One of the most important equipment for fishermen. Usually when buying a fishing rod, either go to a physical store to try it, or ask online to see how performance. Today, I will introduce those fishing rods that have been popular in the years (there will definitely be missing, everyone is welcome to add).


1. Guangwei Zhushan

Bamboo mountain

Put it first, because it really comes early, and the other is too much, and the ears are called calluses. I do n’t recommend it.

Bamboo Mountain, produced by Guangwei, has a low price (price of about 100 yuan), very soft but extremely skinny, typically encountered a big rod. Due to its characteristics, comprehensive prices have defeated the many miscellaneous fishing rods at the time, and it can be seen from the generation to the Five Dynasties. Those who have used Zhushan will not recommend it to novices, because its fatal disadvantage is too heavy, especially in 5 meters 4 or above. I ca n’t hold the ancient routine. A certain bar has been pitted by some self -conscientious individual merchants, becoming the most abandoned rod in a certain bar.

2. Guangwei Tianxiang congratulations

Tianxiang He is also produced by Guangwei. The entry price of two or three hundred is a recommended fishing rod at the time. Some people who imitate bamboo paint are loved. Use of first -level fishing rods. At that time, it was one of the relatively highly recommended fishing rods.


3, Guangwei can’t get one book

Can’t be made, still produced by Guangwei, imitation bamboo paint, when buying fishing rods, it is often used to compare with Tianxiang congratulations, and it should be tangled. I feel that the difference between the two models is not very large. If you want to say it, you can’t be more suitable for keeping big fish.

4. Dijia black pattern carp

The black -patterned carp was produced by Dijia. The pole was placed in a aluminum barrel. The packaging looked at the upper grade. The price was not cheap at the time, and ordinary people could accept it. After using it once, the feeling at that time was really not bad, stiff, and the wild fishing fish was comfortable. Even if the parameters were placed now, it was not very bad.


5. Dijia Great Master

The big master is also produced by Dijia, and the paint is simple and clear. When buying fishing rods, it is often compared with black -patterned carp, which is softer than black -patterned carp and heavier. At that time, the price was not cheap and accepted.

6. Guest and friends fierce wind carp

The fierce wind carp of the guests, the first large yuan diameter carp pole in the impression, stiff, the painting feels not so good, it will turn yellow in a year or two, and it is still very comfortable to touch the handle. One day, my friend ran over and told me that he bought two strong wind carps, because he watched the video of the fierce wind carp fishing giant cattle, until I knew that the two poles spent more than 2,000, and instantly refresh the right right. The price cognition of domestic poles. After using the strong wind carp, the pole was still relatively hard at the time.


7. Baofeilong Yinlong Carp S

The price of the fishing rod of Baofeilong was not cheap. When I saw this pole at that time, it felt expensive, but it was said that the price of Silver Dragon Carp S was the most cost -effective. I really didn’t care how the pole was red. I have seen the entity, I have n’t got started, I feel that the painting is not good, and it is said that the performance is good.

8. Hua Dragon Carp


Classic dragon carp

Flagship dragon carp

The classic version of Hua Dragon Carp, because the fishing Wang Huaxin participated in the fishing show, did not put the lost rope and it was very huge. The flagship dragon -patterned carp was followed by follow -up. The main sense of hand was good, light and stiff, because of its belief blessing, it was very popular at the time, the feel was average, and the head was heavy. The classic version of the dragon -patterned carp was 7 meters 2 reservoirs, and the bottom was seriously hung, and the heart was frightened, because the matching festival was really not cheap.

The flagship is 4 meters and 5 meters. The painted yellow looks beautiful and feels good. The price of the same size is much cheaper than the classic version. The price of two poles is not affordable.


9. Tianyuan Gangzhou carp

The classic pole of Wuhan Tianyuan is similar to the strong wind carp. There are a lot of exposure in the show. It also has the blessing of Tianyuan faith and is also very popular. The price is also not cheap.

These fishing rods were the most talked about by fishermen at that time, and almost no one knew that no one knew it, but gradually felt like it had changed. The domestic rods began to become less affordable. There is a tendency to surpass the Japanese pole.

With the rise of e -commerce, the fishing gear industry has ushered in its vigorous development. Various online business brands have sprung up, which has caused a huge impact on the traditional fishing gear industry. The initial online business brands have various routines, false standards, fakes, but the price is low, and the sales volume is not low.

With the upgrading of the materials and the advancement of craftsmanship, the online business brand has also begun to become more and more formal. While meeting more requirements for fishing rods, the classification of fishing rods has begun to be more detailed, and it is no longer limited to the previous carp rods. , Catfish rods, comprehensive rods, etc., launching germ rods, catfish rods, ultra -hard rods, ultra -lightweight rods, etc. The performance improves significantly, but the price is very close to the people. The most direct experience is the parameters of similar fish rods. Traditional brands need a thousand yuan.

Web dealer

The brand only needs a hundred yuan, and when the price difference is several times, the fishermen will vote with their feet, which also creates a new batch of net red fishing rods.


I am Awei Ye fishing. I hope everyone will like it a lot, thank you!

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