What are the combinations of “three no” (but time, regardless of age, regardless of the occasion)? The combination of shirts+wide -leg pants must be stable. Such a combination seems simple, but it can bring a lot of breakthroughs and freshness. It has a classic and relaxed sense of fashion. It makes people wear and wear as trendy every year. The shirt is capable and elegant, and the wide -leg pants are chic. Such a combination can not only be “big occasions, but also a small party”, which is a must -have in the workplace to go out of the street. Let ’s share a few beautiful print shirts+wide -leg pants suits for everyone. Let’ s take a look together. If you like it, collect it!


Two pieces of trendy printing temperament wide -leg pants set two -piece suit


Fashion temperament two -piece jumpsuit, simple and capable. The smooth fabric is very eye -catching, adding a sense of visual hierarchy, elegant and confident. Slender H version, fashionable and versatile, easy to be thin. The V -shaped collar design is used to modify the face shape well. The button design of the cuffs is convenient to pull up the sleeve when it is convenient. The design of the belt on the waist, the bow shape is beautiful and thin. Symmetrical diagonal pockets on both sides not only satisfy the habit of inserting pockets and practical.

Fashion slim print wide -leg pants suit


Two pieces of fashionable and thin pants, slim -fitting design, thin visual, showing women’s sexy figure. Comfortable neckline, modify the neck lines, showing a small face. The metal waist ring design, modify the waist, shows the charming temperament.

Trendy slim -fit pocket solid color simple personality thin set


Fashion slim and versatile sets of two -piece set, elegant and sweet style, thin version design, do not pick up body, cover the meat to modify the figure, which is quite age -reducing. Fashion V -neck, modify the beautiful posture of the neck, and show elegant temperament. The waist waist is thin, highlighting the level, wrapped out the slender small waist.

Fashion temperament shows a thin age reduction slim suit


Printing top+wide -leg pants suit, simple and elegant, fresh and seductive. Printing leads the mouth decoration, simple and capable, lengthen the neck lines. Loose and comfortable print cuffs, two buttons decorated, covering the fat of the arm, modifying the slender arm. Two buttons design, do not pick up figure. The waist with a waistband can better modify the shape.


Fashionable, elegant waist, thin casual slim wild trend two -piece suit

Two pieces of trousers of retro cut flowers, chiffon cut flowers, fashionable and thin. Simple and capable shirt neckline, modify the face shape, show feminine charm, beautiful and generous. The buttons shrink the stitching cuffs, covering the flesh, and elegantly modify the slim arm. Loose and comfortable wide -leg pants, highlighting long legs, walking between walking is high and thin.

Fashion temperament, elegant waist, thin casual wild two -piece suit

Two pieces of trousers, casual version, do not pick up. The classic age reduction double -layer lapel, the face is small, the neck is lengthened, and the lines are highlighted. It is convenient for wearing and taking off single -breasted plackets, retro printing processes, lining with slender waist and long legs. Symmetrical newly buckle bags decorated, beautiful and generous.

Fashion, simple, generous temperament, elegant waist and thin waist, two -piece slots

Two pieces of fashion dots embroidered, versatile. Classic age -reducing shirt neckline, dot embroidery, lengthening the neck lines, showing feminine charm. The buttons shrink the stitching cuffs, covering the flesh, and elegantly modify the slim arm. Practical symmetrical oblique pants pockets, put small items to increase the layering of clothes.

Fashion casual slimming wild trend two -piece suit

Two pieces of retro printing, slimming, and elegant temperament. Retro print, with a bow tie to lengthen the neck lines. Practical and conveniently inserted pockets, and packed items are placed casually.

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