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Central Nervous System

CT and MRI image interpretation


(Version 2)

Highlights of this book

● The first edition was published 7 years ago, and successively


India 5 times

, All sold out. According to readers’ feedback, this version retains the structural mode of the previous version, adding new diseases, new understanding, and new technologies



9 chapters


, Comprehensively and detailed introduction

251 species


Common and some central nervous system diseases with certain image characteristics CT and MRI manifestations

● Each typical cases are explained in the format of brief medical history, imaging performance, final diagnosis, medical records and clinical characteristics, CT and MRI characteristics, differential diagnosis and brief discussion, with a large number of CT and MRI pictures,


Inopic, clear, and closely fit clinical


June 2017

People’s Health Press

New publication

The main editor is full of crown people Zhang Ji

Deputy editor -in -chief Wang Yali Zhong Hongbo in the friend Yuan Tao


I s b n 978-7-117-24437-4

Main editor

All -crowd

Doctor of Clinical Medicine (MD) and post -doctoral, chief physician, professor, master’s tutor. He is currently the Deputy Director of the Imaging Department of the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University and the Deputy Director of the Imaging Education and Research Office of the Second Clinical College. He is also a member of the Hebei Provincial Radiation Society, the deputy chairman of the Imaging Professional Committee of the Hebei Provincial Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Society, a member of the Imaging Professional Committee of the Hebei Provincial Anti -Cancer Association, a member of the Shijiazhuang Radiation Society, an expert from the Hebei Provincial Medical Accident Appraisal Committee, and a Professional Disease Prevention Professional Committee of Hebei Province. Training experts. “Chinese Medical Imaging Magazine”, “Radiology Practice”, “International Medicine Radiology Magazine”, “China CT and MRI Magazine”, “Practical Imaging Magazine” editor -in -chief. Organization.

33 years in imaging. Published 10 monographs and published more than 200 articles such as the core journals and reviews. Cultivate 15 graduate students. Won five provincial scientific research results, 3 first prizes of Hebei Medical Science and Technology Award, 1 second prize, 1 third prize of Hebei Province, and 3 city -level outstanding thesis awards. Three items of the subject.



Photography Chief Physician, Master’s Tutor. He is currently the director of the Department of Imaging Department of Hefei Hospital of Anhui Medical University, Director of the Imaging Department of the Second People’s Hospital of Hefei City, and Director of the Magnetic Resonance Center. He is also a member of the Molecular and Functional Imaging Professional Committee of the Anhui Medical Association, a member of the Radiology Professional Committee of the Anhui Medical Association, a member of the Medical Imaging Professional Committee of the Anhui Hospital Management Association, a member of the Imaging Professional Committee of the Anhui General Medicine Society, and a member of the Hefei Fresh Society. Essence An expert in the configuration and procurement argumentation of Class B medical equipment in Anhui Province. Expert Team (Film Network) Expert Team (Film) Expert in Anhui Province.

He has been engaged in medical imaging diagnosis for 30 years. The Anhui Provincial Foreign Aid Medical Team, who has participated in the selection of the Ministry of Health, was commended by the aid country. There are 5 editor -in -chief and editor -in -chief, published more papers, reviews, and case reports in the core journal. He has won 1 provincial scientific research achievement, 2 Municipal Medical Science and Technology Progress Awards, and 4 Awards in Anhui Natural Science Science. Two projects.

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