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I have been wearing glasses for more than ten years. The earliest start to wear glasses was in junior high school. When I was a kid, I loved watching TV, I did n’t pay attention to my posture. It would be embarrassed to start wearing glasses, but sometimes I couldn’t see the chalk on the blackboard, and I secretly took it out to wear it. Later, I was also used to it. From the initial 300 to 600, I couldn’t go out without wearing it. I have bought a lot of glasses for so many years. I used to not know much about the glasses. Every time I went to listen to the boss, I was blindly flickered, and then I obediently paid the silver. I often bought the glasses that I could n’t use to buy back. In order not to be a grievance, I also started to understand some knowledge about glasses, hoping to be less injustice.

Let’s talk about the frame first. The frame of the mirror has been directly in contact with the human skin for a long time, and it has greatly affected the image of the wearer. There are all thousands of dollars, and you will be fooled in a lot of theory to go to the glasses shop. In the end, you do n’t know what to do in the clouds. We can choose the frame that suits us from these aspects.

Glasses frame material:

The glasses shop is the most likely to use the material of the frame to make an article. It greatly boasts that the frame of a certain material is a high -tech, a lot of benefits, but often you spend a lot of money to buy it back. In addition, there is no very complicated technique of mirror frames, and the production threshold is very low, so the profit of the frame is very high. There are so many materials on the market:

1. Pure titanium


In the glasses industry, the god of titanium has been blown. The pure titanium frame has become the treasure of the town shop in ordinary glasses shops. As long as you say that you want to buy a better mirror frame, the boss will recommend this. Titanium has the characteristics of light weight, high strength (ratio of intensity and density), anti -corrosion, non -toxic and other characteristics: its density is 4.5 grams/cubic centimeter, which is slightly heavier than aluminum (2.8 grams/cubic centimeter), which is slightly heavier than iron (7 ~ 8 (7 ~ 8 Gram/cubic centimeter) light, titanium corrosion resistance is very strong, even at room temperature, even the king water cannot be corroded. Titanium can stay on the bottom of the sea for decades without oxidation. These characteristics make titanium widely use on aerospace and medical field.

In order to avoid being fooled by Jian merchants, what kind of titanium is it called pure titanium? There are also many claims about pure titanium on the Internet. I deliberately found the national standards. Below is the national standard of titanium and titanium alloy and the national standard of chemical ingredients GB/T 3620.1-2007. There are 9 types of pure titanium, of which The titanium content of TA1ELI with the highest purity reaches 99.5%, and the lowest TA4 titanium content is 98.455%. According to standards, other elements refer to trace elements inherent in the production process of titanium and titanium alloy, rather than artificially added elements. So according to national standards

Pure titanium can be defined as titanium content of 98.455%or above, and does not contain titanium that does not contain artificially adding elements



The national standard of titanium and titanium alloy and chemical composition GB/T 3620.1-2007, TA in the brand number indicates α titanium

The national standard of titanium and titanium alloy and chemical composition GB/T 3620.1-2007, TA in the brand number indicates β titanium

National standard GB/T 3620.1-2007 of the national standard of titanium and titanium alloy and chemical composition, TA in the brand number indicates α+β titanium

Titanium has a lot of content in nature, but because it is very difficult to purify and it is difficult to process. Therefore, the price of pure titanium is very high. The price of industrial primary materials alone is about three times more expensive than stainless steel. But pure titanium is also the best in the current common materials. Big brand’s pure titanium frame will be marked with Titan-P, Ti-P or Pure Titanium (some may be others) on the mirror legs or lenses, and these logos will also be available on many cheap small brands. you know. Because the intensity of pure titanium is not very high, the mirror legs of pure titanium will be thicker and cannot be made as slender as iron wire.

Xia Mengchun titanium frame

2. Titanium alloy

The performance of pure titanium is not perfect. There are rarely pure titanium in the industry, and more titanium alloys, because the impurities in titanium will have a great impact on the performance of titanium. Adding specific substances will make it better than pure ratio than pure. Titanium is better, so the use of titanium alloy is wider than pure titanium. And adding different substances will produce titanium alloys of different properties.

Some mirror frames will be written on β titanium. Many people don’t know what β titanium is. In fact, titanium is a dexterous structure. There are two forms of α titanium and β titanium. α titanium is a dense hexagonal lattice structure, and β -titanium is a body -hearted cubic character structure.


On the left is the β -body cube structure, and on the right is the α -titanium density six -square titanium and titanium alloy. According to the structure, the structure can be divided into α titanium, β titanium, α+β titanium (binding body of α titanium and β titanium). On the left is the β body center structure, with high strength and toughness, while the right side is the α -titanium density six -square cubic structure, which has a large brittleness and poor plasticity. Therefore, β titanium is generally used on the glasses. The number of α titanium is TA, the brand of β titanium is TB, and the number of α+β titanium is TC. From the national standards above, it can be seen that pure titanium is alpha titanium, and β -titanium is titanium alloy, so generally, general ones

Pure titanium frame refers to alpha titanium, β titanium frame refers to β -titanium alloy rather than β

Pure titanium, but α titanium is not necessarily pure titanium.

Seiko Verus series pure titanium/β titanium combination frame


Generally, the titanium content of titanium alloy is only 5%less than pure titanium, but the cost will be reduced a lot, and the mechanical properties will be better. It is a choice of folding.


Titanium with different trace elements has different properties, so depending on the different elements, there are many titles.

3. Z titanium titanium


The proprietary material of Japan’s Charmant glasses is a titanium alloy (锆 is artificially added, so it is not pure titanium according to national standard Z titanium), and the texture is relatively hard. The biggest benefit of pure titanium is that it will not add other metals like some titanium alloys, and those metals may cause allergies, that is, some trace elements in titanium alloy may cause allergies, while 锆 will not cause cause Allergies, so Z titanium can ensure strength corrosion resistance and prevent allergies.


Xia Meng Z titanium series mirror frame

4. Memory alloy


Memory alloys are the most recommended mirror shelf, because it is very obvious and can be easily demonstrated, so the owner of the glasses shop often likes to fold you with a frame of memory alloy. There are many components of memory alloys, such as nickel -titanium alloy, gold -cadmium alloy, copper -zinc alloy, and the better quality is nickel -titanium alloy. The price is also more expensive. Metals that are easy to cause allergies. If the quality of small brands is not available, it is easy to get off -plating and cause allergies. The price of other memory alloys is relatively cheap, and it is necessary to prevent the store from rushing to impersonate nickel -titanium alloy. The feet of this memory alloy are generally as thin as the wire, so the quality is relatively light.

5. TR-90


TR-90 mirror frame

TR-90 is also known as plastic titanium. It is actually not a titanium alloy, but a polymer nylon material invented by the Swiss EMS-GRIVORY (Emes Chemistry) company. Its density is only 1.14-1.15 grams/cubic centimeter. 1/4 of the titanium, 1/8 of stainless steel, can float in high concentrations of saline, wear -resistant and high temperature resistance, and the toughness can also be automatically recovered after a large toughness. Food -grade materials are currently the most widely used mirror shelf materials. However, the strength of the TR-90 material is lower than that of titanium alloys, so it will thicken the alloy, resulting in the overall quality and titanium alloy.

6. PC (polycarbonate)

Raypeng PC mirror frame

PC (polycarbonate) is a plastic plate. The PC mirror frame has high strength, high hardness, and is not easy to deform. The disadvantage is obviously small toughness. It is difficult to adapt to the head curve and easy to break. A metal wire will be added to increase the toughness, which is not in the injection mirror frame. The color of the PC mirror frame is rich in color and can be made into translucent, so it is often used in sunglasses or fashion and decorative glasses.


7. Monkey Monel

Monbiel alloy is a kind of nickel -copper alloy, which also contain metals such as iron and manganese. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high strength, and strong welding. However, its density is as high as 8.9 grams/cubic centimeter Moreover, the electroplating process of many manufacturers is backward, easy to get off, and the composition of this alloy is more complicated, and the chance of allergies is relatively high.


8. Injection

Injection mirror frame is a mirror frame with resin injection molding. This material is cheaper than the plate frame frame. The frame frame is soft and flexible. It can be seen at the binding of the template. There is a metal wire like the plate. It is mostly used in sunglasses. Optical glasses are generally not recommended to choose this.


If you are just a puppet, go directly to the brand -name pure titanium. If you can’t afford pure titanium, you have a titanium and want to pursue cost -effectiveness and choose titanium alloy. Its performance will not be worse than titanium. It will be cheaper than pure titanium (such as Z titanium). Others such as TR-90, memory alloys, and PC boards can also be selected. As for Monanor and injection, I don’t recommend it. In addition, there are some combined frames that make different parts with different materials. This is generally considering the reduction in cost or appearance requirements.

Form of glasses frame:


According to the installation method of the lens, the frame can be divided into full frames, half frames, frameless, eyebrow frames

1. Full -frame glasses


The full -frame glasses are all wrapped in frames around the lens. The advantage is that the fixation of the lens is firm and not easy to fall off. The frame is fixed through the screws, so it can easily unscrew the screw to clean or replace the lens. But the disadvantage is that there are half a box, and the weight of the glasses has increased. Fashion glasses, decorative glasses, and sunglasses are generally full -frame glasses. Full -frame glasses give people a sense of calmness. Frames can cover the thickness of the lens well, so it is suitable for height lenses.

2. Half -frame glasses

The upper part of the lens of the half -frame glasses is fixed by the frame of the frame, and the lower part is fixed with a ribbon. After half a frame, the weight will be lighter than the full frame, but the firmness is lower than that of the full frame. The lens is more difficult to remove and require special tools. Half -frame glasses give people a sense of Sven.

3. Frameless glasses


As the name suggests, frameless glasses are that the lens is not fixed by the frame, but the punching on the lens through the screws from the mirror legs, which greatly reduces the weight of the frame, and can greatly reduce the effect of the glasses on the shape. However, the overall stability of frameless glasses is not good, and it is prone to deformation. All the external forces received by glasses will be concentrated on fixed screws. The lenses are easily damaged. The protective lens without mirror frames is also easy to wear. In addition, the side of the lens is all exposed, so it is not suitable for lenses with high thickness and thickness. Otherwise, it is easy to make people feel bulky from the side.


Uncle Qiao is a loyal fan of frameless glasses

4, eyebrow frame

The eyebrow frame is only the top frame. The lens does not need to be punching, but it is fixed on the upper frame through the silk thread. Most of the external forces are endured by the frame without being passed on to the lens. Like frameless and not suitable for height lenses.

Form of the rhinoscopy of the glasses frame:

There are three types of nasal support. There are fixed forms and activity types.


Fixed nasal support

The fixed formula is generally used on the plate frame, the nasal support and the frame are formed in one. The nasal trustees use the same material as the frame as the frame. It is more convenient to maintain it. The biggest disadvantage of dirt does not need to be cleaned frequently. The biggest disadvantage is that the nasal support angle cannot be adjusted, and the nose bridge cannot be well fit.

Ray Peng activity nose


The active nasal trachatic can be used as a screw as a axis. It can be automatically adjusted by 20-60 degrees according to the shape of the bridge of the nose. It can ensure that the entire nose support is evenly pressed on the bridge of the nose, ensuring the uniform pressure on the pressure of the bridge of the nose and reducing local pressure. But the disadvantage is that it is necessary to check the tightness of the screws frequently. The pile box that fix the nasal support is prone to dirty things. It should be cleaned frequently. In particular, if the bracket uses rusty stainless steel or copper alloy, it is even more difficult to clean up. The silicone material generally used in nasal support is easy to yellow after a long time, which will affect the beauty, and it will be replaced for a while.

Nasal -free mirror rack


Nasal -free mirror frames are mostly used on metal frames, which are generally matched with round mirror frames. They look more retro. Because there is no nasal support, its structure is simple, easy to take care of, and the nose looks better, but it is in the nose, but it is in it, but it is in the nose, but it is in it, but it is also better. The domestic nasal -free type is relatively rare, because the nasal -free mirror frame is not suitable for the Chinese, and the bridge of the Chinese nose is not highly flat. Frame frame,

First of all, you have to have a high nose bridge

Harry Potter is wearing a nasal -free mirror frame


Glasses rack mirror foot style:


The mirror feet are also called mirror legs. Depending on the material of the frame, the mirror feet also have different shapes. The metal -based frame is made finely because the mirror feet are made, so the mirror feet of the metal frame will have plastic or silicone at the end. The leg cover is used to increase the contact area of ​​the mirror leg and the head, and the frame of the plate, T-90 or plastic frame is thicker because its mirror leg itself is relatively thick, and there is no need to add another leg cover.

Legless latch

Has a mirror

Because the material of the mirror feet will have different elasticity. Generally speaking, the greater the elasticity, the softer, the better, the elasticity of the metal material is relatively large, so the range of adjustment can be relatively large. Comfortable, and the board is basically irregular. When buying, pay attention to try to choose the most comfortable model. If you buy it, you cannot adjust it after buying it.

This is a breakthrough in the material restrictions, and the flexibility of the frame is used to the extreme. It looks very happy.

Glasses rack size selection:


Generally, you do n’t need to worry about the size problem when buying a frame to buy a frame. You only need to try it. You can choose which size, and the size of the online shopping needs to know that the size is placed.





The size of the frame is generally identified on the inside of the mirror leg. For example, the size of Raypeng’s glasses is above. The RB5528 represents the model of this glasses. 5076 represents the color number.Representative size, 53 representing the width of the lens, 17 represents the width of the bridge of the nose, and 140 represents the length of the mirror leg. You only need to measure the size you need to buy now.

Speaking so much, the next article talks about the lens.

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