Most of the girls in spring still put on stockings honestly, and then paired with trousers, but the matching methods of stockings with trousers are afraid that they will feel when they change the season.


But this kind of combination is actually very basic and


How to show the trend and fashion in the spring season, then the style of the boots must be the most


Essence Compared with conservative wear, feminine over -the -knee boots must be the most attractive. While the weather was still cold, I quickly passed through the knee boots. Spring is more suitable for knee boots, simple matching is beautiful

It is a bit charming and charming.

So this issue will be shared for everyone, about

Over -the -knee boot

The matching is full of long legs for girls, and even wearing it when it is suitable for light legs.

The matching rule of over -the -knee boots

Gray -knee boots


If girls want to match


Then, in the matching season, most of them are mainly spring seasons. Compared with other shoes, boots, its formal sense and temperament style are stronger than other shoes, so girls want to show a more elegant side. Boot to match.


In order to cooperate with the refreshing temperament in spring, when choosing a coat, try to choose and have


Elegant temperament style

Matching coat. For example, the windbreaker often worn in spring, long jackets and over -the -knee boots and exposed legs are beautiful, and it looks high -level.

Printing over -the -knee boots

When the eyebrows choose the style of the knee boots, most of them will actually choose

Mainly of solid color basic models,

In the basic style. Add some

Elements of metal texture, just

It is already a very unique design. In fact, over -the -knee boots can also be matched with print patterns.

On the print pattern, it is not a traditional printing pattern. Most of them are based on

animal picture

To perform. So on the knee boots, if you want to use

Tedious and individual

If the pattern is expressed, most of them will present a

Wild charm.

The upper body must choose a gray clothing, because the gray itself has a certain sense of calmness, no matter what kind of print pattern is matched, it will be very tolerant. Wearing more artistic effects in spring.

Sweate+brown -knee long boots

You can also be used as one


take. In addition to matching the basic model

Over -the -knee long

Boots can also be paired with pile of over -the -knee boots. compared to

Classic style comes

Say, this style will give people a visual one

Folding element

Su, so it will be more fashionable.

This fold element will become a kind of

Messy style


, Give more one is one

Unruly qi

quality. In the upper body, because the knee boots are based on the knee boots


In the upper body match, don’t match too positive

Formula. want

The clothing that matches the knee -high boots, such as the style of the sweater, will be more light and fashionable. With a denim skirt in spring, the temperament is also very literary.

Pink over -the -knee boots

You can also match some brighter with knee boots

Color color scheme,


For example, the pink -knee boots, in fact, you can choose the shiny fabric, so

The pink style will be more gorgeous

Korea. Many girls will feel that this gorgeous style will make the image change

Dull and old -fashioned

Essence In fact, the best showing the skin must be the skin of the face, so the general impact

Skin color clothing


Most of them are expressed in the matching of the above body.

Instead, the sense of fashion and collision of pink over -the -knee boots is also very eye -catching. In spring with a floral skirt, beautifully reflects the temperament of the season.

Black knee boots

If the little fairies want to put out the overall image, more

Stylish modern

Essence Try to choose the basic black of the knee boots, and then match a tight -fitting one

Blue jeans,


This overall style will look more modern. The blue color of jeans will not give people a heavy impression in spring.

In terms of the color of the top, try to be consistent with the color of the boots. In this way, the overall color cooperation will not show very

Diversified style.

Such a high -level temperament will not be weakened. Such a combination will also have a modern sense of fashion. It is the most popular match in French style matching.

Black velvet over -the -knee boots

When the beauty chooses knee boots, in addition to the leather -knee boots that are often worn everyday, you can also choose


of. Compared to leather, the velvet texture will be more available


It is also more successful than the style of the leather

Stable qi

The quality and leather style are more fashionable.

The velvet style presents more artistic style. Therefore, if girls want the overall temperament, they have a certain improvement, and on the choice of over -knee long boots fabrics, the velvet is more high -profile. There are more.

If the girls are on the fabric of the knee boots, it has laid

The foundation of velvet, then

The overall match is consistent with the style of velvet. The style of the velvet comes with is mature and stable, and there will be a

Some glamorous and sexuality

Feeling, try to match clothing according to this elegant style.

Then choosing a delicate skirt must be the best. When choosing a long skirt, try not to cover the boots. If you choose a long skirt, it cannot show the charm of the knee boots. The style of short skirts will be better matched with over -the -knee long skirts, and the thighs will look refreshing and charming. The texture of the velvet will also be amplified.

I will introduce the matching of the knee long skirt. I hope that through this article, you can find the inspiration to match the knee boots. Don’t wear it in spring, and it is too hot to wear in summer.

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