Many clothing tailoring design is similar, especially the basic models. It cannot interpret freshness in design. It can only start from color and bring different visual impacts. Don’t be too single in the summer color selection. Before dressing, you can take a look at these color demonstrations. Most of them are constructed with colors within three kinds of color.

Before dressing, you can have a general understanding of color. First, distinguish the style between them, and the feeling of color such as black and white and gray is more sexy, that is, it does not have obvious attributes. These color can construct a very refreshing temperament, and pink and purple can easily reflect the gentle side.

Summer can be followed first

Fresh colors


Starting, using a green top with a white bottom can construct a very simple two -color matching method.


You feel that this color is difficult to control, which will hinder the display of your white skin tone. You can use it as a pants or skirt, so that you can be more bold in coloring, and you are not restricted when using color.


White top

The combination is

Green wide -leg trousers

This kind of color full of vitality, once it integrates into the basic color, can bring unexpected changes and surprises, and instantly break the boring style of this single product.

The blue and green colors are actually similar to the release of the style, and can also follow the same principles in terms of color matching. It is best to use white and black colors. This is a kind of person with poor colors. It is easy to get the matching method.

Blue pleated skirt

It is elegant and fresh, and it has a little beautiful and pure feeling. When combined with dark tops, it will not increase the sense of maturity due to dark integration.

In addition to the playful interpretation of the blue itself, the blue items are easy to form the interpreted temperament for fixing, and there is a harmonious effect of various ages.


Lake green skirt

The style is longer, it can have a little dignified effect, and enlarge the elegant feeling. With the black sleeveless top, you can choose a T -shirt or shirt, which can construct a wear that keeps you full of beauty.


Blue, especially light blue, is low in brightness, which is not only effective in visual soothing, but also becomes a very fresh and dazzling landscape.

Such as this

Light blue shirt

It is full of healing, and it can also cause its original capable attributes by combining various types of pants or skirts. Simple combination of black shorts is a sexy match.

In addition to basic colors, pink and blue color systems have also been widely used, but the visual impact they created are different.

Pink skirt


The hue is very conspicuous, so the items that cooperate do not need to maintain the same dazzling style or the high -quality appearance. The use of black as the main color system can create a conspicuous and low -key effect.

The way to get rid of a single color matching is to use a color system with a slightly higher brightness, but the premise is that there must be a versatile color system. This is to prevent the two colors from being difficult to combine for a while. In contrast.

This dress is a type that can be universal,

Black sleeveless top

Add a small lapel, a bit layered, and the lower body


Pink high -waist half -body skirt


, Full of soft and elegant effects. In addition, its contraction and comparison of the waistline are also thorough.

When it comes to pink items, many people will have resistance. This is because they feel that this color is difficult to master. As a top, it is indeed a test of personal skin tone and congenital conditions, but as pants or skirts as trousers or skirts If you use it, you can get rid of this concern.

Pink trousers

Its pants are very suitable, and the effect of the legs is also eye -catching. With the black T -shirt, this original simple and popular clothing can have different charm, and the dress will not be single.

If the combination of the same color is always used, and there is no bright spot in this color, it is easy to make the picture too monotonous and a little boring. Balance and complementarity.


White T -shirt

You can use the wide and large layout to make your style more casual. With pink suit pants, the cooperation between pink white is also very healing and very vitality.

The top and underwear, whether the skirt or pants are the main body of color matching, but may not only rely on these two items to complete. If you are still more interested in the basic color, but you will feel that the shape of the whole body is a bit dull, a bit of not angry, you can use the bag to fusion in color, and the change of this color is very flexible.

Like this hand -style pink bag, the appearance is exquisite and small, but the practical effect is relatively obvious. It is not suitable to make up for the monotonous sense of black.


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