New photo frame

“Fun Fun Official Store” A Taobao shop that only focuses on kindergartens play teaching aids

A red heart, fixed in the photo frame.Unique artistic conception, good blessings.

Materials and tools


Light yellow cardboard, light blue, pink color paper, scissors, ruler, double -sided glue.

Do it with me

1.Draw the outline of the photo frame and cut it on the light blue color paper.


2.Fold the pale yellow cardboard, the creases are parallel to the short side.

3.Paste the circular frame into the middle part of the card surface.

4.Pink pink paper into a rectangle of 2: 1, fold it, and then open it.


5.Fold according to the creases in the figure above, the effect is as shown in the left.

6.Fold a midline of the triangle according to the dotted line of the icon.Then, the corner of the small triangle was opened and flattened.

7.The other three corners are also treated in the same method; then fold the top triangle downward, and the left and right triangles are folding backwards.A beautiful heart shape is made.Finally, paste this heart in the circular frame.

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