Yesterday we talked about some related knowledge of silicone oil. Many friends asked Xiaoqing how a silicone oil used by Xiaoqing. Washing water -free hair was suitable for ourselves. Today, Xiaoqing brings professional analysis and evaluation of several domestic popular silicon oil -free hair washing water.

Silicon oil has always had a bad reputation, and consumers believe that pores, hair loss, or even carcinogenic, and so on. In this developed cosmetics market in Japan, many big brands have launched their own silicone -free shampoo, such as Ja I ’Aime’s silicone -free shampoo launched by Takisi. When Japan’s silicone -free hair washing water occupies a considerable market share, many domestic brands have begun to push silicone -free shampoo. So which silicon -free shampoo is more suitable for you?

1. Ziyuan amino acid tea seed dedue hair washing water 535ml ¥: 159.00

Analysis: Ziyuan Silicon -free oil washing water claims that there are six major additives: silicone oil, non -dyeing agent, oil -free surface active agent, mineral oil, non -moving material raw material, and Nepalese golden ester. Silicon -free oil is just one of them. Taking this amino acid tea seeds to remove dandruff hair washing water, this product is known as silicon oil, amino acid, and Chinese medicine dedue. The core ingredients of this shampoo include amino acids, tea seed extracts, Huoxiang, bone -transparent grass, Plague leaves, Yinchen, and snake bed. Among them, dedue ingredients contain tea seed cake extracts, but the removed ability should be more provided from the pyrocone acethane salt in the ingredient table. Specifically, it is not comparable to the commonly used dedue agent ZPT ZPT. of. Amino acid ingredients contain amino acid foam and amino acid moisturizing factors. Other ingredients include Huoxiang extract and daemon leaves, mainly moisturizing the hair.

Let’s take a look at the table activation system of Ziyuan’s silicone -free shampoo, because this largely determines the mildness of the product: the table activity system uses SLES, supplemented by sodium laurel -bonitoetate and commonly used The latter two types of alkaline (CAPB), the latter two types of survival are mild tables. In addition, a little coconut oil -based sodium taurine is added as a gauze, which is also a mild surface active agent.

The conditioning components of the hair and scalp include some oils such as tannal eulsi, linen seed oil, plant alcohol, etc. In addition, there are common hair regulating melonic gel oxyl hydroxyl tritenium chloride. The hair is smooth when washing and jumping hair.

Evaluation: Ziyuan is the first domestic shampoo brand that focuses on silicone oil. There are several products with silicon oil -free hair washing water, including Ziyuan -free child nourishing hair washing water, nourishing tea seeds to remove shampoos, Ziyuan Ginger Qiang Genjian hair washing water and supporting conditioner, which can be based on Oily and dry hair selection. However, because Ziyuan’s shampooing water is relatively dry as a whole, there is no problem for the hair that is healthy and slightly damaged, but if it is severely damaged, it is not recommended to use it for a long time.

2. Silk container Yingjun washing 750ml ¥ 29.00

This shampoo Xiaoqing has used it before, and let me talk about my experience. When shampooing, the foam is very fast, rich, and the foam is very long -lasting. The hair is easy to knots when rinse. It feels thicker when the hair feels when wet, and it is not sticky. It feels not so heavy. But sometimes it is used with silicon oil products, especially with conditioner. It always feels that it is not cleaned and the hair is very smooth. Another point is to use silicone -free products, and the hair is dry. When hair is dry, compared with silicon oil products, the smooth and softness must be discounted, but the gloss is not different. By using this product, you can feel that the hair with silicon oil is good, very soft, the hair feels thinner, and it feels more smooth and better, and the knot is relatively small. Personally, I will choose to use silicone -free hair care products.

In fact, many shampoo is not added with emulsified silicone oil commonly used in shampoo. Instead, the water-soluble silicon oil PEG-12 polymailing silicone is added. However, in strict sense, only silk Yunye Yingjun washing out that a shampoo is a silicone -free shampoo, and the others cannot be counted as silicon oil -free shampoo. The conditioner of this shampoo is also silicone without silicon oil. In addition, the silk -based men’s shampoo also has silicone oil, which is also a good reference for men.

3. Schwarn Q10 fantasy new life washing 200ml ¥ 39.00


Schwarn’s shampoo is silicone -free, and the main component is the supporting formula Q10 maintenance formula and smart repair system. Although Schwarn and Silk belong to the Han Gao Group, the Silicon -free formula of the Siwangkou Q10 fantasy -shaped shampoos is completely different from the previously mentioned Silk Run Run Shampoo. This shampoo is added with camellia, which is very moisturizing as a whole. The white lotion is easy to make rich foam. The amount is not expensive. The aroma is good, but it is not suitable for oil -based hair.


4. Card poetry slender hair quality shampoo 250ml ¥ 260.00


Kaose’s slim hair shampoo is one of L’Oreal’s professional line brand card poems. It is essentially a silicone -free shampoo, and it is precisely because of silicone -free, which can give it rich characteristics. In order to improve conditioning, this shampoo is added with cosmetide-30 and libidine often added by L’Oreal. For slender hair, it is a good choice, and it can also be used as a daily and intermittent use of healthy hair.

Shampoo is not only the cause of silicon oil. Pearls will be the most important reason. Here, ethylene glycol diicate is the pearl agent. Coconut oil -gyotic bonotraitometal sodium is a mild surface active agent, which is commonly used in facial cleanser. Hydroxyl-melon-gel gum hydroxyl tritenonium chloride and polymium ammonium salt-30 as the adjustment ingredient during wet washing can not feel smooth when shampooing. At the same time, 2-oil amide-1, 3-ectopane diol is often added to L’Oreal hair washing and skin care products. It is a type of treble. The lipids of the hair contain lipids, and dry hair lipids The layer will be damaged, and the initial damage to the supplement and repair of the hair by supplementing and repairing the hair.

Compared with the domestic market, Katshi Pochigo’s Vitality Shampooing products will have a better overall effect, and there will be no unscrupulous feeling when washing. The hair after washing is indeed lighter than that high silicon oil product or light. At the same time, the foam is more delicate, and individuals like their fragrance. However, this shampoo is average. If you do n’t have the trouble of dandruff, the hair is slender or healthy, and it is often used for shampooing water to pass the oil, it is easy to flatter, easy to stick to ash and bother. You can try milk.

5. Pan Tingzhen’s repair of pure, bright, bright, and washed 600ml ¥ 79


Pan Tingzhen’s repair of pure, bright, bright and dry -cleaning is a silicone -free shampoo with SLS and SLS as a cleaning ingredient, which does not contain yang ion polymer conditioning. The shampoo formula is too old and there is no innovation. The hair during wet washing contains only a little conditioning and foam stability of the hydroxylopylopyl methyl methyl cellulose. Personal washing is very clean when washing. In short, there is basically no other conditioning ingredients except for cleaning ingredients. This shampoo is only suitable for those who want to completely clean the scalp.


6. Icallu rose mint water moisturizing and soothing washing 750ml ¥ 59.90

It is known as silicone oil, preservatives, preservatives, and dyeing agents, and contains natural rosemary perfumes and mint raw leaf essences. Therefore, shampoo is very fragrant and smells good. This shampoo and Zhenzhi repair pure, bright and bright repair washing out, it is likely to share the same formula, and the composition table basic class. The effect of use is similar. There are no nursing components, which is only suitable for cleaning.


7, the secret language of the water

Shiseido’s products, the secret of water also belongs to silicone -free shampoo. The formula is more distinctive. The overall effect is better than the previous models. It adds some effective hair repair ingredients such as arginine and glutamic acid. There are also the essence of the complex plant roots, such as red mango flowers and ginger root extracts.


8. Sili Qi Qi Luxury Repair and Washing Disvoy/Shampoo 550ml ¥ 98.00


Siliqi has similarities with the secret of water. After all, there are many series of products under Shiseido, and they also belong to the category of silicone -free shampoo. The ingredients contain a repairing ingredients such as tea oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein, plant sterol/cindian duolinyl ligarate, and other repair ingredients. This shampoo and dry hair effect are good, and the dedue effect is available.

9. Paris L’Oreal hyaluronic acid Hydrous ded it washing 400ml ¥ 38.00


In November 2014, the newly listed product contains hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients. It is not much different from other main ingredients from the ingredients of L’Oreal’s other products from the composition table.

10. Qingyang pure scalp specialty dedue shampoo 380ml ¥ 58.80

Qingyang Silicon -free hair washing water was also the first silicon -free washing in China in China, and the products also had men. This shampoo removal dedue is still in front of it. Almost 1%of the addition, the dedue effect will be guaranteed. After use, due to the traditional system, it is relatively smooth when washing, and it is more suitable for men after drying. This is a silicone -free shampoo suitable for dandruff people.

Xiaoqing can only choose a few common shampoo in the domestic supermarket for analysis. It cannot be given one by one. Everyone mainly depends on the product component table for choice. This article Xiaoqing collected a lot of information, which took a long time to organize it, just to help everyone, I hope you can forward more to support Xiaoqing to continue writing.


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