[CNMO News] Recently, the first release of the Alienware X series of new products officially opened pre -order, and the start price of X17 R1 starts from 23999 yuan.

The alien X17 is equipped with a high-performance mobile version of the i7-11800H processor and adopts a new CPU architecture. It has greatly improved the performance compared with the previous generation. Its fourth -generation PCLE is adapted to the latest high -end graphics cards and PCLE 4.0 solid -state hard disks. The large L3 cache increases and the high bandwidth and low latency brings a smooth and smooth gaming experience.

Alien X17

This notebook can choose the latest RTX 3080 graphics card. It uses the second -generation NVIDIA RTX architecture -NVIDIA AMPERE architecture, equipped with a new RT Core and Tensor Core, SM multi -unit flow processor, and high -speed GDDR6 video memory. And its Dynamic Boost 2.0 intelligent dynamic enhancement technology uses AI to dynamically adjust the power between the CPU, GPU, and GPU video memory, so that the GPU performance can be fully exerted, which will bring a certain frame rate.

外星人x17开启预购 可选择RTX 3080首发价23999元起

In terms of heat dissipation, this notebook uses a comprehensive upgraded four -fan and four -regional heat dissipation module to inhale air -conditioning from the upper and lower fans, and discharge the heat flow through the air outlets on the back and sides of the fuselage, so as to achieve the ideal core component of the core component The heat dissipation effect effectively reduces the core temperature and keeps the keyboard without scalding.

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