Recently, there is a igbo master called Alex.

This is called Alex’s boy (yes, it is a brother ~) actually because God has reduced the Japanese anime “Beautiful Girl Warrior” in the instagram for more than 20 years, a fire on instagram, similar Woolen cloth? You come to identify and see –

Do you want to say, God, can act so like! Don’t forget, the author Wu Nizi is when it is created this comics.


At the beginning of the year, then you may haven’t born yet!


However, near


Today, after the past, a European and American boy dressed in the year’s anime style is still still so fashionable, thinking that this is why “Beautiful Girl Warrior” is still standing in the anime altar for a long time.

Of course, this is also very related to the taste and background of the Cartoon Author itself. As a proper white and beautiful, Wu Niqi has opened Ferrari to school, although the medical department is a medical department, but the fashion, especially for the favorite and sensitivity of the European advanced fashion house, it is directly in the performance. Her comic creation.


For example, the soldiers in the moon in a dance will have a real prototype in 1992 Dior Advanced Customization;

The small rabbit after the black is reduced by the YSL OPIUM perfume advertisement in 1993 by Kate Moss;

There is also more advanced Runway Look hidden in “Beautiful Girl Warrior”. We just feel “good gorgeous” in the past year. Nowadays, now take a closer study, wow, the original parts are worth the city ~

Chanel 1995 Spring and Summer Advanced Custom Series

Thierry Mugler 1992 Spring and Summer Advanced Custom Series


Chanel 1992 Autumn and Winter Advanced Custom Series

Thierry Mugler 1992 Autumn and Winter Advanced Custom Series


These one-inch cloth-only gold advanced customization today we are still difficult to restore, but our beautiful girl soldiers don’t wear good clothes in daily life, this is the retro fashion blogger Alex imitation mentioned in the beginning. Wearing the source!

Who said that we can’t, Lingbo Li has prepared a good day and five days of working days, it is possible to wear a “beautiful girl warrior” in a whole month, and all the items that appear can be in our


In stock YOHO! Buy


Find in the official website! Repair the carnival season at the end of the year, maybe you can also get a big discount ~



Keywords: men’s clothing single product


Now I look at the “beautiful girl warrior” that year, I really have to sigh the stylish reincarnation, the Oversized big suit on them, a blockborn BoyFriend wind shirt, which is simply more than the streets outside the fashion!

Mo & Co. Rear Dig Empty Suit Jacket ¥ 824

Lushflora green satin texture high waist shorts ¥ 2

Initial simple solid color round neck bottoming sweater icon tooth ¥ 5

Nanawang Light Green Suit Jacket ¥ 329

B + by beautyberry solid color pleated femto skirt ¥ 780


D’zzit genus Letter Print Leather belt ¥ 395

3.1 Phillip LIM Red Leather Shoulder Bag ¥ 5299

ERAL basic bottom knit shirt black ¥ 178

Lushflora Pink Bright Silky Silk Vanity Pants ¥ 290

SiByl of no.17 retro cuff straps print shirt ¥ 139

Mixseven thousand birds tie ¥ 169

LEVI’s Ms. Red Leather Reinforced Belt ¥ 279

XXXTRENTA logo print short-sleeved shirt ¥ 299


: Chocoolate denim skirt ¥ 289

Mo & Co. Solid Color Blend Flower Sedge Long Sleeve Shirt ¥ 1199


D’zzit geese solid color roller pocket splicing shorts ¥ 318

Line Artisanaral Craftsman Line Personality Casual Belt ¥ 298

Daydreamer Roll Sushi Shopping Bag – Yuzi ¥ 46


Timberland women’s big logo print stitching high boots ¥ 1490


Keywords: do not dare to try the collision

The death combination like red with green is only equipped in an anime. It will make people feel reasonable. Who knows that there is more than 20 years ago, more and more people have begun to try the past. People are unacceptable, do you want to try it?

Mo & Co. Edition silk splicing open pendulum straight half skirt ¥ 989


SELF WHO pit knit high collar bottom solid color T-shirt ¥ 158

Material Girl retro solid color loose round collar clothing ¥ 539


Genanx Simple Solid Oversize Sweater ¥ 338

RandomeVent Orange Knitting Cardigan ¥ 599

O! Oimain striped knit shorts ¥ 239

White roll Baijuan solid color round neck sweater (pink) ¥ 179


Toy Machine SECT Eye Stripe Ski Socks – Women’s Range ¥ 79

Madgirl Safari Shorts ¥ 179

LUNA LIMITED Short Floor Design Skinny Sweater ¥ 299

Glad News X Owoduft Joint Series Tie Lamb Moul Pocket Decoration Pable Pable Skirt ¥ 658


White roll Baijuan abstract print double-sided fisherman cap (camel) ¥ 79

Golden MATRX Solid Color Sports Shape Zip ¥ 89

Initial army green casual decorative waist wrinkle waist ¥ 5



Keywords: sweet salt skirt

Despite turning into the mission of saving the planet, the beautiful girl soldiers in everyday life are still very sweet, and like most girls like to wear a good-looking skirt, sometimes sexy humility, neighboring people, borrowing is very strong!

Rizhuo asymmetrical splicing wind cut strap skirt ¥ 289


JNBY minimalist high collar head sweater ¥ 1060


JNBy is highly pants trousers ¥ 358


Material Girl solid color vintage cervere long sleeve shirt ¥ 529


Premier Language Solid Color Shirt Loose Tryer Jacket ¥ 239


Banana baby gravity mesh splicing skirt ¥ 139

Rizhuo retro solid color cotton ribbon skirt ¥ 499

Mo & Co. Edition solid color hollow high collar sweater ¥ 713

JNBY V Celese Waist Dress ¥ 1590


Test product solid color adjustment buckle belt ¥ 69


Material Girl solid color temperament fashion shoes ¥ 274

YAWANG Chen Pink Striped Round Lead Joint Sweater ¥ 499


Lagogo Light Single Slip Buckle Sleeve Shirt ¥ 359

A02 fashion loose contrast color splicing jacket ¥



Unifree solid color wild mesh hair thin cake skirt ¥ 99


Museum of friendship White thin flower socks ¥ 188

GRACE GIFT retro wind head bow tie straps ballet flat casual shoes wine red ¥ 119



Keywords: American retro street feeling

Everyone knows that Wu Niqi likes senior fashion, and even directly reunited Medieval artist paintings in anime. So Lingbo Li deeply suspected that Wu Niji is also a US Youth Campus! Take a look at these strap pants, striped T-shirts, completely, now everyone is warm and sought after, the beautiful retro street wind ~

PASS ring buckle hole solid color casual strap pants ¥ 125

Lagogo solid color bottom high collar sweater ¥ 199

White Volume Baijuan Women’s Range Retro Knitting In stockings ¥ 19


Vans Classic Slip-on ¥ 415

J.W.Anderson color Tote shoulder bag ¥ 5339


Dickies ladies detachable shoulder strap belt pants ¥ 459

Levi’s ladies black and white striped knit long sleeve T-shirt ¥ 129


REALBRELLA Rui Le does not wet the umbrella long umbrella ¥ 78

D’ZZIT Tu FAQ Knit Dress ¥ 548

PASS thin section Slim candy color bottom long sleeve T-shirt ¥ 69

Addtocatr blue wood ear Japanese Sock ¥ 29

Mo & Co. Wool Slippers ¥ 629

YAWANG Chen simple solid color hook knit short-sleeved T-shirt ¥ 359

Ledin OC cooperation denim jacket ¥ 539

QCP ladies simple solid color sports shorts apricot green ¥ 259


F.a, m.t. “SAY My Name.” Slogan Short Sleeve T-Shirt ¥ 279

Levi’s ladies casual solid color round neck short sleeve T-shirt ¥ 174

Material Girl × Umbro League Color Woven Band Casual Pants ¥ 299


Blackhead Blackhead Black Gold Splicing Shantou Necklace ¥ 105

Perhaps we couldn’t find another “god” such as “Beautiful Girl Warrior” for a long time, so far, there is still an updated version, and even in recent years, we also saw Wu. Runway Look Replica with the Tie and Times –

PRADA 2017 Summer Series

Whether it is anime learning, or we learn from anime, learn to wear a rope, you can also become the “beautiful girl”!

Representing the moon, love you ~ ❤

Text | Lingbo Li

Art design | Qilong


Some images | Network






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