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As the temperature rises, the angle of the choice of single products has also changed. The cool and simple items have become the focus of attention. The vest is one of them. The vest is the simplest one of all types of wearing items. To understand the vest in advance, the dressing image will definitely improve.

There is a simple and retro vest called “Old Last Vest”. This vest design is simple and neutral, especially like a casual vest that elderly men like. Now this vest has been improved and has become the favorite single product of trendy women one.

Don’t look at the uncomfortable vest design, the unique design sense can have a strong modification effect on the image, and the matching match can also show a unique style of attractiveness. I like concise vests.


The “old man’s vest” with a fire of the Kardashian family is fashionable and easy to wear. Don’t miss the fashion trendy people. From Jin Kardashian to Ken Dou’s “old man vest”, it looks simple, and it is very high -profile to wear.

The “Old Master Jest” of the Kardashian family is worn

Gold Cardishan’s matching

Tight -fitting broadband vest with workers with trousers, has a strong personality attraction,

Full body


Women are suitable for this kind of dress. They have obvious sense of advantages. They will not look obese, refreshing and energetic.

The tight broadband vest shows the characteristics of neutral air, and the vest with wide shoulder straps is suitable





The body is obvious, and it is more domineering. The matching of work pants lays the image style and shows the effects of chic and sharp dressing effects.

Kentar Jenna’s match

The basic old man vest with wide leg pants shows a casual and chic atmosphere. Women with tall figures are suitable

Shadow strap

The old man’s vest, let the style design fit the characteristics of his own figure, showing a self -cultivation and exquisite charm.

Wide -leg pants matching highlights a tall figure,


The looseness of the pants



Formed a comparison, increase the combination effect of rate, high -level matching effects.

The fashion type and dress of “old man’s vest”

Elderly stub

The old man with a shoulder -like style belongs to

Improve design

The vest, it retains the neutral style characteristics of the vest design, and at the same time

Pad element

Add to wearing, showing a domineering and capable dress image.


There is an advantage of the old vest of the shoulder, that is, it can

Cover the shoulder

Let the actual shoulder width hide. The shoulder pads on the vest instead of the actual shoulder width, let

Neutral wind

The characteristics are enhanced.


Round -neck vest


The veterans of the round neckline narrowed the neckline


, Show the neckline design of the conventional T -shirt, while the shoulder straps are collected and combined with the round neck. This design enlarges the charm of the shoulder, suitable for

Beautiful shoulder lines


The veterans of the round neckline reduce the neutral style, which will

Exquisite body


Enhance, wearing temperament is more gentle, more trendy personality and characteristics.

Short old man vest

Short old man vest appeared

Mini design characteristics

, Turn the vest into “dazzling belly”,

Waist and abdomen

Obvious muscle lines

Women are suitable for wearing short old men vests. The short design has enhanced the temperament and sports atmosphere.

Short old man vest can be matched

High waist

Come to wear, the combination of high -waisted skirts or high -waisted pants can make the figure’s charm stronger optimization and adjustment, and the trend of the performance is attractive.

The combination of “Old Master Jest” and the bottom

Old man vest with beam pants

The old man’s vest with beam pants can highlight

Simplicity and cleanliness

The charm of wearing is more favorable than conventional pants. The trousers are strongly restrained. Even if the pants are longer, the shoes will not cover the shoes.

The old man’s vest combined with foot pants, which can make

Image vitality

A lot of enhancement, showing the fashion and personality charm of leisure wear, and exquisite and unique dressing attractiveness.

Old man vest with tight leg pants

The old man’s vest can also be worn with tight pants. The vest and narrow leg pants can restrain the figure, showing the figure


, Enlarge the charm of the slender and tall image, so that the temperament is displayed from the match.

The old man’s vest with narrow leg pants is more trendy, and the image has more attractiveness. If it is matched


Come to wear, the charm of the body will become more obvious.

Old man vest with wide -leg pants

The matching effect of the old man’s vest and wide -leg pants is also very good.

Tightering and sexual dressing

Combining charm, unrestrained wide -leg wear, can ensure comfortable dress, women of all ages can wear,

Thicker legs

It can also show unique image attraction.


If you want to show the comprehensive advantage of dressing, you can choose a nine -point wide -leg pants to improve the refreshing feeling. Women with tall figures can choose

sports shoes

, Women with exquisite figure can choose

High heel


Old man vest with straight pants

The old man’s vest can still match


Come to wear, straight pants are the most common casual pants, which can show the charm of the foundation. No one wears a sense of temperament.

If you want to show your personality, you can choose

Low -waist straight pants

The shape of the waist and abdomen has greatly enhanced the image attraction. Women with slender figure will be very trendy.

There are more and more old vest styles, and the matching method is not unique. In addition to pairing with pants, it also has a good effect with a half skirt. You must try it this year.

Everyone will be fashionable, everyone understands fashion, does not play tall, but only talks about the most grounded drying skills, making you get closer and closer to fashion. If you are also about fashion and stories about fashion, welcome to share!


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