Summer is approaching, and the gentle and elegant dress finally has a martial art. It is recommended that mature women wear more “dresses” in summer. It is gentle and beautiful, and it looks good. It does n’t matter if you do n’t match it. Let ’s take a look at the fashion wearing of Japanese tide people. It is a TIPS worthy of reference. Let’ s continue to watch it. Learn some high -end dressing methods of dress! In summer, it is recommended that women wear more “dresses” and choose solid colors, stripes, and sleeveless styles. They are all good -looking!


1. About the selection of dresses

1. Basic color dress


The basic color dress is very practical no matter where you go, it is recommended that everyone can accompany you for many years. Black tolerance is the strongest, and it looks mysterious, calm, and atmospheric style characteristics. It will play a modification effect on the body and complexion. It can be said that it is versatile and practical. That’s right.


White and black are in two extremes, representing purity and cleanliness, suitable for the temperament of fairy style, and can also be combined with all elements. The white dress with bubble sleeves and lantern sleeves will look more princess style. It will well modify the arms lines, which is well -tolerant of the body, and it will not be too exaggerated. Everyday travel can be worn.

Gray is from the color between black and white. It looks hazy and high -level, white and atmospheric. Even solid colors can create a gentle and elegant goddess atmosphere. You can learn from the blogger’s shape and choose a gray dress with strong self -slimming. This will outline the exquisite and good figure. If you embellish the excavated element on the chest, you can also expose fair skin. Feeling, breaking the solid color single.


2. striped print skirt

Compared with solid color dresses, striped print skirts seem more practical. The blessing of vertical striped printing elements will make the overall sense of layering richer, and it will eliminate people’s visual effects through the vertical printed seal of the same distance, so that your man looks taller and will also play a good one, it will also play a good one. The thin effect is desirable to choose white or black as a stripe color matching.

3. Loose dress

When choosing a version of the dress, everyone should choose in combination with their figure. If you are slightly fat, try the loose version of the dress, which will not expose your shortcomings. However, looseness does not mean to be loose blindly. It is necessary to pinch the scale, just right, otherwise it will only wear a reverse effect and give people a very procrastinating feeling.


2. Demonstration of Dresses of Tideman


1. Sleeveless dress

Sleeveless dress is more suitable for thin eyebrows, because it is characterized by fully revealing the line lines of the wearer. If you have a unicorn arm and too much fat on your body, you will wear a strong sense of tiger back and bear waist. It looks likely embarrassing and rustic. In addition, it is not recommended that sisters who are too obvious to try to avoid the embarrassment of the auxiliary breasts.

2. Put on the outer jacket

The matching of the dress is relatively strong. In the face of the spring with a large temperature difference in the morning and evening, the fashionables can carry a coat with them to prepare from time to time. The suit jacket is intellectual and elegant. You can choose in combination with your upcoming occasions. The availability of the suit is more widely available, and the sweater is more suitable for daily life.


3. Shirt dress

Shirts and dresses are one of the most favorite items for urban Lady, because it can have both the version of the shirt, and it will not look too business and stereotypes. The elegant and gentle, the laws of the buttons will also inject a few rules of the rules for the whole, whether it is solid and printed models, it is very practical.

4. Pink dress


Pink is one of the most difficult colors of all colors, but it is loved by women. After all, it satisfies the girl’s heart, and it also represents cuteness and playfulness. The effect in age is more remarkable. Therefore, the yellow and black skin eyebrows should try to choose a light pink with low saturation. This can avoid the problem of showing black. If the conditions are allowed, you can also try it. Worth a try.

There are so many fashionable foreign dresses, I believe that there is always one that can be favored by you, so this period of explanation is over here. Let’s see you next time.

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