The cooling signal is obviously a lot, and traveling in rounds after wind and rain is really tossing.

In addition to people tossing, there are clothing shoes. Especially for shoes, I believe that many people only choose to wear dirty black shoes to go out like me these days.


The foundation was “dirty”, so that I would relax and walk slightly on rainy days. Wear light -colored shoes/white shoes? Not to mention that it is very likely to be scrapped, even ordinary stain removal care is enough.

Of course, for fashionable essences, even if it is not the weather, black shoes with versatile and style of temperament will always be the first choice for daily shapes.

Perhaps there is only one black shoes in the eyes of other people, but the players on the front know that each pair has their own “black soul” personality.


Today, Leo will search for you for the recent “black soul shoes”. See what kind of understanding of different brands and designers will inject black shoes?


If you want to ask which professional brand has an unexpected harvest of “inadvertently inserting willows” in the wave of off -road running shoes in recent years, it is absolutely the citron of the new generation of players. It is definitely the Hoka One One and Salomon.

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However, compared to HOKA One One, which is mixed with BONDI 6 at the same time, it is also avant -garde

The topic of the topic does not seem to be expected.

Anyway, I personally think that in the aspect of styling, its grasp is definitely better.

A few days ago, Salomon launched the 2020FW series. This brand draws inspiration from different fields such as art, music and fashion, and divides the series into



As well as







Three parts, and many black soul designs run through it.

In the ADVANCED section that still emphasizes offdoking performance, the black tone is the black tone.

Xa Pro Fusion

After the upgrade, it still retains the strong stability and grip of all terrain.


In the Sneakers part that focuses on matching and functional balance,




The matching of black shoes is enhanced by the contrasting color bottom. Even if the side lines of the shoe are not Xa Pro Fusion, it will look simple and neat.


Of course, if you pursue full texture, you can consider

XT 6


XT Quest Adv

X Ultra adv

For the other styles, the overall outline is more suitable for mixing urban style.


It is worth mentioning that the Internet part also contains Salomon this season and

And Wander

Fumito Ganryu


The cooperative shoes of the brand have made more pen and ink in terms of design sense.

SALOMON X and Wander

The most noticeable one is undoubtedly the release of the autumn and winter series and jointly created with the British skate brand

Palace x Salomon

With the XA CMP ADV as a blueprint, the oblique black and white distribution visual impact is full, and there is a retro atmosphere of sneakers in the 1990s.

Salomon x Palace

Yohji yamamoto

Prior to the recent co -branded stones with Supreme, it stirred thousands of waves, and another topic about Yamamoto Yamamoto was better than

Hand in hand



The new co -branded shoe series is made.

Y’s by yohji yamamoto x xvessel

The Xvessel brand, which is only established for two years, can quickly become popular, which will inevitably make the outside world feel that the main brain Wu Jianhao’s star halo has a greater proportion.


However, we must know that the blessing of well -known artists is also a double -edged sword. Compared with many domestic star brands in the state of “no appraisal”, Wu Jianhao’s fashion taste and the design frame of the Xvessel team really have its unique features.

Since the alarm of the trend feast of Edison Chen’s fucking knife, it has been shocked after being unveiled, and the brand’s iconic deconstruction of sulfurized shoes has been high. Until the current secondary market price is still hovering at about twice the original price.


Following July

Y’s by yohji yamamoto

After released the 2020 autumn and winter joint series with Xvessel, earlier than YOHJI YAMAMOTO HOMME 2021 Spring / Summer Show



Finally released.


This time the new co -branded shoe series of the two parties is once again in low -top shoes


Do an article on it and release them separately

All black


O.G. Black

Two kinds of black tones.



Design still continues the concept of deconstruction,


The edge of the shoe body of the canvas is decorated with the streaming south, and the multi -level misaligned collage midsole also exposes the cork

, It’s the finishing touch.



The co -branded pattern with special design of the toe print

as well as

Shoe code label moved to the side

, Together, build a rich sense of detail.


However, different from the traditional strap settings in the past, this time the two parties chose to carry the tightly loose on the upper.


The knobbing system, the injection of mechanical sense is more pioneer.

In fact, when it comes to Yamamoto Yamamoto, I don’t know how many people can think of it


As a “vanguard” who helped Adidas in the field of sports and fashion at the beginning of the millennium, Yamamoto Yamamoto has said that Y-3 is a work that he wants to “embrace the masses” and pick up the “street feeling”.

However, the embarrassing price, the post-waves of the sports fashion field frequently influx, and the sense of fashion are too strong, which also caused the influence of Y-3 to be difficult to talk to the past. However, it cannot be denied that the two sides have attached great importance to Y-3 in recent years, and they intend to share a share in young markets with high acceptance.


Like a while

Y-3 launched “Black Soul” Runner 4D

It will be equipped with a high -performance technology midsole built by the Extramental Adidas 4D technology.

Y-3 Runner 4D

And the upper is different from thick and thin texture


Embroidery details


One of the same highlights, the streamlined lines of running shoes are outlined through the two versions of black, silver and orange. They look more three -dimensional and full, and also have a sense of avant -gardeness that echoes the Adidas 4D technology.



It is also an old friend. Following the previous Type O-4 and Type O-5 shoes, the two sides continue to create a 2020 autumn and winter series joint shoes.

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Personally, I feel that the “return furnace” of Type O-5 has worsened that meaning. Except for the black soul color matching, most of my attention is placed in the newly released.


Type O-8


Adidas OAMC TYPE O-5

It is not because the design is amazing, but that it likes it as a whole, while continuing the classic, there is also just the right new details that integrate into it, and they do not feel uncomfortable.

I believe that the fans of adidas will react as soon as they see Type O-8, this is legendary shoes



New shoe for reshaping for the blueprint.


Adidas x oamc type o-8


The coverage layer of the original light -faced leather upper+the fluffy flood leather, and the translucent midsole that is smooth with the upper, but the side


The three -way bar element is presented by the Z -shaped stitching

, More three -dimensional fun.

As for the identity identity of the two parties, you choose to complete the tongue and add the silver pressure printing of OAMC on the side of the shoe body. Start.


Comme des Gar dons

As we all know, the fashion empire under Sister Ling Jiu Ling has always been a big co -branded. Whether it is Dover Street Market or the main and sideline brand led by Comme des Garçons, the balance of business and design is to death.

First of all

Comme des Gar dons Homme

Just officially released and

New Balance

The latest joint


Pro Court Cup

Minimalist shoes.

CT400 in

Whole leather fabric

The transformation of the black soul upper is more stylish,


Cooperate with the local white details of the N -character LOGO of the shoe side and the midsole stitching

, Enough to form a visual effect of strong contrast.

Of course, as a retro tennis shoes itself, it is equipped with the rubber outsole and



The insoles still ensure the excellent grip and comfortable feet. Under the renewal of the dark and minimalist, it is even more important to become a fashionable commute shoe.

Coincidentally, “Master Brother” Watanabe Chun Mi

Junya watanabe man

I also joined hands with New Balance to launch the cooperative shoes of all black leather. It is surprising that the two parties have chosen the long -term classic




, Let’s continue the theme of “Triple Black”.

Although both doubles are black tones, I personally feel that these pairs of 574 are adopted


The leather is more high -profile and brilliant

, Polishing is both sense of vision.

The same black tone shoelaces, sideways N -character LOGO, Encap midsole, TPU support, etc. run through the shoe body, while the tongue is printed with “574” and “New Balance” brand. Later, with the “EYE” logo, both with details.

It is also worth looking forward to, and there are


Comme des Gar dons Homme Plus

Nike Air Carnivore

The joint shoes brought.

Comme des Gar dons 21ss

Earlier in the 2021 spring and summer series displayed in CDG Tokyo Headquarters, COMME des Garçons Homme Plus can already see its surprise appearance.

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“Sister Ling” this time Nike Air Carnivore is a classic shoe that Nike made in 1993. The shoe body is adopted

High tube

Design, put on the main black and all -white main tone, and the details level are submitted to


3M reflective strap

Create with the comparison color brand identifier.

Elements such as club rubber soles, adjustable straps, and the large outsole of the present aesthetic, and other elements have all been retained, without losing the flavor of the past. Although it is reported that the shoes will not be released until next year, it is not hindered to join your chopping list first.


If you have been right because of the price

Comme des Gar dons x Nike Air Max 95

If you keep watching, you might as well set your sights on it.


Probably Nike’s food marrow knows the taste, in the whole new ones

Nike Air Max 95 Essential


Use the “black and white gray” layered color matching similar to the previous joint model.

Although the texture of the tear -type deconstruction language of the CDG model has been reduced, I believe that the new version of the luminous details of the AIR MAX 95 Essential and the layered design of the black and white gray in the black and white and gray are still not hinder many players enter the load.

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The streamlined striped distribution of gray mesh lining and light and dark gradient effects combines the overall black main tone, which is more integrated than other bright and colorful version.


On the other hand, since Nike’s signs of making momentum with new colors for Blazer MID last year, it seems that Blazer has a great opportunity to be the next heated object.


Nike sb blazer mid

The suede version of the autumn and winter was released “

Black suede

“”. The upper is “scratched” by a large white Swoosh

Black velvet leather

As the main theme, the visual impact is full;

Equipped with SB iconic thick lining tongue, black rubber outsole with distinctive texture and ZOOM Air midsole, maintaining a consistent simple and slender appearance, autumn and winter with loose light core fleece pants, beam pants, or fitted pants. There are good results.

The above is the black soul shoes that have been selected for everyone in the near future. I wonder if there is a piece of heart?


As well as


As well as

As well as

As well as

As well as

As well as



Yohji yamamoto

Hand in hand


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