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In the previous article, I was recognized by everyone. It is not extensive enough to be involved in clothing, and the fashion field is not as good as many friends.

It is worth buying Tibetan Dragon Crouching Tigers, and the comment area expresses its opinions. In addition, some brands have forgotten to introduce such as GU and C & A. Some style differences such as Hailan House and Decathlon. Recently, I just happened to catch up with the 618th promotion. I boldly and the serious recommendation of your big brothers based on your own understanding and half of the solutions. He codensed a 618 men’s shopping recommendation. I hope everyone can buy appropriate clothes.

1. Uniqlo


Uniqlo is still the first choice for who is a must -have for lazy people.

Although Uniqlo often has a good price, the promotion is constant, but the scale and intensity are far less than the two shopping festivals.

Although, there are rarely 50 % off items. I miss the promotion of two or three years ago. The single items are generally 50 % off, and some can even reach 40 % off. Tmall Manchuria and store coupons can be superimposed. Rest assured.

618 is still overlay 300-30 and the store 500-50. Some products have full reduction and full gifts, and the total discount is indeed very cost -effective.

However, it takes early morning to fight for speed, and the inventory of Uniqlo is elusive. With the vast audience, it is recommended to make full reduction first, pay directly in the early morning, or make a few more backups. Because, in addition to the speed of the hand, this is always good, otherwise the activity is often hot and then waited for a while, and then there are various codes shortage.

Uniqlo’s first choice is the U series. “In the case of taking into account daily comfort, remove the complicated decoration to give people a simple sense of advanced.”

Simple and refreshing, and good quality,


Although the quality of denim is not as good as before, it is still very cost -effective. YKK’s zipper and buttons are safe and smooth, the cable is densely compact, and the workmanship is almost unconvinced. There is no obvious gap with everyone’s common Levi’s and Lee. Denim shirts can be considered, denim jackets and jeans are recommended.

And the base of the Airism series,

Light and refreshing, smooth touch, wear one when running and fitness, comfortable and comfortable, sweat and dry and dry, let you say goodbye to sweat, stay away from tightly stuffing. Take a look at the publicity of the flagship store.

Of course, you can also buy the Heattech underwear series on the back season.

In addition to keeping warm, the texture is soft and elastic, and it can also allow you to avoid the trouble of static electricity. I am in Guangzhou, two sets of Heattech spend the best winter perfectly, comfortable and thin, without the slightest bloated feeling, my mother no longer has to worry about me not wearing autumn pants.


In the end, you can also consider the UT series. The joint names of various big names will definitely make everyone addicted.

The perfect combination of trends and versatile breaks through Uniqlo’s simple crickets, and takes you to appreciate the charm of big names. Of course, the only thing that needs to be worried is to hit the shirt.


2. GU


Many brothers still feel that Uniqlo is a bit expensive, so I want to be cheap and sufficient, dress chic and less money, just go shopping.

The short T of six or seventy yuan, almost all of the discounts are 49. It is expected that 618 can achieve lower prices. What can I do for thirty or forty dollars now? A pack of cigarettes, two ice cream, a simple lunch? It is a low price Taobao. I believe that I can’t find much to get it down. I also have to worry about poor quality. The version is not available.

GU can perfectly solve your troubles.

There are almost all the basic models of Uniqlo, but the price is much cheaper. It is a perfect and cheap perfect injection.

Although the style is not as rich as Uniqlo, it covers all basic models, including jackets, sweaters, sweaters, shirts, T, various pants, etc. Each item is common to everyone’s wardrobe, each single item is all items, each item is all items, and each item is item. Simple to unique, but these common items can take you through spring, summer, autumn and winter.


GU usually has a lot of cost-effective gathering, and there are big discounts every few months. 618, Double 11 is full of speed. While it is very low discount, it is overlated with 200-10, 300-20, and days over the store. The cat’s full 300-30, how is it cost-effective, cheap and easy to wear, you will not buy distress at all.

Moreover, compared to the popularity of Uniqlo 618, GU is much more friendly. Select the right product carefully to make full discounts. Generally, you do n’t have to worry about shortcomings. However, the reputation of GU has gradually increased in the past two years. I don’t know if the situation of 618 this year is still less intense.

GU’s pants are my favorite. It is not much different from Uniqlo, including style and quality, so it is very suitable for stocking. Previously, the value friend recommended a pair of pants- “314458, cone -shaped loose pants, there is a sense of vertical, not easy to stick to hair, fat and thin body, ordinary wearing folding pants feet, it is very versatile and not limited by a single style. Usually 149, activity price 79 “

At present, the flagship store is out of stock, and it is expected that it will be replenished at 618. However, it should be noted that the fabric of this pants is mainly polyester fiber, and the brothers who mind are cautious. Although, I have always felt that polyester fibers are not inappropriate, cheap and worry -free. In addition, I bought a pair of human -shaped pants, tailored and neat, perfect pants, wearing a faint retro elegance on my body, elegant and funny. I wrote here, reminding me of the TV series “Gang Detective” I watched a few days ago!


It’s almost this feeling. Other pants are also worth seeing, after all, it is really cheap.


However, when shopping online, you must learn to judge your own size. In addition, you can read more comments. Finally, it is important for freight insurance.

The second is his sweater. Simple, casual and versatile. Choosing a solid color, whether it is single or inside, is extremely suitable, not picky, no temper, casual and comfortable. The cost -effective price is very suitable, 59,79, if you don’t worry, you can wait quietly for the arrival of 618. However, pay attention to the colors that are too young, and the uncle who is the same as me should choose carefully.

I bought a set of GU pajamas. After washing many times, I was still fine and delicate, and we can refer to it.

Others, such as jackets, shirts, short T, are worth buying and purchased. After all, the color matching and the version are not lost to other brands at all. It’s right.


Moreover, even if you do n’t buy it, the official website and flagship store of Gu are worth visiting. I have learned a lot of dressing skills from here. Although I usually go to work, I still have shirts and trousers, unchanged!

3. Maxwin Mawei

This is a fast -fashion brand that focuses on the foundation and comfortable fast fashion brand. This is a brand that is easily ignored and forgotten. This is a brand recommended by many friends.


After all, it is the foundry of Uniqlo, and it is also the foundry Adi Nike, so the technology and strength are placed there. I later learned that Mawei’s background was Shenzhou International, and it was not surprising that everything was. Shenzhou International’s finished product processing has always been a benchmark existence in the industry, and fabric research and development have been at the forefront. The quality of the brand, the self -made brand, is naturally not too bad, and the style has also been guaranteed in the perennial ears.

However, I do n’t know why, Shenzhou International has not invested too much about the brand, and the marketing promotion has not tried it. Even the design is a lot of taste. Essence

Of course, it is not a good thing for consumers. In the case of almost no premium, Mawei’s cost performance has reached the extreme. I only bought one POLO, the fabric is solid, the car is meticulous, and the version is very good, which is especially suitable for ordinary people like me.


Mawei’s Tmall flagship store is relatively strong, often with 100-30,300-100. 618 will have a coupon of 200-50 and 500-150. It is the most intense among this flagship store I have seen currently. In this case, 300-30 Tmall is superimposed, big conscience. Although it is a bit difficult to make up for 500, after all, their clothes are really cheap.


Ma Wei recommends POLO or short T. Polo said above, the quality passed, without deformation after washing, coupled with refreshing color matching and versatile shapes, buying two summer commutes is simply a perfect match. In the same way, you can match it at will. It is necessary to go out of the street at home. Ordinary people do not feel distressed when they close their eyes.

Now the flagship store is pushing the cotton and linen series, which looks very refreshing. And this little guy is also very energetic. Of course, it is very dry to see people’s faces! I don’t know if my short frustration can support this kind of temperament.


However, considering cotton and linen, it is indeed a must -have in summer, sweat -absorbing and breathable, comfortable and clean, and the summer is perfect. Because of the characteristics of cotton and linen, there will be some folds. Consider it before buying. However, as long as you pay attention to cold water and do not twist too much, you can still ensure the quality.


I went around the official website and flagship store, and I also read a lot of comments. A few pants looked good, and the price was appropriate. When 618, the shorts were estimated to be about 30, and the trousers would not be higher than 80. At that time Try a few to see if the quality is really perfect as online.

In addition, I found that the 29,39 ladies in their shops were very good -looking and young and clean. I have begun to imagine what my wife looks like after wearing it.

In the end, Ma Wei is mainly based on the basic models. There is no place where it is too picky. The color is mainly black and white and gray. It is also affected by Uniqlo. I bought too little quality, and the evaluation is inevitable. At the same time, the brand is low and low in price, and it will also make people misunderstand that the goods are the ground. Please grasp it by yourself. I think that men’s clothes, as long as they are simple and comfortable, reasonable, and the quality can be passed. A dozen pieces of T can be worn, and thousands of shirts do not matter.

Four, C & A

The popularity of CA in China is not very high. A few years ago, I thought it was an expensive brand like A & F. It was not until later that the uncle was brave to visit the specialty store. Essence So, I bought two Ts T, plus a total of less than 100 yuan.

As for the quality, I think about how to describe it. It is enough to wear it for a year or two. It is difficult to guarantee it. Of course, this is not the most important thing. I have always been in a neutral attitude towards CA, mainly because of quality control. That is, the quality of his clothes is too difficult to grasp, and it is not easy to describe. For example, the two short sleeves I bought, one of them, I worn for a few years, the neckline is perfect, and there is no deformation of the hem. It is flat every summer, and it is perfect after washing. But the other one is poor, not to say that there is a deformation off the line. The biggest problem is that the position of the label behind the neck and the neck has broken a small hole after multiple washing. Deadly.


Generally speaking, the cost -effectiveness of CA is still very good. Due to the discounts of all year round, the price is very reasonable and the quality is also good. It’s just that the style of some clothes is too casual, and some design pursue fashion, which is not necessarily suitable for everyone. You can buy according to your needs.

CA’s Tmall flagship store has a coupon of 249-30, 449-80, and 618 can also overlap Tmall’s full reduction, which is still very good. It’s just that the threshold is too high, which is difficult to achieve for summer costumes.


CA’s clothes are very polarized, and I can’t appreciate some clothes. Such as this trend vest.

There are also this big print and thick stripes. and many more.


The CA family recommends pants. Note that it is pants or cropped pants. Good quality, decent cutting, style. Don’t buy his shorts, otherwise you will regret it.

You can also try his bags, unique shapes, high quality, face and capacity, dirt resistance and abrasion, back one to show your unique charm.

In the end, the CA also has a joint model. Disney has many styles, and its own characteristics. These co -branded models are really a clear stream in many clothes. The design is generous and natural. It abandons the pattern of Huari’s whistle. It looks low -key and connotative, simple and fashionable. This is what the normal short T should have. Moreover, the biggest advantage of wearing a joint model of his family is that the probability of hitting shirts is much lower.


So, when you encounter your favorite, hurry up.

5. Fanke Eslite

I am full of prejudice against this brand. The reason is that when the university, a classmate should be an agent, it should be the kind of campus agent. A group of our poor students take care of business and really buy a lot of things, what shirts, short T, jeans and the like.


I bought a pair of canvas shoes, and it was difficult to wear it to death. After taking a trip to the courier to the heel, it was worn out. The classmates also claimed that they were comfortable and burst, and they didn’t need to wear socks at all. Essence Essence Essence I put two breaks in socks for a long time, and every time I was dark. Although there are a few Two of T, the quality of the 29 yuan bought by a small partner is not bad, it can still be unable to recover its low impression in my mind.


Until this time, many friends check in Fanke Eslite. In my attitude of seeking objectively, I consulted the agent classmates who hadn’t contacted for a long time.

“Fanke? I didn’t do it for a long time. At first, the quality declined seriously. It was all returned. Later, the customer service disappeared, and our group was pitted.”


“We will not work when we graduate. I do n’t know if the head is sold in the water.

“Every object is quite hot, that’s not the streets. I only represent myself, like you, am I from Fanke? Haha, don’t you still take a movie!”

“Nirvana is reborn? Can’t you, as far as his chaotic product line and blind positioning? Not to mention the upside -down express delivery.”

I hung up the phone and felt that I did not have a history of Fanke Eslite. Unfortunately, sad, sorry!

Fan Ke Eslite made a major decision in 2014. After pain, he did not give up this endangered brand, changed his mind, continued to adjust, and embarked on the boutique line. As for whether Dongshan will come back, this will not be discussed.


The important thing is that after the boutique route, is the quality improved with the increase in price, and is the design upgraded with the change of the route?


Quality, I can’t judge, but from the design of the flagship store alone, it has been considered a lot. The price did not die in the mid -to -high end as everyone said.

618 will still be a full reduction in Tmall after discounts, and the intensity will be great. At this time, start with one or two short T. Polo or solid color shirt.

To be honest, the face value of Fanke Eslite is one of the best among domestic brands. The foundation is versatile, fresh and natural. It is simple to buy one casually. In this hot summer day, absolutely cool down.

As for his hottest canvas shoes, although it is said to have a comfortable model to choose from to ensure soft and comfortable, the psychological shadow is not so easy to erase. In addition, there are too few opportunities to wear canvas shoes. I will not try anymore.

Finally, I recommend the Jiguo -martial arts shirt that everyone is recommended

It should be the highest -end series of Fanke. It can be seen from the price to see its ambition and attitude.


However, the price of nearly 500 is indeed a bit out of expectation. Even if your positioning of the brand has improved, the audience has almost solidified, and the product positioning has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. I only hope that its design, tailoring, and materials can afford consumers’ trust.

In fact, I sincerely hope that every customer can be made into a domestic Uniqlo.

6. Me & City


The high -end of the United States is also a brand that has never tried because of deep -rooted prejudice.

Many valuable friends appreciated me & city. I deliberately went to the specialty store to turn around. The price directly persuaded a piece of ordinary T to cost 200 yuan. Is this the United States I met before?


I went around for a while before realizing that for so many years, did I have misunderstood Duanmu? This brand is indeed only his grade.

However, ME & City is indeed one of the few brands that look comfortable, the overall light and dry brand.


It is simple and not a simple basic model. Through some unique details and exquisite tailoring, it outlines the feeling of urban elite. The fabric is more sophisticated and full of texture. As for the quality, it will not be evaluated.


Make simplicity into the highest form of exquisiteness, I think this is where ME & City succeeds. I hope it should not be simply positioned in China ’s Uniqlo, domestic ZARA and the like. With the current design and tailoring, he can become a unique Me & City and a unique itself. I hope it can break the cocoon into a butterfly and get rid of the cricket brought by the United States.


Seven, Senma, Chun, Meibang, etc.

These older brothers are similar in style, and even the development and transformation are almost the same.


The style is much more elegant, although it is still like the cow ghost and snake.

The price is not much different, which is a relatively low gear. The material can only be said that the poor people are intended. It is obviously not as good as Uniqlo ME & City.


After all, design, quality and price can often only have two at the same time.


In these few, without considering the quality, it should be based on pure> Meibang> Senma, which is just similar to the price.

Therefore, when encountering 618, these brands can also be selected. After all, the price is cheap, and the style is not so rustic. Wearing it on your body will still not stop you from becoming the most beautiful babies on the entire street.

Some people may ask, why do I recommend similar Benny Road and Zandanu, instead of these brands? Well, how do you say, mainly because Benny Ludanu is selling too cheap in Guangzhou, cheap enough to ignore his design of his tailoring, not to mention that their quality is really good.


8. Chengyi, Decathlon, etc.

Chengyi is also very good, but there is no flagship store at present, and the 618 major promotion may have a little loss.

I really can’t accept the style of Hailan House, let’s recommend it.

Decathlon is my favorite counters before. It has complete goods, quality and low quality and low service, perfect service, and touching marketing concepts. There are too many recommended items in his family. It is worth buying and a special draft. You can refer to it.


As for the other Mark Huafi, GXG, ah, ah, and talked about it.


Nine, summarize


This code is much more effort than the previous article. Most of the previous one is the brand you are familiar with, so it is almost relying on Malco and hand in hand. In this article, many brands have not understood in -depth and do not want to misunderstand their children.

At the beginning, I also said that this article is recommended by a strong value friend, condensing everyone’s efforts. I just have a simple summary. If there are mistakes, please correct me.

I hope you can buy well -known clothes when you chop your hands 618! thanks.

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