Recently, the home was renovated. I started three new trash cans, and placed in the kitchen, living room and bathroom. The overall feeling is very satisfied, and it is also recommended to friends and family. Today I will share the trash cans and feelings I bought. You can refer to you in need. However, I have my own selection conditions in the trash cans in each area.

Kitchen area trash can

Select condition:

1. The trash can must be covered with a lid to prevent the waste of kitchen waste from exuding odor.

2. The volume should not be too large, it is best to hang it up to avoid bending.

Selected product: wall -mounted slider trash can

Our family first saw this good helper wall hanging trash can, and then looked at other trash cans in the shop. There are many types of trash cans, and their design color matching is also very consistent, so the two trash cans in our family are also the best brand to buy. Everyone can also choose one of their flagship stores, and may be able to find the one that is more suitable for them.

This trash can is divided into two specifications: 8L and 10L. The 10L of our three candidates in our family is very suitable for receiving the goods. The store sends the hook and sticky hook considerations, which can be sandwiched on the door of the cabinet or pasted on the tile. There are two types of open covers: slider and lift cover. The slider is smooth and not stuck. Also bring a crushing circle, which can firmly fix the garbage bags.


If your kitchen space is relatively large and want to put the trash can underground, because this trash can is a narrow rectangular, and it is okay to put it on the gap in the corner.

Trash bin in the bathroom area


1. The trash can must be covered with a lid to prevent domestic garbage from exuding odor.

2. It is best to sensorize the lid mode, because when the toilet is thrown in garbage, it is not convenient to press the hand in unsanitary feet.

3. Well -sealing waterproof and anti -leaching

Selected product: intelligent induction garbage bin

Many people think that the bathroom is a little “large -scale” in the bathroom, but the consideration of our family is to throw garbage after the toilet, and it is not hygienic to touch the lid with your hands. The smart opening is the best, and the automatic cover of the toilet paper looks neat.


Talking about this good helper smart trash can, the appearance color is the same as the kitchen, the overall white and a little orange embellishment. The sensitivity of the opening and closing cover is quite good, and there is no sensitive situation of stuttering. Moreover, the function of garbage packing is not dirty. There is a circle of ropes at the sealing of the garbage bag. The sealing nature is also done well, and there will be no water penetration into the trash when taking a shower. The trash can is also designed to be a square square, and it is just right to put it on the toilet.

Living room area trash can

1. The trash can must be covered with a lid, which looks clean and tidy.

2. You can filter the residue, because my father is a first -level enthusiast of tea.

Selected product: tea filter trash can


In fact, you already think about it before the decoration. The trash can in the living room can be filtered with tea slag. My father loves to drink tea, and guests come to the family and entertain others to drink tea. But every time I drink the remaining tea residues, I always feel that the handling is not good enough. It is prone to blocking into the drain tank, and it is specially prepared to prepare a trash can and occupy a place.

This product is a two -in -one design of the trash can+tea residue barrel. The tea residue barrel is transparent and can clearly see the water level. The trash can also has a specially equipped circle, and the garbage bag will not leak outside affects the beauty. There is also a fine water pipe that can connect the tea set with the trash can and discharge the waste water in the tea set. The bucket can also be split separately, and the wastewater is full of the bucket and pour.

The above is the experience of the three trash cans. To be honest, I recommend everyone to visit the shop, because the special needs of each family are different, and each trash can also have different highlights. I bought it completely according to the preferences of our family members, so everyone thinks that the product is very practical. But if you are also like our family, you are welcome to “copy homework” hahaha.

Select condition:

Select condition:

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