Once you enter the summer, summer dress has become the most concerned topic for fairies. People will be more cool and comfortable in summer. A “pajamas” is particularly popular nowadays, as the name suggests, it is the style of pajamas style. The pajamas are light and versatile, the texture is soft, has a sense of dangling, and looks lazy and casual in style. The fabrics used by pajamas are often ice -frustered, which not only feel comfortable, but also helps the skin breathable.

Let’s take a look at the correct way to wear pajamas!

TOP1, wave dot is pajamas clothing

One of the visual feelings given by the wave dot element is leisure home, so it has been widely used in pajamas. For example, the trendy and fine -dots below the pajamas are divided into two pieces of upper and lower sets. The upper installation uses the basic form of the shirt, but it is not too restrained to design the version. Pants are a strong straight pants, which can greatly meet the needs of the wearer’s comfort.

And this pajamas’s wave dots are dense and have a full thin function, allowing the fairies to sit on comfort and slimness.


When choosing a ripple dot pajamas, we must pay more attention to the characteristics of our own figure. If you are a fairy with a slightly fat body, try to choose a pajamas with a dark color and light -colored ripple dot. The color of the clothing will help you “lose weight”, and you can enhance the sense of fashion of the overall dress through the regular wave dot pattern. On the contrary, if you are a fairy with a thin body, you can boldly try the background color with light -colored and high -saturated wave dot decoration, which is eye -catching.

TOP2, solid color pajamas clothing


Pure -colored pajamas are the most classic in pajamas. The characteristics of single colors and simple styles allow most people to control it.


At present, the most popular is V -neck shirt pajamas, which can be small and sexy at the same time as easy and free. The model wears a shirt pajamas, the layout is beautiful and beautiful, and the temperament of the lightly mature woman. Corresponding to the design of the deep V -neck of pajamas itself, a black can better set off a trace of sexy of the wearer. Not only will the shirt pajamas not be procrastinating, but it adds a sense of “formal”. It is a suit suitable for workplace.



If you are willing to show your stylish figure, the conjoined pure color pajamas in the sling model will be a good choice. This year is very popular with this type of conjoined shorts. It can most intuitively display your shoulder lines and long legs.

On the other hand, if you feel that a solid color pajamas dress is a bit monotonous, you can wear a colorful denim jacket like a fashionable essence below. The decorative details of the jacket can make up for the “blank” of the pure color pajamas. At the same time, the layering of wearing is added.

TOP3, striped pajamas clothing

Stripes are also common elements of pajamas. Striped elements are not old -age, so stripe -style clothing has always been synonymous with simplicity and foreign style. Even if it is a striped pajamas, wearing it is not inferior to the striped dress.

In addition, vertical stripes have a thin effect visually. As long as the distance between the stripes is moderate, you can set off your good figure. You can wear two -piece suit with shirts and lower -leg pants like a fashionable essence below, which is a very worthwhile suit that wants to wear leisure, but also wants to show thin legs and long legs.

It is different from the striped pajamas clothing of the jacket and underwear. It is a long shirt -style striped pajamas. This type of pajamas is also similar to a trench coat. If you want to use multi -layer clothing to increase your shape, you can wear it as a coat. The upper and lower packets with the basic model are enough to easily wear a sense of layering and fashion. Of course, if you want to wear more creativeness, you can tie a belt on the striped pajamas to increase the middle embellishment, which is ever -changing and stylish.


TOP4, printed pajamas clothing

Finally, I recommend you printed pajamas. The printing pattern is rich in color and a variety of tricks, giving a sense of freshness, and the printed pajamas are also given French romantic rural style.

A suit style that is very popular nowadays is a printed pajamas style suit. This suit changes most of the suit and old -fashioned form. The beautiful printing not only makes the suit youthful, but also wears comfortable and well -served, revealing a noble and elegant temperament, which is very suitable for working places.

The printed pajamas of the tile tail clothing are more noble than the slim style. It is like a dresses in the court prince. There is a sense of cool and handsomeness on the girls. The aura is cleverly rubbed in your body.

If you like to wear the atmosphere or cool fashion, don’t miss the long -tissue -tailed pajamas. You can put it open like a model, with a chiffon shirt with a small lotus leaf, and help you create a court -like elegance and fashion in minutes.

Paef clothes are not only comfortable and easy to wear, but also trendy, so don’t hesitate to choose a pajamas that suits you, spend a beautiful summer!


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