the W2 end fire normally. The self -suction valve suction and combination. It is estimated that the circuit work is basically normal, but the micro -switch is damaged. Remove the water plate, spin the central thimble, clean the oxide with gasoline, and then replace the sealing leather ring around the thimble.

Summary: Each time the hot water is turned on / off, the water pressure disc’s poem needle pops up under the action of water pressure and then retracts. The small sealing skin around the thimble is easy to wear and leaks water, and the water seeps into the micro -switch, resulting in poor internal contact.

[Example 6] 花 SCH -1023 gas water heater, fault phenomenon is the same as example 4.

Maintenance: Remove the cover, observe the fire, and find that there is no flame at the fire at the feedback needle S, and the other fire rows are only weak flames. Remove the combustion group, use small steel wire to clean the fire, remove the dirt on the various nozzles, and then use the fine copper wire to clear each nozzle hole one by one. After the assembly is completed, the test machine is completely normal, and it will no longer go out after the fire.

Summary: Long -term use, the fire mouth and nozzle are filled with dirt, and even blocked the nozzle hole. Can’t maintain work.

[Example 7] 花 SCH -1021 gas water heater, a huge explosion sound is made each time, but it can be used normally after the fire.

Maintenance: To repair such faults, the gas general valve must be closed first. Remove the cover, turn on the hot water, and observe whether the position of the fire needle is correct without fire. Then put on the protective mirror, turn on the gas valve (pay attention to safety) to test the machine again. Observing the flame carefully, I found that the flames facing the ignition needle sometimes did not, and suddenly height and low. After shutting down, use a small steel wire to brush the fireproof mouth and nozzle, and then the test machine “click” to catch the fire.

Summary: Because the fire rows or spray holes are blocked by the ignition needle, the gas cannot be lit immediately when igniting. When the gas next to it overflows the fire, the burning room is full of gas, and the fire suddenly makes a huge explosion.

[Example 8] 花 SCH -1025 gas water heater, do not ignite after turning on the hot water faucet, and the battery is invalid.

Maintenance: Remove the cover, open the hot water faucet to check, and find that the slider cannot slide in the groove, and the W1 and W2 cables are short. There are fires and self -suction valve suction sounds. Remove the water plate for inspection and found that there was a fine crack in the middle of the water pressure in the cavity. After replacing the same specifications, the test machine is replaced, the thimble is popped up, the slider can move upwards, and the micro -switch is running normally after the motion switch is turned on.

Summary: Due to the rupture of the hydraulic rectus ring in the hydraulic plate cavity, the thimble cannot be popped up, the air valve set and micro -switch cannot be turned on, so that the water heater cannot work.

[Example 9] 花 SCH -0821 gas water heater, the booting can fire, but only the fire is instantaneous and cannot be used normally.

Maintenance: Remove the lid for inspection, and find that the self -sucking valve was “tab” and closed immediately. The three ends of A, V, and H have normal suction pulses and maintained voltage, and then measure the two sets of coils of the self -suction valve, and it is found that there is a set of openings. Remove the failure after replacing the self -suction valve.

Summary: Since the self -suction valve is maintained inside the coil opening, the strong pulse suction valve cannot be maintained when the strong pulse sucking the self -sucking valve, so the gas can only be burst into fire through the self -suction valve.

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