As we depend on computers, we usually build a comfortable computer environment for ourselves to work or games. And many friends have replaced the uncomfortable chair under their butt, and the game will also be equipped with a special gaming chair.

I do n’t know if everyone has discovered that no matter how we adjust the sitting position, the distance and height of our screen of the computer is always kept at a constant distance, so many friends will buy the display on Taobao in order to make our display higher. Increase the base to meet the demand for height.

The disadvantage of this is that it is still impossible to adjust the distance, and if you need to change the height of the display again, it will be very troublesome. Although many gaming monitors can adjust the height, the range is limited after all.

So is there a perfect solution? Guo Shao’s answer is: Yes! We can install the monitor bracket from the adjustment height!


What is a display bracket?

Display brackets can help solve the various technical problems encountered by people when operating computers in family or commercial office places. Its ergonomic design can prevent health problems caused by work fatigue, improve work efficiency, bring life and work, and work and work. The ideal space.


Display brackets have been widely referenced in retail, entertainment, finance, medical care, transportation and other fields; products cover single -screen, dual -screen, large surface stitching screens and other categories.

The display bracket is mainly composed of cantilever. “Cantilever”, as the name suggests, can stretch freely, as unlimited as the arm. And use aluminum alloy or carbon steel, the diagonal stabilization is fixed, and there are protective devices on all sides of the diagonal clip. Turn.

What kind of display can install brackets?

Almost all monitors can be installed, but we must be divided into two types of discussions here!


There are four screw holes behind the first type of display. These four holes are called VESA hanging holes. VESA is a specification standard, divided into 75mm and 100mm. It is the most convenient to support this standard display stand. Almost all brands of display brackets on the market have a compatible with VESA standard pendant!


There is no holes in the second type of display, what should I do? There is also a design that clamps the edge of the entire display through a fixture. This designs can also install the display without VESA hanging holes!

Of course, for the stability and ease of use, it is still compatible with the VESA standard display.

So today, Guo Shao recommends several VESA display brackets to let everyone’s display fly!

Buy tips:

The principle of the display bracket is to support and offset the display of the monitor itself through the power of hydraulic or gas spring to achieve the purpose of hanging the screen and freely move. And the phenomenon that cannot be supported! If the display is too light, it will cause the phenomenon that cannot be moved freely! So the purchase of the bracket is closely related to the weight of the display!

Before you buy a bracket, check the net weight of your display and choose the appropriate bracket according to the weight of your display!


1. NB F80 LCD computer display bracket

This display bracket should be the most cost -effective one, only 199! And it was surprising that I had done a event of 99 yuan to buy one get one free!


Although this display bracket is cheap, it has the functions of the vertical screen rotation function commonly used on Weibo, and there is a place where the tibetan line is under the robotic arm!


The load-bearing range of this product is 2-6.5kg. Please pay attention to the weight of your display. has an official store. You can go to see it!


2. Lege D7A computer display bracket

Don’t ask why Guo Shao introduced this one, because I am using it myself, let’s take a look at the picture above! Don’t ask me why my curved display is different from others. The screen I bought is so wayward! In terms of this brand, it should be considered a lot of doing it. From the stacking and details, it is very good!

And the base also provides a USB interface and headset microphone interface!


This bracket can withstand the weight of a 2-9kg display. It can be fine-tuned through the screws on the top, providing two installation methods, namely fixture and punching. Both installation methods are very stable!


3. Aigosheng 45-241-026 LX Display single-arm bracket


This bracket is Guo Shao’s most expensive one of these three, but it is also the best quality brand. Aigsheng is a bracket manufacturer from the United States!


Compared with the previous two brackets, the advantage of this stent is that users can adjust the height of the base and get greater free space!

This bracket load below 11.3kg, and each section adopts a separate design, which is convenient for disassembly and installation!

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Full of enough screens to use the posture, using the display stand can bring us not only a better visual experience, but also bring us a healthy body and protect our cervical spine!

During the office, Guo Shao likes to pull the display far and low, so that you can watch it for a long time, and at the same time, you can open more windows at a glance! When watching a movie, I like to put the display high and close, so that I can get a better sense of presence! This is the convenience brought by the monitor bracket!

If you are a person who wants to stand office, there are also standing office brackets to choose from. If you need a multi -screen computer, you can also choose a multi -screen bracket. In short, there is always a bracket for you!

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