The boom faded and chilling. The wear in 2021 is a thorough wave with T -shirt+shorts. Then don’t forget the trench coat in the first jacket in the early autumn.


Wind coat to women is a derivative body of temperament, and a sublimation on the road of fashion. Especially after 30+and 40+, for such women, like a guide on the road, you will always think of what you should wear tomorrow: Oh! I also have a trench coat to wear!


Therefore, some people always lament that the fashion of the early autumn must be given by a trench coat ~ It is high -level, it is more capable, and it is gentle …

Trench coat selection

To satisfy all the attributes of the windbreaker, you must choose the right choice of windbreaker. Otherwise, the way to match it will wear yourself into a matching “negative example”. Next, let’s take a look at the style of the trench coat according to the style. According to the event and style, the windbreaker version is determined. How should we choose:

①: minimalist, capable, elegant style

Simple wind coat matching,

The intention is simple, daily but not restricted


Essence Then we can choose according to these features when selecting money and matching.

Put on the occasion:


Work and life are not wrong. The selection of models follows minimalist and capable, so it has a greater probability that it can present an elegant and fashionable dress texture in combination.

Matching details:

Based on the basic model as minimalist wear, then with the color harmony, windbreaker and other items, it seems just right to decorate each other.


②: retro, literary and gentle wind

The biggest difference between the gentle trench coat and other style of trench coat is the color of the trench coat and the combination of the trench coat. The color of the trench coat is mainly “old” color. The color is low -saturated in a large area, the color is not bright, and the material is mostly cotton trench coat, and the literary style feels stronger.

Every weekend, holidays, gentle and literary trench coats have a higher rate of appearance.

The windbreaker will be combined with the popular items with retro wind. The color of the inside mostly is mostly low -saturated floral floral. The silhouettes are not tough, the lines of lines are weak, and the materials are mostly soft.

③: Leisure, casual, street wind


Wearing is not restrained, there is an unrestrained comfort, but it is not “chaotic”, because the street style is focused on leisure and casual. detail.

: Go out of the street, go shopping and get along with each other for many years, three or five friends, and the windbreaker of the street style can definitely make you appear in front of them.

With the windbreaker, the street wind also has its rules to find. The clothes version can be relaxed appropriately, but it must be relaxed and more diverse.

Trench coat color chapter

When it comes to the color coat, it should not just consider whether this color is suitable for you. When we get a trench coat we like, do we first consider some kind of coloring suitable for me? It also needs to rely on skin tone and makeup details to comprehensively decide.

Bai, yellow, and black can be worn “white” color matching

The skin tone is divided into warm and warm, warm and warm skin tone, and it can be classified as white, yellow, and dull skin. However, in terms of the core, the essence is still “white”, which enhances the sense of fashion and has the versatile characteristics of a trench coat. Then try this color matching.


①: Same color matching

The color matching of the same color is the most conservative, but it is the least challenging. We only need to understand two points in daily matching,

The first dark color is thin, and the second light color system is more white.


Based on these two points, the “white” color should try to choose the same color system as much as possible. Of course, the selected light -colored trench coat is not all set off skin tone. If it is not embellished with any makeup and details, whether your skin tone is cold or warm.


Blue, dogwood powder, beige, oat color, khaki color will set off skin tone. But the dark khaki color is not very skinny, and you must be cautious when choosing.

If you need makeup blessings, pay attention to the outline of the face lines, and highlight the lines of the facial features, then light coffee color and light gray, more skin tone.

②: contrasting color system

Regarding the contrasting color, if professional words are used to explain rigorously. It should be 180 degrees in the hue ring, which is often referred to as red, green, blue, and orange and blue. Obviously, it is blindly to inherit this color in the wear, and the matching effect is more counterproductive, and it is easy to step on the thunder.

So how to balance the contrasting color in the wear?

Still paying attention to the coordination of color matching

,for example:

Yellow+red, yellow+green are all contrasting colors, but the above two sets of wear, it is estimated that most people will think that yellow+green looks better and temperament. In fact, this can be explained by the color in the color ring.

Yellow+red, more in line with the contrasting color comparison in the color ring. But apparently this match was moved to wear, and both colors were too bright. This is like a contradiction between two people. No one wants to bow its head and only lose both.


But on the contrary, if one side is soft, there is no more contradictory explosion, just like yellow+green, bright yellow+low -saturated light green, the two colors are just coordinated.

Therefore, we can draw conclusions that the most coordinated matching matching of the contrasting color should be a bright and bright law. Then put the focus of its selection on the color to brighten the visual.


The combination of the windbreaker, wearing some older women, is nothing more than hovering between various basic models and slightly personalized models, shirts, T -shirts, half skirts, wide -leg pants, cigarette pants. Although these matching items are also the most common, it is also the beauty that requires details to show the match.


①: windbreaker, wearing big or small


In the end, no matter what type of matching you choose, please remember that the trench coat version you match is not enough to highlight the shape, easy to rusty, and not relax enough. If you can control your body, it is best to avoid too much slim trench coat.


The slightly silhouette A -shaped trench coat, the windbreaker version, cutting and design are very simple. It is matched with a relatively basic model inward, and it is not tight. Then choose the right pants to reflect the waistline.

②: The windbreaker is loose, and you can slim your body in the inside

After combining the windbreaker version mentioned earlier, there is also a focus on the trench coat. It doesn’t seem to be important in the inside, but how to combine it as a whole is very important, but often when we are matching, we always ignore it.

When choosing the trench coat, you need to make appropriate optimization according to your figure.

The loose the windbreaker, the more you want to repair it in the inside

Essence Especially the “big one size” wear, which is very popular at the moment, should be kept in mind.

And it is best to reflect the waistline in the inside. From a visual and beautiful perspective, there is a waistline in the inside, and the figure will be more curved. This is a cake for small, slightly fat girls, and tall people.

③: windbreaker, still look good in long style


This is mainly aimed at the small men’s matching crowd. In the fashion circle we are in our ears, the small man is like the popular BM wind in the past two years. Basically, the shorter the clothes, the higher the “brainwashing”.


But in fact, the style of the trench coat is slightly longer, and the proper dress length is also very beautiful.

For example, the length of the small trench coat is controlled in this range: the length of the clothes should not exceed the ankle, the short clothes should not be above the hips, and do not just have a flat position in the thigh.

The best length is 2 to 5 cm under knee

Essence A pair of high -heeled shoes match, choose the H version, X -shaped, and it is really super -style. You don’t have to worry about the height.

It is worth noting that the small girl chooses a trench coat. It is best to have a waistline visually. Remember to try to plug the inside in the clothes and create a sense of vision of the waistline, which will look even more high.

④: Pay attention to the embellishment of accessories

If the windbreaker version is based on the basic models, then it should be highlighted. But you have to spend the thoughts and accessories. You can be more outstanding in color, remember to match the bright+darkness mentioned earlier. Otherwise, it is easy to be too hard.

And the accessories do not have to blindly go on the responsibility of small and exquisite. It can be slightly exaggerated. For example, you can go to a certain treasure to find some accessories with original design. It has a bit more personality and trend. It looks more icing on the cake.

Well, here is here to share the windbreaker. The windbreaker, when you wear the right sense of fashion you want, will come together. What do you think?

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Put on the occasion:

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Matching details:

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