The chandelier plays a good decorative role in home life. You can use chandeliers in the living room bedroom. The choice of chandeliers is very important and there are many styles. How much do you know about simple chandeliers? The simple chandeliers in the market are becoming more and more popular. Everyone should know more about the price. Let’s introduce it to you.

Simple chandelier latest recommendation

European European chandelier living room lamp French bedroom restaurant Study room lamp Jian European simple modern crystal light chandelier set meal single -headed bedside wall lamp

¥ 299.00

Night’s beautiful American rural wall lamp all -bronze living room bedside lamp warm creative bedroom simple Nordic LED wall lamp room mirror front lamp

¥ 1886.00

Aidana all -copper Chinese -style ceramic chandelier American living room restaurant bedroom light European simple retro rural pure copper lamp double head wall lamp

¥ 599.00

Shopp Modern Crystal Connect Faculty Lantern Lolume Store Lights Bedroom Lantern Restaurant Pendant Simple Style 8433 Two -headed Lights Double Head

¥ 268.00

简约吊灯最新推荐 简约吊灯价格

Dihao American-style rural chandelier all-copper light simple Modern living room light European-style retro bedroom restaurant villa villas Nordic lamps all copper 9001-single-head wall

¥ 298.00

One grid lighting chandelier living room lamp Restaurant bedroom LED LED simple modern fabric Nordic lamp single wall lamp (pre -sale 90 days)

¥ 88.00

Kaiqi chandelier room light European -style crystal restaurant bedroom lights simple modern creative gold clamp candle lantern double -head wall light domestic K9 crystal

¥ 236.00

Currently, simple modern chandeliers Luxury atmospheric and simple European living room lamp LED lamp arm glowing restaurant bedroom lights 1 wall lamp-send LED light source

¥ 198.00

Kim Hee’s all-copper chandelier luxury and atmospheric simple European-style creative living room Copper chandeline Bronze American modern minimalist American bedside lamp single-Nordic wall lamp

¥ 448.00

Aidana American all -copper chandelier ceramic European -style Chinese -style restaurant bedroom lights simple retro rural glass all -copper living room light double head wall lamp+delivery

¥ 870.00

NVC LED Restaurant Lantern Chander Lighting Beltails Flat Light Decoration Lights Modern Simple Lighting LED 21 Watt warm white light B long shape

¥ 399.00

Jieliang (Jieliang) American all -copper chandelier living room lamp post -modern Nordic minimalist personality rural creative European restaurant bedroom bedroom lamps

Dihao Tianqi European -style American chandeliers zinc alloyed crystal lamp American living room light European -style light luxury bedroom light restaurant lighting 5933 closed

¥ 368.00

Philips (Philips) Philips LED chandelier living room bedroom restaurant lantern modern minimalist European -style Yalan table lantern lantern, Yalan 5 heads

¥ 556.00

Khan chandelier living room bedroom study restaurant LED fabric simple European -style swan lamp illuminant white 3 -head lamp

¥ 386.40

简约吊灯最新推荐 简约吊灯价格

TCL lighting LED bedroom ceiling lamp living room light modern minimalist lighting lamp set meal light rectangular remote control lighting color dining restaurant chandelier

¥ 1499.00

Aidana American living room chandeliers Modern simplicity rural restaurant chandeliers table lamp Nordic living room light bedroom chandelier retro iron chandelier

¥ 699.00

Ao Song European Crystal Chandeliers Creative LED Modern Simple American Chandeliers Living Room Restaurant bedroom Lighting Fashion Simple Studycons

¥ 395.00

Pin Tuo Restaurant Lantern Modern Simple Finding Light Creative Three -headed Restaurant Lantern Lights Light LED Bar Restaurant Lights Light Straight Bettings

¥ 799.00

Royal Huaqi European Simple Candle Candy Crystal Chandeline Red Purple Cognac Transparent Simple Lights Room Chandeliers Find Light HQ5003 Purple

简约吊灯最新推荐 简约吊灯价格

¥ 165.00

Crystal chandeliers creative LED restaurant lamps warm, modern minimalist bedroom lamp lantern lighting

¥ 428.00

OPPLE LED chandelier Restaurant Lantern Lighting Lighting Lighting Simple San head chandelier E27 Lantern

¥ 349.00

Lantern wife American style chandelier living room Bedroom Iron European Simple Find Lighting Lighting Lighting LED White Light Light Source

¥ 169.00

Zhengtai Lighting LED Modern Simple Iron Grankfoid Find Lantern bedroom Living Room Restaurant Package Blocks Collection

¥ 3399.00

TCL lighting LED bedroom ceiling lamp living room lighting modern minimalist lighting lamp restaurant chandelier [Package reflected in the form of gifts] Chuyu

Hanswino LED Lantern fan chandelier American simple modern fan chandelier Modern creative simple living room lamp warm bedroom restaurant lamp HS

¥ 702.90

¥ 965.00

¥ 175.00

Op Lighting Lighting Lobby LED Gloillery Bedroom Lighting Lighting Balcony Lights Away Simple Circle Rectangular [3 Room 1 Hall B model] cloud large

¥ 2499.00

¥ 375.00

¥ 329.00

Op Lighting Lighting Lobby LED Gloillery Bedroom Lighting Light Light Lights Lights Away Simple Circle Rectangular [2 Room 2 Hall D Model] cloud medium

¥ 2299.00

¥ 1098.00

Mybbo modern minimalist LED creative chandelier restaurant chandelier living room chandelier villa duplex stairs big chandelier bar chandelier

¥ 1198.00

¥ 1699.00

Modern Simplified New Chinese Redwood LED Big Chanders Living Room bedroom Lighting Restaurant Study Room solid wood lamps

¥ 9800.00

Jacking lamp chandelier living room light restaurant bedroom chandelier American rural rural rural minimalist modern lighting two bedrooms and two rooms and two halls simple package (send LED light source

简约吊灯最新推荐 简约吊灯价格

¥ 2298.00

Snow Meiju European -style living room chandelier all -copper chandelier American retro bedroom lights simple study lamp restaurant lamps

¥ 2340.00

Moon shadow all -copper European -style chandelier living room lights American restaurant lighting modern minimalist bedroom lamp luxurious atmosphere

American rural living room light chandelier Creative Nordic minimalist restaurant lights bedroom lamp European -style retro all -copper lamp

¥ 1646.00

LED ceiling light rectangular living room light bedroom lamp children’s room chandelier decoration home atmosphere modern minimalist

¥ 99.00

American -style chandelier all -copper living room light European creative bedroom lighting modern minimalist Nordic restaurant lamps

¥ 1100.00

Living room lamp Long square new Chinese -style ceiling lamp Simple modern atmosphere bedroom light restaurant study Chinese style chandelier

¥ 2599.00

Simple chandelier price

Puyi Lighting (PUYI) European -style chandeliers living room light bedroom lamp Modern simple wind restaurant light fashion creative specialty lantern American Nordic

¥ 200.00

Nvc (NVC) [Freshy of 1699 minus 550] Dancel Lighting Simple European Chander Lighting Wall Lantern Living Room bedroom Restaurant Corridor chandelier wall lamp

NVC (NVC) American -style all -copper chandelier living room lamps and copper light European simplicity modern Chinese villa wall lamp stairs lamp lantern

¥ 359.00

简约吊灯最新推荐 简约吊灯价格

Chenke American chandelier full copper light simple modern living room light European -style retro bedroom restaurant rural villa lamp 6689 single head full copper wall lamp

Kate Emperor Philippine American -style all -copper living room chandelier Modern Minimal Restaurant Light European Creative Luxury Lighting Rural Decelite 9077 Single Wall Lights

DTEYAR living room lamp European -style crystal chandelier simplicity Modern bedroom ceiling lanterns, simple European atmosphere American living room lamp

¥ 148.00

Smecta (SMECTA) Smecta’s new Chinese -style chandelier American rural all -copper light living room bedroom bedroom meal staircase modern minimalist chandelier

¥ 280.00

DTEYAR modern simple chandelier crystal lighting simple European living room lamp Hama restaurant lamps lamp lamp lamp light single wall lamp

¥ 149.00

Now Xixi chandeliers living room light bedroom restaurant chandelier simple European -style light arm light -light creative light 1 head wall lights are about 5 square meters

Generally, more beautiful chandeliers usually have more complex shapes and lampshades. If they are humid and dusty, the lamps are often easy to rust and drop the paint, and the lampshade is gradually dim because of the dust. It is best not to wash it with water, and wipe it immediately after the lights are turned on, because the light bulbs are easy to burst when the light is high temperature.

¥ 299.00

¥ 299.00

¥ 298.00

¥ 298.00

¥ 198.00

¥ 699.00

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