According to survey statistics from milk powder circles, the size of the infantile sheep milk powder market in my country in 2021 was about 11 billion, and Song Liang, an independent dairy analyst, mentioned that “in 2021, the entire sheep milk powder market is about 50-1 billion in the children’s sheep milk powder market. Regarding, there are about 35-4 billion adult sheep milk powder. “The market share of adult sheep milk powder accounts for more than 20%of the total amount of goat milk powder. It can be seen that its importance to the development of goat milk powder cannot be ignored. However, in the process of rapid development of the adult sheep milk powder, some problems also need to be solved, especially in terms of marketing!

Recently, a food store in Jingning County, Zhejiang Province was suspected of false propaganda in its conference promotional sales of “Royal Leibao Yuan” goat milk powder, and there was a risk of preventing and controlling the epidemic, and was fined 150,000 yuan. It is understood that law enforcement officers found in the laptop computers used on the spot, and found that “common problems with the elderly -cold hands and feet are cold, because the blood of qi deficiency, blood deficiency, and kidney deficiency are not running well, insufficient blood volume, cold hands and feet- – Come to a cup of propaganda content.

In the end, Jingning County Market Supervision Bureau determined:

Article 8 of the parties Li’s violation of the “Anti -Unfair Competition Law” stipulates that “the operator shall not make false or misunderstandings of the performance, functions, quality, sales status, user evaluation, and misunderstanding of their products. , Misacked Consumers “,

Li ordered Li to stop illegal acts immediately.

On the one hand, the incident involves sales, and on the other hand, it involves false propaganda, both of which can be described as the hardest hit areas for the adult sheep milk powder market.


Especially for some goat milk stores, there are not a few stores that have been faked because they will sell false propaganda. This phenomenon is the main period of high incidence in the past two years. For example, sheep Family Food Stores in a place in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Hebei had been ordered to stop illegal acts due to false propaganda in the conference. Refusing to cooperate with the investigation, he was fined 1 million yuan; a health food store in Xiamen City in the form of sales, using the name and image of doctors to propagate goat milk powder to have a therapeutic effect on various diseases, etc.

Behind the endless propaganda incident of adult sheep milk powder,

On the one hand, the sales channels for the adult sheep milk powder market are yet to be regulated and the operator’s awareness of publicity is weaker.

For this point, some maternal and infant shops are increasing the layout of adult milk powder, including adult sheep milk powder. Consumers need suggestions to go to the mother and baby store to buy;


On the other hand, it also reflects the market’s better development prospects.

Regarding the development of adult sheep milk powder, no matter

Consumption space, goat milk itself, or market voices and cognition improvement, all show its positive trend.

For example, in terms of consumption space, the Chinese economic data released by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that in 2021, the 10.62 million newborn population in my country continued to show a downward trend compared with 12 million in 2020; 9.92 million over the previous year, aging is still intensifying. Coupled with the healthy upsurge of the epidemic, adults attach more and more attention to nutrition and health.

From the perspective of the natural advantages of goat milk itself, the advantages of natural small molecules and easy absorption of goat milk can better meet the needs of adults for some nutrition and health.

As the independent dairy analyst Song Liang said: “Sheep milk powder or goat milk products, its focus may not be in infants and young children, and in the field of adult fields and professional nutritional foods. Because of protein molecules, natural milk in sheep milk The protein molecule is much smaller than beef, and the content of minerals in sheep milk is higher than cow milk. “

From the perspective of market voices, with the increase of adult sheep milk powder products and the successive entry of strong dairy companies, the adult sheep milk powder market has attracted more attention from everyone, and the market has shown a better development trend.

Yili Beibei, Jiabei Eita series, Blue River Platinum and Blue Gold, He’s National Power Series, Middle -aged and elderly Middle -aged and Elderly Multi -Aid high calcium, Jane New Beltin peptide, Micri -Yuan Memory, etc. Common adult goat milk powder. And it is worth noting that with the development of the goat milk powder market, the strengthening of many brands of consumer education has enhanced consumers’ awareness of sheep milk powder, and the awareness of adult sheep milk powder has also improved.

In general, the future of the adult sheep milk powder market is undoubtedly worth looking forward to. However, in addition to the long -term problems in marketing publicity,

Brandization and standardization are also the key to the development of adult sheep milk powder.

From the perspective of adult goat milk powder brands, the overall market of Shaanxi goat dairy companies is good, but there is no leading brand in adult sheep milk powder at present, which also means greater opportunities.

With the improvement of consumer brand awareness, the adult sheep milk powder market will also usher in their own head brands to a certain extent, but in the end, whether the category precipitant breakout or the strength of the dairy company will win. Essence



Judging from the current adult sheep milk powder products, the product is grimly homogeneous and the formula is relatively single. It is undoubtedly a major trend in the future development.

For example, Jiabei Aite Camp Jiayang milk powder was certified as low GI foods, while low GI foods are more friendly to high -sugar people; a few days ago, Australia and South China Agricultural University jointly completed the “goat checked enzyme solution method to produce blood pressure peptides. Research and efficacy evaluation “projects, etc., we can see that everyone’s research on goat milk is further deepening, and will also be further fed back to the application of adult goat milk powder products.

In the future, with adult goat milk powder gradually

Standardized, branding and functionalization

For the development, adult goat milk powder will also promote the development of the entire market of sheep milk powder, accelerating the realization of goat milk powder or even higher scale.

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