If there is “the most tragic emperor rankings in ancient times”, then the two father and son of Song Huizong and Song Qinzong can definitely be ranked on it.


We are familiar with Song Huizong. In the novel “Water Margin”, there is an image created by its prototype. The emperor is an out -of -the -box “do nothing.” He is the eleventh son of Song Shenzong and the brother of Song Zhezong. He has been named King Suining and King Duan.


When Song Zhezong died in the first month of the first month of Yuan Fu, he had no son. Under his indulgence, Cai Jing, Tong Guan, and other traitors became popular, so that the country fell into the deep water. From this perspective, Song Huizong lost his ancestral foundation and was captured to the Jin Kingdom to become prisoners.

Compared with it, his son Song Qinzong is much more miserable. After inheriting Datong, Song Qinzong only became the emperor for more than a year, and he became the prisoner of the golden man with his father. Most of his life spent in the enemy country, miserable.

In the first year of Jingkang, the Golden Soldiers were divided into two roads, south of the east and west directions to confess the Song Dynasty. Those who led the East Road Army were the generals of Jin Guo Yan Zongwang, while Wan Yan Zonghan led the main force of the West Road.

Compared with the golden soldiers who can fight well, Song Jun at this time is undoubtedly like a joke.

After the Golden Man drove straight into, after the Golden Bing of the east and west roads laid the Yanjing and Taiyuan, the long drove straight into, and the soldiers pointed directly at Jingjing. It wasn’t until the city of soldiers facing the city that Song Huizong realized to what extent the country was corrupted at this time. In the anxiety, Song Huizong suffered a very serious heart disease, and his body was getting worse. Seeing that Song Huizong had no way to take care of the government, he could only hand over the burden of the country to his son. In this way, Song Qinzong was ordered at this crisis and became a new emperor.

However, Song Qinzong inherited all the defects of Song Huizong. He was like his father as a stealing and indifferent man. With such an emperor leadership, the destiny of the country can be imagined. The Great Songjiang Mountain collapsed in a moment, and both emperors became captives of the Golden Man. At the same time, the second emperor was captured, as well as the children of the clan and several royal female families.


It is reported that all the Zhao Song clan was reduced to prisoners except Zhao Gou, a prince Zhao Gou, who was a one -year -old princess who was only one year old at the time. Jin Bing took more than 3,000 captives, including the emperor, concubine, nobles, and ministers, and imprisoned the “loot” in the north.


As the so -called thirty years of Hedong, Hexi, Song Qinzong, who had been high in the past, has now become a lamb to be slaughtered by others. In the eyes of the Jin people, the Song Emperor of the Great Song was just a fat sheep. Song Qinzong suffered the cold encounter that he had never seen before, and Wan Yanzonghan and Wan Yanzong Wang did not meet him at all, and arranged him to the small black room in the barracks.

It is said that the small black house where Song Qinzong was detained was no other thing except a large earth, and even the tables and chairs and benches were not equipped. Outside the room, there are golden soldiers staying behind all year round. Every night, the Golden people also locked the door with a chain, and did not give Song Qinzong a chance to go out.

Why did the two emperors and two queens just come to Jinying have been treated this kind of treatment? When they were captured to the north, the clothes they were wearing were still very thin. Therefore, in winter, they couldn’t protect the cold at all, and they were often frozen in the late night and couldn’t sleep. In desperation, they can only find some thatch in the barracks to ignite heating.

The phoenix is ​​not as good as chickens. Empress Zhu of Song Qinzong was only twenty -six years old this year. At the same time, she had not enjoyed the treatment of the queen for a few times. The captive captives were escorted by the golden people to the Huening Mansion, and they were forced to participate in the prisoner under the arrangement of the Golden Man.

During this period, the two emperors, concubines, and ministers were forced to replace the costumes of civilians. There was only one sheep that could not cover the body, which meant to be slaughtered. The young Queen Zhu couldn’t bear the humiliation ceremony of the discouraged breasts in the big court, and he found short -sightedness that night. And, before she committed suicide, she wrote “Two Songs”:


Young Movies are expensive and hate Qiluo Sang. Long entering the palace Xi Fengzun.

Today’s committees have flowed in other places, and the creation of things quickly died.


In the past, I lived in the world of Beizhu Palace. What do you say today?

He Ku Xuexue? The vow to return to the spring is absolutely good!

Although the two emperors were named “virtue” and “heavy fainting” by the Golden people, they did not get the courtesy that Gonghou deserved. From the perspective of the Golden people, the “dim public” and “heavy fainting” are just the insult that they are looking for fun, and it has no practical significance. The two emperors of the Great Song Dynasty were detained in the five kingdoms and lived a good life of pigs and dogs every day.

Because, for a long time to endure the torture of the Golden Man, Song Huizong, who was overwhelmed, intends to hang himself. One night, when Song Huizong put his neck in a rope, Song Qinzong, who heard the news, quickly rescued his father, and then the father and son cried. After this toss, Song Huizong suffered a serious illness, and he would say it before it was not long.

According to historical records, in the twenty -six years of Shaoxing, Song Qinzong died at the Golden State.

However, from the “Song of the Song Dynasty”, we can see that Song Qinzong was not died of illness, but was killed by the Jin people. In June of the same year, Emperor Jin Guo Liang organized a ball game and ordered Song Qinzong to “participate in the competition.” During the competition, Song Qinzong could not control his horses or even falling into the horse because of his weakness, and was finally trampled to death by the golden man’s horseshoe.


From ancient times to the present, there have been no emperors like Huizong and Qinzong. However, their situation is not worthwhile, because all these tragedies happened under their wrong leadership.

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