Facing the unfair voice of the outside world, we must bravely go back, so in the face of the skin and lightness caused by inside and outside stimuli, how can you fight back hard? AVON Avon’s new nicotinamide net transparency essence is newly launched, and this skin questionnaire has handed over a surprising answer: with a uniform and translucent skin power to help many women show their true self.

In 1886, AVON Avon, from New York, was born for women, and has been committed to protecting the beautiful skin of women with technology and innovation. In March 2022, the new livebidity of the new live smoke amine was newly launched. Through scientific research and technology, the component matrix was attracted again, which once again attracted the widespread attention of the industry and consumers. 4 weeks [1] can witness the clear and clear skin.

As soon as brightening, Yao Diamond


——Eno Yao Diamond Light


Jingyang keratin [3] is the key to maintaining skin barriers, just like “small diamonds” to protect the epidermal micro ecology and ensure that the skin is transparent. However, with the increase in age and the changes in the external environment, the number of crystal keratin [3] will gradually decrease. Under a sub -healthy state, it is like diamond dust, and the skin will be dim.


Jingyao Diamond Light [2] Science and Technology Extracting small fruit coffee seed oil, this ingredient can stimulate the crystal corner protein [3] up to 100%[4], and contains Omega 6 fatty acids that can increase the water content of the skin. Clared layer permeability to promote the skin’s clear diamond light [2], reproduce the skin diamond -like luster.

Erjingyou, driving dimming -specializing in skin net transparency complexes


AVON Avon New Living Nicotinamide Cleanly Essence Essence uses Rare Plantation of Nicotinamide, which can wake up the skin and accelerate the self -purification ability.

Precious Bai Songdu extract

Bai Song dew contains a variety of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and other trace elements. At the same time, it is rich in the skin’s neurotide, plant alcohol, and polysaccharides.

Treasure implants essence

Promoting water protection, strong barrier, open the subsequent nutritional channel for the skin, and accelerate the skin’s self -cleaning ability.

High thickness [6] nicotinamide

The star with a concentration of up to 99%of the brilliant ingredients of nicotinamide, the multi -channel promotes skin net transparency.

As soon as it brightens, Yao Diamond Light [2]; Er Jingyou, driving darkness. AVON Avon’s new live nicotinamide clean and clear essence is both integrated. There is also a collection of the same series of products, dual repair, clean layer, and co -operating to enable the skin of the skin to “drill the light [2]”.

1. Avon Avon New Living Nicotinamide Clean Cleansing Milk, fresh and clean, warm and not easy to be tight

2. Avon Avon New Living Nicotinamide Clean Soferal Sofee Water, Clean Delivery Classes, Moisturizing and Lighting

3. Avon Avon New Live Nicotinamide Clean Emulsion, multiple high -energy ingredients, clear and bright layers

4. Avon Avon New Living Nicotinamide Clear Cream, Ben Run and Plumb, Copynium

5. Avon Avon New Living Nicotinamide Clean Mask, fine and dense, shining skin rejuvenation

Slowly wake up the pure white power in the skin to show the true self of women’s inner heart. Such Avon Avon is bright “muscle”, are you excited?


[1]. The above data is based on 120 Chinese consumers 25-35 years old.

[2]. Drilling finger skin is clear


[4]. The data comes from the Avon Sain Laboratory. In vitro cell experiments based on the ingredients of small fruit coffee seed oil, it does not represent product efficacy.

[5]. AVON Avon specialized skin net transparency complex: Refers to the Bai Song extract specially researched by the Avon American Safin Lab, the implanted essence and nicotinamide

[6]. Refers to the ingredients of nicotinamide with a concentration of raw materials up to 99%

About AVON Avon:


Avon Avon, founded in New York, was founded in 1886, providing skin care solutions for more than 200 million women in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In 1990, AVON Avon entered the Chinese mainland market. With strong R & D power and high -quality laws and regulations in accordance with more than 100 countries and regions in the world, it brought high -quality beauty skin care products to the majority of Chinese women. At the same time, Avon Avon fully supports women’s rights, entrepreneurship, and benefits. So far, Avon Avon has provided more than 80 million US dollars of donations to oppose gender violence issues worldwide. Women build a more harmonious and beautiful life.

Avon Avon China’s first flagship store Address: No. 844-848, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai


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