Regarding the problem of umbilical cord care for newborns, some people who come here always remind the importance of novice Baoma Bao dads. When the fetus is in the uterus, it mainly maintains communication through the umbilical cord and the mother. After the baby’s birth umbilical cord is cut off, a wound will be formed. This is an important way for bacteria to invade newborns. Those can cause umbilicalitis. Medical cotton swabs and iodine disinfectants, and learn the methods and techniques of umbilical cord care.

To learn umbilical cord care, we must first follow the three principles to take care of the baby based on this: keep dry, avoid friction, and avoid sweltering. The choice of iodine disinfection is because it has a strong killing effect on bacteria, fungi, spores, mold, and some viruses. Compared with ethanol and iodine, iodophor has low irritation to the skin. It is used to disinfect the neonatal umbilical surface, which is reliable and safer.


Parents must wash their hands before each umbilical cord care disinfection. If necessary, wear disposable medical gloves to avoid polluting the baby’s navel when disinfection, causing infection. After the disinfection is completed, the baby’s diaper and clothing should be worn. Note that the edges of the diapers should be folded to avoid directly rubbing and oppressing the baby’s umbilical cord.


Until umbilical cord is a necrotic tissue. The neonatal umbilical cord has just fallen behind, and the new granulation tissue in the umbilical nest is not mature, and the phenomenon of humidity often occurs. Therefore, when the parents care for the baby, if they find that the umbilical cord is dipped in water or urine, it should be cleaned with children’s medical cotton swabs in time. Take the bath as much as possible to prevent the baby from getting water.

When the umbilical piping falls off, some babies’ umbilical nests will ooze out of milky liquid. This is due to the liquid emerging from the new granulation tissue. For the umbilical cord secretions, parents can use children’s cotton swabs to use iodine disinfection solution to gently lightweight liquid gently. Just wipe it clean.


And if the exuded liquid presents yellow mucus and is accompanied by a bad odor, indicating that umbilical cord infection needs to be medically doctor in time, and the condition of the baby’s belly button and the swelling or redness of the nearby area, the root of the umbilical cord residue has pus or pus or pus or pus or It is a baby’s fever and other discomfort symptoms.

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