Speaking of “tiger stoves”, many young people may no longer know what, but for those who are a little old, they are unforgettable memories in life.

“Tiger Stove” is a shop that sells cooked water in modern Shanghai. According to the “Hujiang Commercial City Scenery Ci · Tiger Stove” published in 1906: “The stove is formed by the beast of the stove, and the name of the tiger” tiger “is set; There are also “furnace fire inflammation, twilight, pots to storage hundreds of boils to be distributed; one money and one spoonful of cooked tea, so as not to burn under the stove.” This is a portrayal of the image of the “tiger stove” that once spread on the streets of Shanghai.

From my memo, the “tiger stove” is a state -owned enterprise. The guy said that opening the “tiger stove” is a bitter life that has no day and night. From early morning to late at night, there are often hot tea and hot water. Most of them are vendors, wage earners, scavengers … do business, you can’t reject anyone. In this way, the man has been there for many years and has been operating bleak.

Modern cities develop rapidly. Most families can take a bath every day regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Shower rooms, shower, water heaters, and bathing three standards, almost every family. Especially in winter, a hot bath is very cured.

Take a hot bath and rush all day’s fatigue and troubles. At this time, the blood circulation of the whole body accelerates, the joints of the body are relaxing, the mood is gentle, and the spirit is relaxed. Lying into the bed, you will enter the dreamland after a while, sleep until dawn.

Every time I take a bath and enjoy the time of easy washing, I think of 20 years ago, winter or Chinese New Year bathing is really a regret that it is both longing but unable to do.

1. The tiger stove that citizens depend on

At that time, for ordinary people, bathing in winter was an important major event, and it was necessary to arrange in advance: first choose the day, and first communicate with the shopkeeper of the tiger stove. Burning, booking in advance to ensure the provision of hot water; secondly, the family must be allowed to make up, and the two barrels of water just meet the water needs of a large family; in the end, prepare all bath products, such as soap, loofah tendons, bath towels, slippers, etc. ; Each changing clothes, strong tea, green radish, etc. (After taking a shower, adults drink strong tea and children eat a few slices of green radish to prevent the wind from catching a cold)

Remember to take a bath in winter three times, once a month. Every time the family takes a bath, my father will go to the tiger stove to call a lot of water, that is, two barrels of water, which is picked up by the man in the shop. One front two barrels, sent to the bathroom on the second floor of my house.

There was a bathtub in the bathroom, but there was no gas at that time, and citizens burned water with stoves. The key is that it is slow and can’t catch up. The barrel water picked up by the master can put half a bathtub in a barrel. Therefore, the residents will choose a tiger stove to call water.

That day I saw a white towel around the master’s neck, wearing a sharpness, picked up the bathroom on the second floor, and didn’t even breathe. The lid, pour hot water into the bathtub. As the hot water poured in, a hot air rose from the bathtub like a thick smoke, and immediately permeated the entire room. A kind of warm and wet barrel was soaked in the original wood aroma. The 5 -square -meter bathroom has become the most desirable place for the whole family!

Second, the bathing culture derived from the tiger stove: “Water is not dirty, people are dirty water”

At this time, my mother was ready to hold me into the bathtub, and the first one to enjoy the warmth of winter baths! My mother gave me a bath, and told me: “The water is not dirty, and the human is dirty.” A pot of hot water can wash a lot of family members. Water can be cleaned, but people will make the water dirty. With this theory, every time I take a bath, I am the first, because I am the smallest, and then I am my sister, brother, and my father.

When my brother was washed, his father would pour another half of the hot water of another barrel, warm up, increase the amount, and wash, for fear that his brother was frozen. Until the father finished washing and opened the bathroom, the water beads were full of mirrors, the wall, and the ground was wet.

At this time, I have long been dressed neatly, accompany my brother to return the barrel and pay. The barrel is very heavy. The two brothers mentioned one of them and went to the tiger stove in the mouth in a while. I saw the guy come out to take over. He also said that the New Year’s business is good. Delivery! My brother paid 3 cents, a barrel of 1.5 cents.

Third, the culture of drinking tea in the tiger stove


One glass of water, two cups of tea, three cups and four cups of essence. “

The tiger stove is about 15 square meters. In addition to selling cooked water, there is also an eight immortal table to entertain the Sifang tea guests. The mottled four walls are dark and dark, and a small place must be left with a passage to facilitate the convenience of the residents upstairs. There are three or four iron pots on the tiger stove, and there is a feeding hole in the middle. (There are coal roasted, and there are roasted wood chips, all of which are stacked.) The water boss uses a long -handled water spoon, and the funnel is filled with water in the hot water bottle mouth. Just make a hot water bottle boiling water for a penny, and the boiling water of an aluminum kettle or a soup is two cents. In that difficult years, it is also necessary to calculate the boiling water of the ordinary people’s home coal balls. Usually, the coal ball furnace is usually sealed at night. The water boss was very hard. It started soaking in water at 6 in the morning. It was not until 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. It was busy on the door. It was busy all day.

Next to it was a big cake fritter stall. Many guests bought big cakes to drink tea in a tiger stove.

Most of the morning, my brother will take me to buy big cake fritters, because buying big cakes here does not need to use food stamps. (Listen to my mother, at that time, food was planned, because my man had many men and appetite, so the grain ticket was a bit tight) Therefore, it is necessary to queue up in more than an hour in advance to enjoy food without food stamps.

Taking advantage of the queue, I hid in the tiger stove to warm up in winter, and heard a lot of knowledge about tea drinking.

“One cup of water, two cups of tea, three cups and four cups of essence” means that the first glass of water tea has not been soaked, and the second cup of water tea can be opened. The essence, the fragrance of 茗. It’s delicious.

Now, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the development of tea culture has begun to wash tea so far. The first cup of tea was cleaned, and the floating layer was drifted by the way. The second cup started to drink.

2. Life is like tea, empty cups!

I often listen to the boss of the tiger stove to the son of junior high school that life is like tea, and the empty cup is right! That is, you have requirements for your own learning. You can keep more knowledge at any time.

In fact, life is like drinking tea. Only when the cup is empty can you install more things. Every success and failure are installed in our tea cups. When your tea cup is full, if you still want to taste other good tea, then you need to make the tea cup in an empty cup.

This so -called “empty cup status” is a kind of dissatisfaction with ourselves. At this time, we need to reinstall the whole set of knowledge and achievements we have learned.

Sometimes I think that learning to give up on the road of life, wise choices are sometimes more important than hard work.

Fourth, tiger stove, past image, today’s feelings

I remember that at that time, during the New Year’s Eve, the business of the tiger stove was particularly good, and the people who soaked the water began to line up early in the morning. Tiger stoves, coalball stoves, toilets … These are the symbols of Shanghai’s life. Nowadays, it has become a past image. The warmth of the tiger stove has become the memory of my teenager years. It condenses the infinite feelings of Shanghai Nongtang people.

Marquez once said: Life is not a day we live, but the days we remember, the day we reappear in memory.

I like the book “Writing My Heart”. This is a masterpiece of American writer Natali and Gothenburg. The author believes that everyone can find their own position in the vast world of writing, and everyone can become a writer. The reason is that any real and exact feelings are irreplaceable and most precious.

Today, it is the beginning of 2022. I commemorate the past years in this article. I feel like a shuttle time, and I am grateful for the party’s livelihood project to span the rapid development of the century!

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