With the increasing “swelling” of big data, laptop storage space is becoming increasingly not enough, so many people expand their capacity by upgrading the hard disk. However, unlike the free assembly of desktop machines, due to the internal design of the laptop, there will be restrictions on the hardware upgrade. For example, some machine hard disks may be welded on the motherboard. It is difficult to operate.

In fact, the laptop expansion does not necessarily need to disassemble the machine. It also uses the storage function of the hard disk through the storage accessories such as mobile hard disk boxes, easy drive lines, hard disk seats or hard disk cabinets, and achieves the purpose of expanding the computers.

Having said that, Xiaoyou reminds everyone that storage accessories such as mobile hard disk boxes, easy drive lines, hard disks, or hard disk cabinets are different in applicable scenarios, hard disk compatibility and capacity expansion potential. Clarify their differences before!

1. Mobile disk box

By moving the hard disk box, we can convert the hard disk into a mobile hard disk that takes into account a large capacity, high speed and portability. In addition, the sophisticated mobile hard disk box has a good earthquake anti -falling effect, which can physical protection for “delicate” hard disks.

However, due to the limits of the hard disk interface, size and transmission protocol, the compatibility of the mobile hard disk box will also be affected. For example, if the hard disk box on your hand is M.2 NVME specifications, it must be a solid or mechanical hard disk with a solid -state or mechanical hard disk of 2.5/3.5 inches. Therefore, if you want DIY mobile hard disks, you must choose a mobile hard disk box that is compatible with various aspects of your own hard disk.

2. Easy drive line


One end is a hard disk interface, and on the other side is the common USB3.0 interface. Its use is to allow the computer’s external hard disk to store and back up data. Like the mobile hard disk box, it is also convenient to use the drive line. It can make the hard disk become plug -and -play, which is suitable for the case where the number of naked hard disks is large and the frequency of use is high! However, the easy -to -drive line is not a box design and has no special protection effect on the hard disk.


3, hard disk seat


The hard disk -shaped machine looks like a grilled noodle piece, which is nicknamed the “baked bread machine” by many players. It adopts an open base design, which is more conducive to heat dissipation than the closed box design of a mobile hard disk box. There are many hard disk bases on the market on the market. You can insert a 2.5/3.5 -inch mechanical hard disk or solid -state hard disk at the same time. Use at home or office. In addition, some dual -disk hard disk seats also support the one -click offline copy function.


4. Hard Disk Cabinet

If you are a large storage households such as editors, designers, and video masters, you need a lot of space to store, and you can focus on managing all photos, videos and other data files, then the hard plate cabinet may be more suitable for you. At present, there are many selection of hard disk cabinets in the market. According to the number of disks, it can be divided into dual disks four -disc, five disks five -set eight plates. Usually the larger number of plates, the greater the expansion of the hard plate cabinet. And most models support a variety of RAID array mode.

Seeing this, everyone may ask: What is the RAID disk array? Here is a brief explanation, the RAID disk array is an independent disk redundant array. The principle is to form multiple independent disks into a compatible large -capacity, high -performance disk system, which is A reliable and efficient storage expansion choice. There are many modes of disk arrays, including RAID 0, RAID1, RAID 3, RAID 5, RAID10, etc. These RAID models have different working principles and different focus. Everyone choose according to their own situation.


Nowadays, with the development of the Internet big data, various data have been explosive, and computer storage has become urgent to be a problem that many users need to solve. The application of storage accessories such as mobile hard disk boxes, easy -to -drive lines, hard disk seats or hard disk cabinets has given computers more choice solutions, and at the same time, it can also use idle hard disks to reuse. Well, the above is shared today. If you have different opinions on computer expansion, please leave a message to discuss in the comment area!

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